Wednesday 9/2/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/2/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke cannot believe that Ridge broke it off with Caroline just because he had a vasectomy. It happened when she was in Paris. He was not seeing anyone and he told no one. He did not know if his relationship with Caroline would last, and he saw no reason to bring it up. He explains that now she wants children. He told her that he didn’t. When she wakes up and knows the truth she will understand. Caroline does wake up naked in bed and is astounded when she finds Thomas laying beside her. She remembers nothing of how he got there and asks him to explain, but she will not let him touch her. He says he told her how he felt and it was mutual; they made love. She becomes hysterical and even more so when she says she remembers nothing except that she did take some pills before he came over. He claims he knew nothing about that and while she was a little emotional he thought she was okay. He would never take advantage of her. They talked a long time before anything happened. She says she is not that kind of girl who would date his father and then turn around and make love to his son. She screams when Thomas tries to explain how it happened and tells him to get out. He grabs his clothes and leaves. She is crying when Ridge calls and wants to talk to her.

Steffy storms into Wyatt’s house looking for Ivy. She says she asked Wyatt to delete the video. Now she is not asking, she is demanding that he do so. She wants all copies destroyed and knows Wyatt can find them and make it happen. She does not care what kind of bind he will be in with Ivy. She can not control her life with his video. If she takes it to the police Steffy will be the #1 prime suspect and skewered by the media. Ivy already thinks she owns her. She said that directly to her face. Wyatt tells her that she put herself in this position. She should have told the police everything and let them sort it out. He saw no rock in the video that Steffy insists Aly had. She knows Ivy will not change her mind but she is hoping Wyatt will. He says Liam could not help her so now she is counting on Wyatt and calling him a good person because she expects a favor. Caroline hangs up on Ridge. She curls up crying hysterically. Brooke is shocked. She tells Ridge that vasectomies can be reversed. He needs to go find Caroline and make it right.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ noticed that Kyleís blood was on the floor.  JJ wanted to know what happened to Kyle.  Clyde wouldnít tell him anything.  Hope told Caroline about Aiden proposing to her.  Caroline told Hope about her dreams about Bo being in danger.  Hope wasnít worried about Carolineís dreams.  She did promise Caroline that she would wait to accept Aidenís proposal.  Paige went to Jennifer and told her that Eve talked to Kyle about JJ working with the cops.  JJ told Clyde that Eve lie about him working for the cops.  JJ told Clyde that she lied because he had an affair with her and sheís paying him back.  Clyde seemed to enjoy hearing about JJís affair with Eve.  Rafe wanted to get a DNA sample from Chad. Kayla was upset when she found out that Joe was kicked out of school. Steve showed up at her office and they started arguing.  Clyde seemed to believe the story that JJ told him about Eve.  JJ assured Clyde that he would keep his mouth shut.  Clyde agreed to let JJ work for him, but he couldnít tell Ben what they were doing.  Rafe told Chad that the blood on the napkin he found matched Chadís blood. Chad suddenly remembered what happened that night.

