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The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/28/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline says she knew Ridge the artist, but not Ridge, the corporate guy but she likes it. She says she would like to stand here and smooch all day but they need to get to work. He says that is the perks of being boss. He asks about Thomas. She says he is his son and he wants to be here so she thinks he should be. He says being a Forrester has it’s perks but he doesn’t want his son to just walk in here and expect special treatment. Thomas offers Zende help on the Sky Lounge. Zende thanks him and says he will do whatever he can to make Forrester better. Thomas says he hears that. His dad is putting him through the paces. His dad and Caroline are working exclusively together but he’s hoping to join them. Brooke walks in on Caroline and Ridge and wants to show them a pix of R. J. Caroline leaves. Brooke realizes she has brought up a sensitive subject if his girlfriend wants children and he doesn’t. She pries more and asks how this is going to work out with her biological clock ticking and she is a perfect age to have children, it might be her life goal. She probably is covering that up more than Ridge can see. It doesn’t just go away. He realizes that.

Nicole agrees that Ridge is Mr. Tough Love with Thomas. She also is not so sure that Ridge is the right man for Caroline. Thomas tells Caroline that she can confide anything in him. She admits she did want a family but she loves designing and she can be happy with that because she is so in love with Ridge so asking for more might be too much. He thinks she should have it all. He can’t get over how they met with her being his muse and helping him draw. She says he touched her hand and she just knew. Ridge tells Brooke that he loves Caroline so much he feels like a little kid sometimes. So if she wants kids, why is that so strange. He can put her first. Thomas tells Caroline that he feels she will be giving up too much not to have kids. She says it is a balancing act. He says any sane man would want kids with her. He always has but he has not found that partner yet. She jokes that she is one of a kind. They start to draw again and much as she did with Ridge, Thomas takes her hand to guide him and they look into each other’s eyes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Serena was found dead in the park.  Hope and Rafe investigated what happened to her. Clyde told Abby and Ben about Chad possibly killing Serena.  Abby defended Chad to Ben and Clyde.  Chad returned to TBD and thought about what happened with Serena.  Chad couldn't remember what happened with Serena.  Later on, Abby found Chad in the park and wanted to know if he was the one who killed Serena. Clyde ran into Marlena and advised him to keep getting therapy.  He snapped at Marlena a little, but assured her that he was better because of her and didn't need any more therapy. Rafe talked to one of the bartenders at TBD about Chad.  The bartender saw Chad with Serena.

Abby let Chad know that Clyde told her what happened with Serena.  Abby wanted to know what happened with Serena before the police found out.  Victor went to visit Caroline and the hospital and she was having a disturbing dream.  Chad told Abby that Stefano kicked him out.  Abby realized that Stefano did it because he told her the truth about her inheritance. Abby tried to make Chad feel better about what happened to him.  John met with Marlena and he told her that he planned on selling Basic Black. Marlena wanted to know what he was going to do with the rest of his time.  John said that he could marry her. Marlena wasn't happy about the proposal. Hope and Roman were talking about Serena when Aiden showed up.  He wanted to take Hope out for the surprise, but Hope had to work.  Roman let Hope go with Aiden.  Caroline told Victor that she had a bad dream about Bo.  Chad went home and Stefano told him that he broke his heart by telling Abby the truth.  Kayla made a call and found out that Joey never made it to his destination. Marlena didn't like John's proposal and didn't think he needed to prove his love for her by proposing when he wasn't ready.  Chad was determined to make a life for himself without the DiMera name.  Rafe showed up at the DiMera mansion because he wanted to talk to Chad about Serena.  Joey showed up at the hospital and Kayla was relieved to see him. Joey wasn't alone at the hospital.  Steve showed up with him. Kayla was shocked to see Steve.  Caroline told Victor about her nightmare about Bo being in danger somewhere while Aiden proposed to Hope.  There was a shot of a man (possibly Bo) lying on the floor.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Nina's arraignment trial is underway, Ric is not there and everybody wonders where the new DA is. Unknown to Nina, Alexis, Madeline, the judge and all other interested parties in the courtroom, the cops are attempting to arrest and hold Ric for the murder of Silas. Jordan brainstorms with Dante and Nathan. Dante finds it odd when she informs him that the last time she spoke to Ric, Julian Jerome was waiting outside Ric's office. Dante knows there might be a secret reason Julian has for doing that which they are unaware. Nathan tries but admits to his partner and boss that he failed to detain Ric and had to let him go. Ric then returns to Madeline and happily presents to her the document that they need Nina to sign, while they are both confident she will have incentive to do so when Ric promises to get both her and Franco released from prison in exchange for her signing the papers. Madeline assumes everything will go her way until Ric reveals to her that he found out that she secretly had Silas signing something which everyone else was unaware. She goes to talk to Silas and there is a question as to whether he is really dead or not.

In her jail cell, Ava is devastated to find out that Morgan is done with her and only committed to Kiki. Julian then admits to his sister that he tried and failed to find and remove her taped confession of murder, from the DA's office. Ava is devastated and afraid her life is over now that it appears she's lost everything. Kiki is similarly devastated after Franco has informed her that Ava admitted to sleeping with Morgan behind her daughter's back. Morgan however, is unaware and unsuspecting that his secret affair will be revealed to his girlfriend. He wonders why his parents assume that he's bi polar just like Sonny and why they have grave concerns and an urgent need for him to see a psychiatrist and take medication before it's too late.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Victor informs everyone involved that Chelsea must decide which company she will stay with by choosing using a blind bid. Chelsea is upset when she finds out she chose Newman's bid. The Abbotts say they will be speaking with their lawyers. Marisa and Sage talk about love and how you know it's real. They also discuss their secret about Gabe Bingham really being Adam Newman. They realize they have no choice but to keep it secret. Summer and Kyle throw a reception for Nick and Sage. Jack offers Ashley the co-CEO position. Sharon tells Mariah that she plans to get pregnant again. Reluctantly, Mariah agrees to keep it to herself.

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