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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline is stunned that Ridge has a crib/basket. He explains it is the only one he could find. He starts rambling that if it is a girl they can get something else. He just wants it to be healthy. This doesn’t seem to make her look any happier but she wants to be sure this is what he wants. He explains that he did not want another family but he saw her walk out the door and a huge part of him went with her. He does want a baby to share with her. They hug and Caroline cries like a baby and says she wants this more than anything. Liam and Ivy storm into Rick’s office. She laments that she knows exactly why he wants her out of the country. He reminds her that she is the face of Forrester and photo shoots are part of that job. She says she will not turn over the video until Steffy admits she murdered Aly and they both know that is not going to happen, so Steffy will have to live with it hanging over her head. He continues that Aly would not want this. As misguided as she may have been she did play by the rules. He says Ivy knows that Aly hated Steffy but her death was an accident and they need to let it go, pick up the pieces and all move on. He feels Ivy is holding the video against him because he is now with Steffy and is getting back at him.

Wyatt and Steffy walk into his house. He admits Ivy is not making this easy on anybody. Steffy declares that the video must be deleted along with all copies. She wants it gone for good. Wyatt tells her to calm down as he never agreed to anything. She says this is serious and he is wasting her time if he is not going to delete the video. She thought they had a connection. Thomas walks into Ridge’s loft via Ridge’s text. He notices the crib and Caroline can not look at him but looks confused and scared. Thomas is unsure what is going to happen. Ridge tells him that they had a rough patch last night. He said some things he did not mean but he and Caroline are back together. The crib is not for now but later. They are going to have a family together. Thomas says all the right things. He is happy for them. He is ready to be a big brother. Ridge begins to go on and on and Caroline tells him that Thomas probably does not need all of this. He just wants to get on with his work. Ridge is happy to talk about that too and says it will make him proud to offer Thomas to be part of the designing team and he will continue to work with Caroline. Clearly surprised, Caroline says that will be great and well deserved but as Thomas and his dad hug, Thomas looks over his shoulder at Caroline but her eyes will not meet his. Ivy tells Liam that there has been too much change and sadness in so little time. Steffy comes back and reclaims Liam as her boyfriend. She feels unappreciated and misled. This is all about Steffy now. There was not a rock on the video and Steffy is lying to him. They should be thanking her that Steffy is not in prison. And they are kidding themselves if they think she is deleting the video. Steffy is still haranguing Wyatt to delete the video. She opens the laptop and finds the video. Wyatt is conflicted as he does not believe Steffy murdered Aly but he knows this will upset Ivy greatly. He has the mouse in his hand and pointed toward the delete button when Ivy walks in and sees what Wyatt is about to do. He explains that what she wants to do is wrong. With both girls on either side of him and the computer, one is telling him to go ahead and delete while the other barks at him not to touch it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve wanted Victor to give him answers about where to find Bo.  Victor claimed he didn't know where Bo was, but Steve didn't believe him.  Steve wanted to find Bo together.  Kayla wanted Joe to get into a private school in Salem.  Joe tried to blow the interview with the headmaster.  Kayla didn't understand Joe's behavior. Marlena was upset with John briefly when he changed her appointments.  John told her that he was leaving to go to a meeting in Washington.  Marlena didn't like John romancing her only to leave her again.  Theresa and Nicole wanted Maggie and Brady respectively to help them buy Basic Black, but they were hesitant to help them.  John let Marlena know that he didn't plan on leaving.  The ISA just called him.  Kayla and Joe ended up arguing over him going to school.  Joe blamed Kayla for why Steve left.  Victor told Steve that his family was destroyed and that he couldn't make up for it by worrying about Bo.

John decided to reschedule his meeting for next week.  Marlena realized that John was lying about the meeting so he could be her hero.  Marlena wanted to see his phone, but he wouldn't show it to her.  They continued to play around until he kissed her.  Brady wasn't sure Nicole was ready to run Basic Black.  Nicole reminded Brady that he was a screw up just like she was.  She wanted Brady to help her prove that she could make up for her mistakes.  Theresa tried to convince Maggie that she was ready to run Basic Black.  Maggie wasn't sure if she would help her, but Theresa have her time to think about it.  Victor threw up in Steve's face that Kayla wouldn't be with him just because he found her brother.  Victor also thought he wanted to look for Bo as an excuse to leave town.  Steve assured Victor that he wasn't just trying to leave town.  Steve asked Victor to help him find Bo.  Victor thought Bo didn't want to be found by anyone.  Brady finally agreed to help Nicole.  Brady agreed to give Nicole half of the money. Theresa approached them and noticed Brady hugging Nicole.  John wanted to marry Marlena.  Marlena agreed to marry him in their bedroom for now, but John had a month to prove himself before she made it official.  Victor showed Steve the information he had on Bo.  Victor mentioned that Bo sent him basic letters.  Steve wanted to read the letters that Bo sent.  Theresa wanted Brady to help her, but he didn't want to do it.  Theresa wanted a chance to prove herself.  Brady appreciated that Theresa wanted to make up for her mistakes, but he agreed to help Nicole and he wasn't going to break his promise to her.  Steve noticed a lot of discrepancies in Bo's letters. Victor thought that Bo might have been rushing when he wrote the letters, but Steve didn't believe that for a minute. Steve told Victor that Bo was in trouble.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While everybody is getting ready for Sonny's wedding, Sonny has gotten an urgent call from Charlie, the guy who hijacked his shipments for Julian after the cops released Charlie, with the understanding that he'd testify against Julian in exchange for immunity. Charlie has his own agenda of holding TJ hostage in order to get to Sonny. When Sonny arrives, Charlie holds a gun on him while TJ is tied to a chair and does not listen to any of Sonny's "ideas" (like letting TJ go in exchange for Sonny leaving him, taking Sonny hostage instead, or realizing that Charlie may not get away with his attempt to mess with Sonny or get away with attempting to kill the police commissioner's son). At the end, Sonny and Charlie wrestle with the gun and SOnny gets shot.

Sam and Jake go to confront Nikolas now that Anna has informed them that he tampered with the election to help Mayor Lomax win in exchange for her helping him with illegal business. She is confident she can get Nikolas to give ELQ back to Michael if he does not want to be charged with a federal crime. Anna also believes that Sloane will help her with this. Yet Sloane may have second thoughts, realizing that Anna does not have anything "in it for him". So he refuses to implicate Nikolas. Both Sam and Jake are very disappointed while Nikolas is satisfied that nobody will mess with him. Hayden, however, hears and intently listens to the entire conversation. Although it appears she has no memory or recollection of what she previously knew about Jake and the fact that Nikolas was hiding it from those who need to know, she admits to him that she realizes it's entirely possible he's lying when he tells her he doesn't know what the others are talking about in regard to that.

While Sonny has been shot by Charlie, he appears to be fatally injured...and there is a big cliffhanger as to what will happen, which we won't know until Tuesday.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Several Genoa City residents gather for Katherine's memorial and take turns discussing how their lives have changed in the past year. Adam convinces Chelsea to stay in Genoa City. He tells her he's going to get the key to their penthouse back from the realtor, but goes to Victor's office instead. Knowing that Victor is at the memorial, Adam uses Victor's computer. He calls a computer specialist that he knows, who causes a citywide blackout. Phones go crazy and Esther thinks it's Katherine sending a message. Sage dreams that Victor takes her baby. She wakes up in pain and Nick drives her to the hospital. It is revealed that Adam and the computer specialist he called are working with Ian Ward.

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