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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge lets a very subdued Caroline into the loft and asks what is wrong. At work, Thomas relives making love or at least telling Caroline they did and her reaction. She was disgusted. Wyatt remembers Steffy telling him that he has to let Ivy do the right thing and help Steffy. Ivy gloats to Wyatt about her being the face of Forrester. She says it is what Aly would have wanted. He asks about any other copies of the video and she says yes that is her insurance. She could not take a chance on just one copy. Steffy tells Liam but he says that is not how this is going to go down. He does not think they will go to the police even though it looks like Wyatt and Ivy are still on the fence. She only hopes he comes to his senses. Liam tells Wyatt and Ivy that they can start without Ridge, but he wants to get started with Ivy being the face of Forrester. And he laments that the yacht is available and Monte Carlo would be a good place to start. Ivy wonders if they are trying to get her out of the country for some reason. Liam says no, this is business. Ivy says her gut is saying something else. She should have taken that video to the police a long time ago. Steffy is not innocent. Aly’s life was taken by Steffy.

Alone Steffy tells Wyatt again to get rid of the video and all of this will be over. Ridge tells Caroline that he wants what is best for her and he still wants a life with her if she wants the same thing. He knows after what happened last night it is probably the last thing she is expecting to hear. They are a team and they will have challenges but they will do it together. He says he wants her back. Brooke asks Thomas if he has seen Caroline today. He admits not. She says she and Ridge broke up. But Caroline is strong and she will bounce back. Thomas thinks Brooke knows more than she is saying and Ridge has confided something in her. Caroline tells Ridge to stop saying that. She can not hear him say that again. Why is he bringing this up again? He says he can not have her miss out on having their child, seeing and holding it for the first time. Liam follows Ivy as she re-watches the video and he slips up behind her and tells her to delete it. It does not show the entire thing and he knows she is blind to Steffy. He knows Ivy is a good person and this is not her. She needs to heal too and let this vendetta against Steffy go. Wyatt tells Steffy there are more copies and he is considering what she said. She wants to make a deal. Ivy must be dealt with, once and for all. Ridge says he knows Caroline will be an amazing mother and he has to be there for that. He can not lose her. Maybe not this year, but sometimes they will have this baby. She looks conflicted and confused. He hugs her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve tried to make things right with Joe.  Joe wasnít sure Steve would be able to do it.  Hope thought Aiden was hiding something from her because of his reaction after he proposed to her.  Aiden assured Hope that he wasnít hiding anything from her.  Aiden was willing to wait for her.  Justin came down on Rafe because Chad wasnít arrested.  Rafe didnít think Chad had a motive for killing Serena.  Justin wanted Rafe to hurry up and close the case.  Stefano offered to help Chad if he went after Abby.  Chad refused to take the deal because he wanted Abby to stay away from him.  Stefano wanted to know if Chad killed Serena.  Steve let Joe know that he was thinking of him while he was gone, but Joe didnít care.  Joe said it was too late and walked away from him.

