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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Wyatt to delete the video while Ivy stands on his other side and tells him do not dare. Ridge hugs Caroline and Thomas tells him he is grateful that he asked him to join the team. He charges across the hall and runs into Brooke who notices the tension. He tells her all is okay and she is looking at the newest member of the design team. She hugs him. But she is surprised that Ridge and Caroline are back together. Ridge apologizes to Caroline for what he said earlier to hurt her. He says he never wants to be without her again. Wyatt tells Ivy this video is dangerous as it does not show everything. Steffy is not a murderer. Ivy tells him that he was not there, she was. He says he is putting an end to this today. He knows she thinks she is trying to avenge Aly but this is wrong. Steffy says she is attacking her life. Ivy says maybe Steffy should have thought of this before she picked up the tire iron.

Wyatt says lots of mistakes were made but this is not murder. She can not blame Liam and Steffy, it was an accident. It was a mistake and she can not hold this over Steffy and blackmail her. She has to delete the video and give her another chance. They do not need another tragedy. He keeps repeating Steffy did not murder Aly so it was tragic. Steffy says she is not a bad person and she is not sure why Ivy is trying to ruin her life. She did not kill Aly and she did not take Liam away from Ivy. Wyatt reminds them they are family and that is what Aly stood for. Ivy keeps repeating that she saw no rock on the video. Thomas tells Brooke that Ridge felt like he could not be a father again but he thinks he can. Brooke says she can not believe that as he likes living in the moment and he just told her he had grown children and did not want any more. Caroline keeps looking at the crib and says she is looking forward someday to all those little fingers and toes and 3 a.m. feedings, all of it. He says there are a few things they need to work on first. He flips the page of his sketch pad and says there is one more line ----- it says “will you marry me?” She is his muse and gave him back his life and he does not want to live another day without her. He gets down on one knee and hands her a huge diamond and puts it on her finger. She clasps her hand over her mouth, almost afraid to believe it but finally pulls him to her and says yes. He says they can have the CEO and the designing, he just wants her back and for her to be happy. They have no champagne so they snuggle up on the bed with bottles of beer. Ivy admits she should have paid more attention to Aly. She went to crazy and they ignored it. She was sick and they all missed it. Wyatt says they can not bring Aly back but they can put an end to this. The video will only hurt the whole family. Ivy cries that she is sorry. She knows Steffy is not a murderer. She sits down and deletes the video then hugs Wyatt as Steffy looks on.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

No new episode!

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

No new episode!

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy advises Chelsea to go live in Paris with Connor by herself because she is more than capable of taking care of him without Gabe. When Gabe arrives, he argues with Billy, but Chelsea stops them, because she doesn't want them to argue in front of Connor. Esther accuses Colin of making passes at her while Jill was in Hong Kong. Of course, Colin denies the accusations.  Jill takes Colin's side and doesn't believe Esther so she quits her job and leaves the Chancellor Mansion promising to make Katherine very proud of her. Adam plants a worm in Victor's computer. Ian Ward is happy that his plan for revenge on Victor is working like a charm, but Adam is worried that he will be the one to get caught and go to jail instead of Ian. 

Adam barely has time to leave Victor's office when a suspicious Victoria arrives worried that there was a breech to Victor's computer. When she calls security, they tell her that they don't know why Victor's office was the only one that had lights on during a power outage. Sage has a pain and Nick takes her to the hospital. Sage's doctor recommends bed rest and tells Nick she needs to see a therapist to handle her stress, because she could lose the baby.

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