Tuesday 9/1/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge sits in his loft and looks over the papers…remembering he told Caroline he can not be that man to give her a child. Caroline is in a hotel room when Thomas calls. He assumes she is with his dad and wants her to ask him a question. He hears her crying and she blurts out that she is not with him. She is in a hotel and Thomas says he is on the way. She opens up the bottle of Pam's anxiety pills and takes one…..then another. Maya and Rick sip martinis and relive their honeymoon. Brooke stops by Ridge’s to give him some papers for tomorrow’s meeting. He invites her in and proceeds to tell her that Caroline is not there so he is not in the middle of anything. He broke it off with her. She sees how upset he is over this and she feels guilty if she talked him into it. But for whatever it is worth she thinks he made the right decision. It goes further. He shows her a paper he got in Paris where he got a vasectomy.

Caroline lets Thomas in and fills him in on Ridge’s decision. He is sorry she is hurting and says he was just with Brooke and got the impression Ridge was going to give her a baby. Caroline pours some wine for both. She says she was not thrilled but she thought after all they have been through together she could accept just Ridge without a child, but she was not expecting it like this. He says he hates seeing how much his dad has hurt her. She rambles that she does not need kids if it means she can not be with Ridge. She does not understand this. Sipping more wine, Thomas sits behind her on the bed and massages her shoulders. She says she would give up that dream to be with Ridge and maybe he would change his mind down the road. She lies down on the bed and Thomas sits by her. He says he admires his dad in a lot of ways but not the way he treats the women in his life…..not Caroline. After his own mom’s and Brooke’s disappointments he realizes Ridge only lives in the moment. She cries that is the way it is now. He does not want a future with her. Thomas says he is lucky he is not wired that way and he is lucky if he gets another opportunity with her. She says he always has been a good friend. He says she needs someone who appreciates her. The room turns into a blur and she loves the words coming out of his mouth. She closes her eyes and Thomas leans over and kisses her sweetly.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel told Nicole about Serenaís death.  Nicole blamed herself for what happened to her. Theresa thought she smoothed things over with Brady, but he rejected her.  Maggie tried to make Theresa feel better about Brady rejecting her, but it didnít work.  Abe is the new mayor.  His first act was to ask Justin to be the new D.A. Kyle wanted JJ to check the meth he got.  JJ wondered why Kyle didnít do it.  Kyle would be suspicious of JJ if he didnít test it.  Jennifer and Eve argued because Eve gave the anonymous tip about JJ.  Jennifer let Eve know that she put JJ in danger.  Eve denied making the call.  One thing led to another and they had a slapping match.  Justin and Abe broke up the fight between Jennifer and Eve.  Kyle was going to fire JJ until he decided to try the meth.  

Clyde wanted Kate to make changes in order for their relationship to work.  Kate didnít like the way Clyde was treating her so she dumped him.  Myles wanted Nicole to do a story on Serena.  Nicole refused to do it, but Myles reminded her that heís her boss.  Nicole decided that she didnít want to work at the station anymore so she quit.  John romanced Marlena, but she was worried that he would leave her again once he was back in the ISA.  Nicole decided to make a change in her life.  She wanted to buy Basic Black.  Kyle put a gun on JJ when he didnít take the drugs.  Kyle let him know that he failed the test.  John and Marlena continued to go down memory lane about their relationship.  Theresa suddenly wanted to be a designer and she wanted to own Basic Black. Theresa asked Brady for help with the money.  Brady refused to help Theresa.  Nicole realized she didnít have enough money to buy Basic Black. Daniel offered to help her get the money.  John promised to be committed to Marlena.  Theresa and Nicole thought of ways to buy Basic Black.  Clyde showed up at Kyleís place and saw JJ.  Kyle hit him in the head with his gun. 