Justin ran into Chad and was ready for him to confess to killing Serena.  Chad told Justin that he didnít kill Serena.  Abe showed up and heard Justin and Chad arguing.  Hope let Maggie, Julie, Caroline, and Kayla know that she didnít accept Aidenís proposal. Caroline became uncomfortable when Maggie and Julie talked about Hopeís relationship with Aiden and left.  Caroline couldnít remember the code on her phone until Victor told her it was Boís birthday.  Caroline was upset that she couldnít remember her sonís birthday. Chad met with Aiden and he agreed to represent Chad.  Abe advised Justin to ease up on Chad.  Justin thought Abe was going soft on Chad because heís his brother-in-law.  Eric went to the station to talk to Rafe about Serenaís murder.  Eric eventually thought that Chad was the one who did it.  Hope talked to Kayla about Steveís conversation with Aiden.  Hope and Kayla realized that Bo and Steve had each otherís backs regardless. Hope wondered if Kayla was going to take Steve back.  Kayla told Hope that she would never take Steve back. Ben, Abby, and Eric saw Chad at the town square. Eric approached Chad and accused him of murdering Serena.  Chad denied killing Serena.  Abby let Chad know that she believed that he didnít do it.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jordan announces to Dante, and Ric announces to Sonny that they have what should be "good news" in getting Julian Jerome found out and convicted. The police commissioner and DA have released one of Julian's hijackers to offer him immunity in exchange for his testimony against Julian. Yet they are all a bit concerned that having this dangerous criminal set free might endanger people, specifically people who are connected to Sonny. And right as they speak, the former Jerome hijacker has taken TJ hostage and has him call Sonny from the warehouse. This is right before SOnny's wedding although he rushes to get there in order to save TJ. Meanwhile, Anna has contacted Sloane and is urging him to testify against Lomax and Nikolas, now that she knows they rigged the mayoral election. Yet Sloane is not entirely trusting that it won't get him implicated along with them. Also, he expresses that he still has feelings for Anna and wishes she was back in his life. At that point, Sam wants to run with the information she just got from Anna which could get Nikolas charged with a federal crime. She tells her cousin she has the goods on him and won't get him convicted if he gives ELQ back to Michael. Yet Nikolas is still confident that he "holds the card" given that he has the information about who Jake really is. Neither Jake or Sam have a clue. Hayden is staying with him and she indicates that she has no recollection of the information she previously had, before she was put in a coma, about who Jake really is.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Victor discuss the extremes that he is going to to keep Chelsea and Connor in Genoa City. Chelsea and Gabriel visit Paul to let him know what Victor is doing to keep them in Genoa City. Paul them if they leave town. Dylan tells Sharon that he likes to see her happy. At the Athletic Club, Devon and Neil are joined by Jill and Colin. Jill feels that it is suspicious that Neil has forgiven Devon and Hilary. Lily and Cane discuss the fact that she kept it from him that Devon may have cheated on Hilary at his bachelor party. Lily admits that she has something else to tell him. Lily owns up that Colin was blackmailing Devon to keep his secret. Cane confronts Colin over him blackmailing Devon. Cane gets a call and leaves. He promises to keep Colin’s secret. Nikki tries to explain to Neil why she told Victor about his alibi, but Neil doesn’t want to hear it. Nikki apologizes to him for not believing him. Neil gets a call from Gwen and makes plans to meet her for dinner. Upset over Neil’s sudden attitude, Nikki leaves in a huff. Gabriel joins Victor in his office to discuss what he is doing to Chelsea and Connor by forcing them to remain in Genoa City. Gabriel asks Victor to take his compromise, but he refuses. Victor tells him that once he wins the lawsuit then Gabriel will never again see Connor. In the hotel room, Chelsea is on the phone and packing at the same time, She tells the person on the phone to get Connor ready that she is picking him up. On the phone, Paul tells Christine that they will have plenty of time to celebrate their anniversary. Paul talks to Michael and Kevin about Katherine writing him a letter for him to ask Christine to marry him.

Michael tells Kevin to keep a closed heart and he will regret it in the long run. Sharon assures Mariah that she is pregnant and she need not worry about this anymore. Mariah is still uneasy about this situation. At the Coffeehouse, Devon asks Dylan for help in finding Hilary but Dylan refuses. Neil assures Dylan that he may never get to the bottom of Hilary disappearing. Nikki tells Victor about Neil’s sudden change of attitude but then realizes that Victor told Neil to stay away from her. Angrily, Nikki leaves. Dylan explains to Sharon why he cannot leave town right now. Cane offers to go to Virgin Gorda to find out where Hilary may have disappeared. Mariah and Kevin plan a date. Neil checks on an IV and tells the person that they may need more of this. Hilary lies unconscious on a bed. Gabriel comes back to the hotel room to find Chelsea packed, ready to leave. In looking for his suitcase, he realizes that she was going to leave without him. He tries to talk her into letting him go, too, but she refuses.

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