Tuesday 9/8/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Ivy that she did the right thing. Ivy says she knows Steffy is not a murderer but she was responsible for Aly’s death and now she will not have to pay for it. She will get away with it. Steffy explains to Liam that Wyatt was relentless and he pushed Ivy until she deleted the video. Now she can breathe again. Caroline loves her ring and can’t stop looking at it and promises Ridge she will not want to replace it with another, in fact she will never take it off. Brooke comes back and wants to question Thomas more of why Ridge is taking Caroline back, why he changed his mind. Ridge texts him to come over to the loft. Brooke even questions him about that…..was he happy or sad. Ivy admits to Wyatt that video was like carrying too much power. She did things she was not proud of. He tells her not to back down now. She did the right thing. He kisses her. Steffy tells Liam that it was hard living under Ivy’s thumb. She could have gone to prison and she would lose Liam. She is glad Ivy came to her senses. Whatever Wyatt did it worked. He convinced her. Ridge tells Thomas it is not about the design team. It is about as personal as it gets. Thomas says he knows they are on a roll so don’t let anyone stop that. Ridge tells him they are getting married and he wants Thomas to be his best man. Caroline looks surprised. Ridge says he knows this is pretty fast but sometimes you have to go with it. Thomas says he would be honored and they hug. Ridge says he just made an excellent day a perfect day. Then he rushes out and says he will be right back. Caroline has the time to tell Thomas that he has to be quiet what happened between then and never mention it again.

Liam tells Steffy that Aly is never coming back and it is time they both let her go. He calls Wyatt and wants to be put on speaker. He tells Wyatt and Steffy thanks. Ivy assures him the video is gone and no other copies exist. Liam wants a promise – that they never speak of this again. It was a terrible accident and it stays buried forever. They all agree. Wyatt and Ivy kiss more. Steffy tells Liam that she is so grateful for him but she always knew at the end of the day he would be there for her. They seal it with a kiss. Thomas tells Caroline that he is not the guy she thinks he is. He would not take advantage of her. He was drunk and he did not know Caroline had taken pills. He thought she and Ridge were over and he thought Caroline wanted him too. He was wrong but that is where his head was at during that time. She tells him that night did not happen. That is the only way they can both move forward. Ridge comes back with a big bottle of champagne but is concerned when he sees Caroline has been crying. She says she is emotional but it was a good cry.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin was determined to have Chad arrested for Serenaís murder.  Rafe refused to let Justin bully him into arresting Chad without a full investigation.  Steve tried to convince Victor that Bo was in trouble.  Victor wanted to find Bo.  JJ and Paige saw a bullet at his door.  They went to the park and he told her he would take down Clyde.  Paige wanted to help, but he didnít want her to get involved.  He didnít want anything to happen to his family or to Paige.  Abby met with Chad to talk about Serena.  Chad said he didnít remember anything that happened.  Paige begged Chad to let her help him bring down Clyde.  JJ didnít want her in danger.  JJ hoped that he and Paige could sit down and talk about what happened.  He knew that Paige hated him, but he hoped that she would forgive him.  Paige said she didnít hate him and that she would be willing to sit down and talk with him.  Ben looked at his tracker and realized that Abby wasnít at work the way she said.  Chad told Abby that he could have killed Serena since he didnít remember what happened that night.  Aiden went to see Stefano to ask him something.

JJ let Agent Woods know that he didnít have any information for him.  Rafe met with Paige to find out what she knew about Chad and Serena.  Ben pretended to be a client so he could find out if Chad was with Abby.  He didnít find out anything for sure.  Abby didnít believe that Chad killed Serena because he didnít have it in him.  Aiden needed Stefano to give him more money.  Aiden mentioned that Stefano paid him to get Hope to fall in love with him.  Stefano wanted to know what was taking Aiden so long to get the proposal.  Stefano didnít like the way Aiden was talking to him. Hope wanted to talk to Ciara about Aidenís proposal.  Abby lied to Ben about where she was.  Ben thought that Abby was with Chad.  She reminded Ben that sheís going to run into Chad since they live in a small town.  Ben implied that they wouldnít be living near him anymore.  Abby wasnít sure what he meant by that. Ben warned Abby to stay away from Chad.  Abby didnít like the way Ben was talking about Chad, but she didnít say anything. Chad overheard Paige talking to Rafe about him. After Rafe left, Chad approached Paige to talk to her.  Steve talked to John about the last time he talked to Bo.  Ciara wanted Hope to say yes to Aidenís proposal.  Aiden told Stefano that he needed more money. Stefano reminded Aiden about what he knew about him. Ciara was okay with Hope marrying Aiden and wanted her to accept his proposal. Rafe saw Chadís interaction with Paige. Paige called JJ and told him to meet her at her dorm room.  John wasnít convinced that Bo was in trouble, but he was willing to check out the lead for Steve.  Hope thought about her life with Bo then about her life with Aiden. JJ went to Paigeís room and found her dead.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Carly and all her bridesmaids as well as all of Sonny's groomsmen and guests to the wedding are waiting for the groom. Nobody suspects there is any cause for worry that he's late. Little do they know he's been fatally shot. TJ wants to help him but cannot when he's tied to a chair at the warehouse and outnumbered. Sam and Jake are there, however. And, surprisingly, we see Jake passionately working to save Sonny's life, as if he might remember that he's really Jason, instead of Jake who is not exactly friends with Sonny.

Anna finds out that Sloane did not take action against Nikolas as she'd hoped. Sloane admits that he is, in fact, on Nikolas' payroll and has no other source of income. Also, Sloane informs her, he had no "incentive" to do the right thing when she admitted she may not be interested in having a future with him. She tells him that she was considering having a future with Sloane but after what has happened, that possibility is out the window.

Nikolas is with Hayden after she's witnessed Sam and Jake revealing that Nikolas said he knew a secret about who Jake really is but would not tell anyone. He wants to distract her and have intimacy. She does not reveal that she's regaining her memory but Nikolas knows he needs to keep her under close watch just in case that changes.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley and Phyllis are both angry at Jack for teaming up with Victor again to find out who is behind the paragon project, but Jack tells them both that he will do what he has to do to protect his family. Phyllis suspects that Joe could be involved in the paragon project to  get revenge on Victor for costing him money on the redevelopment project.  Ashley uses her charm to question Joe about why he is still in town and he tells her he still has business. Cane and Michael are in Virgin Gorda to search for Hilary and a witness comes forward after Devon offers a million dollar reward for information leading to Hilary's safe return. The witness tells Cane that he saw a man who looked like the picture they have been showing on the TV of Hilary's husband carrying her off the mountain. Michael tells Cane to keep the information quiet until they can investigate further, but Michael fears that Devon is starting to look guilty of Hilary's murder. 

Neil continues to hide Hilary in an unknown location while he continues to play the supportive father to Devon who feels guilty about what happened to Hilary after Neil tells him Hilary was afraid of heights. Devon feels like Hilary only went on the helicopter ride and agreed to go on the hike because she loved him. The Virgin Gorda police tell Michael to encourage Devon to come back to the island and face the charges against him, because they intend to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Cane calls Lily and tells her what the eyewitness told him about seeing a man resembling Devon carrying Hilary off the mountain. Neil visits Hilary again and, upon checking on her IV, finds it almost empty. He checks her pulse and tells her not to die on him.

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