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny returns to Carly and reports that Ric did not murder Silas and contrary to what they both suspected, neither did Ava, Franco or Nina. Carly is shocked to find out that the person who murdered the man who saved Jason's son's life and helped Josslyn beat Cancer and Leukemia was Madeline Reeves and she did it all in order to take her daughter's money. Alexis informs Julian of that same. He is relieved to know his sister did not kill the man who save his and Alexis' grandson's life and that the rightful murderer has been brought to justice. She also agrees to represent Ava in the murder charge of Connie, for Julian. Madeline protests to Nathan that he can't arrest her. She is his mother and needs to relent. He does not, however and declares that she is a murderer, she disgusts him for what she did to Nina and all he wants is to put her away as she rightfully deserves. She also pleads to Nina who tells her the same. Franco is there for Nina and wants her to be encouraged because they will soon be cleared of the charges, set free and will finally get to be together. Maxie wants to console Nathan and he can tell she has news. She informs him she's going to be in a movie. Kiki goes to confront Ava in the jail cell and tells her she will never forgive her for sleeping with Morgan although Ava pleads that her daughter reconsiders and realizes she's making a rash decision. Michael admits he does not plan to attend Sonny and Carly's wedding after what they did to AJ. He goes and talks to Morgan and tells him perhaps their parents are correct that Morgan is bi polar and needs to get professional help, and he promises to be there for his younger brother.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki joins Victor in his office and immediately asks him what the private investigator told him about Neil and his alibi. Neil joins Devon, Cane, and Lily at the Athletic Club dining room. Neil tells them that he wants this mess to be all over. Paul walks in and arrests Devon. At the Underground, Mariah remembers Sharon telling her that she lost the baby and was afraid of how Dylan would react. Noah joins her and asks her if Sharon has been taking her medication. Marisa listens to their conversation. Sharon tries to get Dylan back into bed. Dylan is leery of her sudden change of heart and wants to know what is going on. Sharon wants them to have some alone time before the baby comes. Noah is more than a little concerned over the change in Sharon's actions. Mariah tells him to cover for her, because she has something to do and leaves. Paul puts Devon in handcuffs, which unnerves Neil, Lily, and Cane. Cane and Lily cannot believe that Paul would arrest Devon and hold him until the authorities come for him. Victor lies to Nikki and tells her that Neil’s alibi checked out. Nikki is relieved. Lily tells Cane that Devon needs help. Cane asks Lily if she thinks Devon is guilty, but he can tell that she is holding something back from him. Lily tells him that something happened at the bachelor party. Cane reminds her that they promised they would not keep any more secrets. Lily informs him that she promised she would not tell anyone. Mariah interrupts Dylan and Sharon on the sofa and asks to speak to her alone. Dylan goes upstairs to get ready for work. Mariah tries to convince Sharon to tell Dylan the truth about her losing the baby, but Sharon refuses by telling her that Dylan has lost too much now. Marisa tells Noah that he is right about his concerns about Sharon. Noah lets Marisa know that Sharon is “complicated”. Noah tells Marisa that he has fallen in love with her and wants her to move in with him. Neil tells Nikki and Victor that Devon has been arrested. Nikki leaves them alone. Victor tells Neil what the private investigator found out and then asks what part of Canada he visited. Neil stalls.

Lily tells Cane that Devon may have had sex with a woman at the bachelor party and that Hilary may have found out. Michael talks to Devon at the police department before they take him away. In an interrogation room, Michael apologizes to Devon for not speeding things up, so he will get out of here. Nikki arrives at the police department to talk to Paul and insinuates that he is using this situation for payback for Neil causing the baby’s death. Paul denies doing any such thing. Neil shows Victor pictures he took in Canada, but Victor trips him up by asking him about the “Scarlet Lakes." Victor confronts Neil that he didn’t go to Canada at all, but instead went to the Virgin Islands. Neil owns up that Victor is right and asks what Victor will do with this information. Victor tells Neil to stay away from Nikki. Mariah confesses to Sharon that Dylan and Noah have been talking. Dylan goes through the nightstand to check if Sharon has been taking her medication and finds three pills gone. Judge Gates arrives at the police department and tells Paul that he has blocked the extradition back to the Virgin Islands. Everyone is relieved. Dylan tells Sharon that he went through her pills to see if she has been taking them. Sharon tells Dylan that she has been keeping something from him. Marisa tells Noah that she is falling in love with him, too, but still is hesitant about moving in with him. Marisa receives an envelope with a check for $500,000 from Victor. Noah wants to know why Victor would be giving Marisa money. Noah tells her that is the reason why she didn’t want to move in with him. Marisa tells him that she did not accept the money. Victor walks in and tells her that yes, she did accept the money.

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