Maggie and Victor visited Caroline at the hospital. Maggie asked Caroline for her help because Victor wouldnít agree to be happy for Hope possibly getting engaged.  Caroline let Maggie know that sheís alone because she agreed with Victor.  Caroline didnít want Hope to marry Aiden either.  Joey stormed out of Kaylaís office because she was arguing with Steve. Steve wanted to fix things with Kayla and Joe.  Hope thought about her life with Bo.  Chad continued to declare his innocence when Justin walked in the room and was ready to book him.  Clyde threatened to go after Paige if JJ betrayed him.  Steve met Aiden and wanted to have a drink with him.  Justin didnít want to lose the case so he didnít want Rafe to mess things up.  Steve explained to Aiden that Hope and Bo were and are soul mates.  Aiden didnít agree with Steve.  Aiden reminded Steve that Bo abandoned Hope and Ciara. JJ arrived home and told Paige that Clyde is a drug dealer.  JJ told Paige that Kyleís dead and wanted her to act normal around Clyde.  Hope told Aiden that sheís not ready to marry him yet.  After Hope left, Aiden became upset that he couldnít get her to agree to marry him. He threw something across the room.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is getting ready for Carly and Sonny's wedding. Michael has a nightmare about his family falling apart if he does not do what the oldest son needs to do for his family. He realizes, at the very least, he has to be there for Morgan so he reconsiders his previous decision not to attend his parents' wedding and commits himself and Sabrina to be there. Morgan goes to see Sonny, intoxicated and distraught after Kiki ended their relationship and the fact she found out he cheated upon her with her mom. Knowing all that is involved and the fact that he has been through the same condition with bi polar himself, Sonny promises to be there for his youngest son no matter what. When Carly is getting ready, she talks to Jake, assuring him he's important to her regardless of what Sonny thinks. Not only that, she somehow instinctively knows that given her recent concerns about Morgan having bi polar disorder, she can and should confide in him just like she did with Jason. Sam also knows she needs to reach out to Jake when Anna informs her for the first time that she and Sloane are aware that Nikolas rigged the mayoral election results for Lomax in exchange for favors. Meanwhile, Nikolas is closely "monitoring" Hayden when it appears he may be more comfortable spending time with her than he'd be with most other people, as it appears she may have a very different personality than the unscrupulous con artist he knew before and had to silence her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon tells Dylan that she went off her meds for a few days because of something she read on the Internet that the dugs may be harmful to the baby. In the park, Sage and Nick discuss Victor and the party the night before. At the Underground, Marisa tells Noah that she refused the money that Victor offered her, but Victor walks in and tells them that she accepted it. Marisa calls him a “liar.” At the Coffeehouse, Chelsea and Anita discuss how complicated Gabriel is, but Chelsea still loves him. Victoria is on the phone with ITT in Victor’s office and tells them to keep a close watch on their firewall. Gabriel walks in and overhears her. Ashley and Billy are talking in the executive office at Jabot when Jack walks in and asks her if this is the way that she repays his kindness by having him investigated. Gabriel lets Victoria know that he wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for Victor trying to take over Chelsea’s fashion line. Noah asks Victor if Marisa asked him for money. Marisa and Victor continue to argue that it was all his idea to get her out of town. Marisa tears up the check and tells him that she likes it here. Noah begins to question Marisa’s motives. Billy tells Ashley that Jack wasn’t involved in the Paragon project but he doesn’t know who was. Jack assures them that he would not put them in harm’s way. Ashley asks Jack why he's here. Jack tells her that he came to pack up some of his things. Nick assures Sage that Victor is too busy to interfere in their lives. Nick promises to leave Newman if Victor becomes too manipulative. Nick receives a call from Dylan to discuss Sharon. Sharon comes into the Coffeehouse and sees Anita, Chelsea, and Connor. She walks over to talk to them a second. Chelsea congratulates Sharon on her pregnancy. Victoria accuses Gabriel of wanting revenge on Victor and that is why he is doing all this. Victor walks in and listens to Victoria defending him. Victor cautions her not to defend him to the likes of Gabriel. Gabriel informs Victor that he, Chelsea, and Connor are going back to Paris.

Dylan lets Nick know that Sharon had gone off her meds because of something she read on the internet. Nick reveals some things to Dylan that he had done to Sharon years ago and that is why she may be the way she is. Sharon talks on the phone to Mariah and tells her to corroborate her story she told Dylan about her meds. Marisa and Noah argue over Victor giving her the check. Marisa starts to walk away, but Noah stops her and kisses her. Sage walks in on them. Victor and Victoria discuss Adam’s death. Victoria asks Victor if he would take Connor away from Chelsea. Gabriel joins Anita and Chelsea and accidentally calls Connor his and Chelsea’s son. Chelsea and Gabriel make plans to go back to Paris, but she is served with papers which will keep her in Genoa City for the time being.

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