Monday 8/31/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/31/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas gets lost in the intensity of Caroline guiding his hand while he designs. He says he now understands the one touch. He sees where working hand and hand and so close can develop into something more. She says perhaps she should not have done this with Thomas. He says it is okay, he just wants her to be happy. She gets a text from Ridge who wants to go home. Ridge tells Brooke he has been selfish and living in the moment is not the best thing for Caroline. Brooke thinks he is making a mistake if he has a family and does not really want to. Maya and Rick come back from their honeymoon. They joke they have 7 million photos to show them….Nicole and Eric and some they even have clothes on. Eric is happy they made some good memories. He gives a toast to welcome them home. Both Nicole and Maya agree they have been in touch with their mother but not Julius.

Brooke sees Thomas and he tells her that he knows Caroline went home with Ridge. He was there when she texted him. He asks if she knows something that he doesn’t. Ridge gets home before Caroline does but she tells him straight out that she was with Thomas and his designs seem to be coming along. She thinks he will fit right in with Ridge’s plans. He watches while she brings out some baby dresses for a friend. He asks if she wants to talk about it, not the friend’s baby but her own. He wants her to have a child. He does not want her to sacrifice not having one for him. Caroline is stunned but giddy that he would do this for her. He knows how important family is for her and what an incredible parent she will be. And whoever the father is that so will he be, but it won’t be him. Now she is stunned! He says he is setting her free. She says that is not what she wants. He says he is too old. She cries that she wants to be with him. He is not some wise old man that doesn’t deserve her. He wipes the tears from his eyes and says it was not meant to be. She grabs her purse and leaves. Ridge drags out some papers and starts to look at them.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla was surprised and upset to see Joe with Steve.  Kayla demanded to know why JJ wasnít at school.  Aiden shocked Hope by proposing to her.  Hope didnít know what to say.  Ben was sure that Chad killed Serena, but Abby wasnít sure he did it.  Rafe questioned Chad about what happened to Serena.  Chad didnít remember anything. Kayla wanted Steve to explain to her how Joe ended up with him in New York. Steve let Kayla know that Joe was in contact with him.  Aiden apologized for proposing to Hope.  Hope was surprised by his proposal.  Hope wanted to give Aiden a ďmaybeĒ instead of turning down his proposal.  Chad continued to tell Rafe that he was drunk and didnít remember much about what happened with Serena. Abby wanted Ben to let the situation with Chad go.  Steve told Kayla that Joe didnít want to go to boarding school.  Joe walked in on Steve telling Kayla that he planned on staying in Salem for good.

Hope apologized to Aiden for not saying yes to his proposal.  He wanted Hope to take the ring so that she would consider marrying him.  Kayla was upset that Steve wanted to stay in Salem.  Kayla told Steve that his home is not in Salem.  Steve explained that he wanted to be there with her. Kayla didnít want to talk to Steve anymore so he left the office.  Abby wanted to get married around Christmas, but Ben wanted to get married in a few weeks.  Stefano wasnít sure if Chad was innocent.  Stefano wanted all of the details about what happened with Serena.  Chad said he didnít remember what happened.  Steve went to see Hope.  Hope was shocked that he was back in town.  Steve was surprised that Bo has been gone for three years. Chad was upset that Stefano thought he could be a killer.  Steve went back to Kaylaís office to express how he felt about her.  Kayla assured Steve that they were over. Aiden talked to someone about not having money right now and that he would have it soon.  Ben agreed to a Christmas wedding with Abby.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dante and Nathan have revealed something to Jordan which she's very impressed by and hopes she can present to Mayor Lomax. Ric is alone with Madeline who believes he's working in her best interest for their common goal of scamming Nina into signing her money over to both of them. However, unknown to Madeline, Ric has worked out a deal with the cops. We then learn that Madeline went to see Silas right on the day he died and allegedly got a signature from him that will authorize Nina's mom and husband to have legal rights over her against his wishes. Only Silas knows better than to do what Madeline wants regardless of what she may have over him. That prompts Madeline not only to forge his signature. She needed to kill him so that he could never reveal to anyone what he knows about her. Madeline admits that to Ric the she did, in fact, murder Silas, assuming she can trust Ric and that he will represent her in court. However, unknown to her, he wears a wire when she admits to the murder, which enables the cops to arrest her instantly. Kiki declares to Morgan that they are through now that she knows he slept with her mom behind her back. Maxie wants to promote Dillon's movie which is clearly about his relationship with Lulu, yet there is a conflict of wants until the three of them conclude that they want to all work on it together.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack makes Ashley CEO of Jabot, because he wants to spend time with his family, but Ashley thinks that he wants to use her as a smokescreen for his revenge against Victor.  Phyllis is also wary of his plans to travel and spend time with her, but Jack tells her that he doesn't want to take his life for granted anymore. The Newmans throw a surprise wedding reception for Nick and Sage. Victor takes the opportunity to offer Marisa money to leave town. Marisa tells Victor she is staying and once again promises not to say a word about what really happened with Marco.

Newman wins a blind bid for Chelsea's company, and Victor tells Chelsea she can't work from Paris, so Chelsea decides to start another company, but Victor tells her that her contract forbids her to do so.  Adam persuades Chelsea to stay in town a few more days and fight for her company. Michael tells Devon that the blood found on Hilary's shoe belongs to her, and he will be taken back to Virgin Gorda to face murder charges. Neil asks Victor to help Devon, so that he won't be sent back to the island.

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