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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy asks Wyatt if he is okay with this; they are not to be pushed around. He says they are the one being pushed, they can now be the pusher. Liam is one who gets served on a silver platter. As long as no one gets hurt, why not use the video to help them. And yet they think Ivy and Wyatt are the bad guys. Steffy even said that some of Quinn was rubbing off on her. Ivy says there are many things she would do differently. Aly needed medical help but if Liam does not know who she is anymore or wants to blame her, she does not hold that against Wyatt. He says a weaker person might have just gone home, but she is sexy and strong and that is a turn on. She says she thought Liam was there for her but she was just a sub for Steffy… she has Wyatt and she appreciates that. Steffy laments to Liam that the video does not show what really happened or that much but Ivy is holding it over her head. If Steffy goes to the police it will be to turn Ivy in for blackmail. They need a night off, no more video, no more Ivy. Ridge is not interested in Caroline’s and Thomas’s silliness so Thomas hands him his designs. Ridge tells him he has not made a decision but he is definitely one step closer to being a FC designer. Thomas thanks him for at least not tearing up his designs.

Steffy thanks Liam for the pizza and making her laugh with his John Wayne impressions. Wyatt says he knows the answer already but what if…….what if Liam came back in two weeks and said he was through with Steffy and wanted Ivy back. She says that will never happen and kisses him. Wyatt says he will retract his question. They helped each other change. He felt second fiddle to Liam when it came to woman and even his father, but no more with her. She’s good and genuine, qualities he tries for but she has them. What Liam did was wrong but it gave her self confidence and he finds that sexy as hell. Thomas says he realizes he has a long way to go but it feels good to get Ridge’s respect. Ridge says that is all he wants, for him to be the best designer he can be and Caroline has helped with that. Thomas leaves while watching her run into Ridge’s arms and puts her legs around his body. After love making, Wyatt jokes that Ivy is moving up in the world by getting away from Liam and being with him. It’s good they found each other. They are kindred spirits with mother’s who dominate. She says she is not going to waste this video. Aly would want her to use it. And she was an underdog like they are; take what they deserve now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paige ran into Kyle and he let her know that he heard something about JJ from an older woman.  Agent Watts and Roman went to Jennifer's place because they heard a rumor that JJ was selling Meth at the Horton Center.  Hope told John that she's moved on with her life with Aiden.  Chad was hung over from drinking and he thought about Abby, Serena, and Stefano.  Jennifer was upset about the accusations about JJ.  Jennifer wanted JJ to stop going after Kyle. Paige met with Eve and accused her of telling Kyle the truth.  Eve advised Paige to stay away from them.  Paige wanted to know what Eve did.  Chad continued to think about the night before and wondered what he did.

JJ assured Jennifer that he would stop the rumors and Kyle before they ruined the chances of saving the Horton Center.  Eve lied and said she didn't do anything.  Paige warned Eve that she would answer to her if she did anything.  Aiden received a text from someone demanding to see him.  Watts warned Jennifer to lay low because a story about her and JJ went online.  Chad was at the town square and overheard Ben and Abby talking about their baby.  Eric was in the park and called Serena.  He noticed a phone ringing.  Eric found Serena dead in the bushes.  Julie and Maggie let Jennifer know about the article about JJ.  Jennifer decided to resign from the fundraiser.  Eric called Hope and told her that Serena was dead.  Paige ran into JJ to warn him about being careful with Kyle.  JJ wanted her to stay away from him for a while so she would be safe.  Paige wanted JJ to text her.  JJ walked away and Paige followed him.  Chad went back to the hotel to drink again.  He saw a news story about Serena being found in the park.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While the 3 murder suspects remain in custody, Kiki goes to confront Franco protesting to him that he is enabling Nina to get away with killing Kiki's dad. He tells her he knows Nina did not do it and reveals all the secrets to her including Silas being the one who kidnapped Avery and he let Nina get wrongfully accused. He also tells Kiki all about the secrets her mom has been keeping from everyone and all her schemes by playing Denise after committing murder and he tells Kiki just about everything except for the fact that her mother slept with Morgan. He hesitates because he's afraid of hurting her although she probes him to reveal the secret he is keeping about her mother and Morgan. Morgan goes to confront Ava about how she's betrayed him, as well as Kiki and he has no reason to trust her or believe she would not kill Silas just like she killed Connie. Yet she wants to see if she can manipulate him into having feelings for her like he once did. He tells Ava he loves her daughter and not her.

Julian attempts to get into the DA's office so he can remove the recording of Ava confessing to killing Connie in order to get his sister acquitted due to lack of the only evidence the DA has. However, he overhears Ric's phone conversation about how he wants to put both Julian and Ava away and confronts him telling him he knows the only reason Ric is now a prosecutor is to do Sonny's dirty work for him. Jordan tells her two detectives they need to "get on it" with the Silas Clay murder investigation, assuming that the murderer is one of the three people in custody. They surprise her however by arresting Ric for the murder of Silas. He protests to Dante and Nathan but they tell Ric they know all about his dealings. Meanwhile, Jordan finds Julian outside Ric's office and asks what he is up to. He still wants to get his hands on the recording but hasn't yet been able to do that. At the same time, Ric is equally unsuccessful in obtaining the papers that he and Madeline need Nina to sign so that they can take her money. Carly continues to urge Sonny to see the possibility that Morgan is genetically bi polar and that they have to take drastic action in getting their son urgent help before it's too late. Maxie talks to Dylan about possibly getting his films promoted with some of the contacts she has although she reminds him how he let her deceased sister down, years ago.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Sage get married at a small ceremony in the park with just Nick's children and Marisa and Kyle as their minister while Mariah feels excluded and hurt that Nick didn't invite her to his wedding. Mariah tells Kevin that it is hard for her to talk about how she grew up. She thanks Kevin for his understanding and tells him that someday she hopes to be able to open up to him about her past. Sharon can't stand keeping the miscarriage a secret from Dylan, but she is very afraid she will lose him. Noah worries that Sharon is on the verge of a bipolar episode, so he tells Dylan the signs for which he should watch. Nikki tells Victor that she suspects Neil was involved in Hilary's disappearance, so he offers to put his investigators to work to find out if Neil really went to the Canadian Rockies for a few days during Devon and Hilary's honeymoon.

The Virgin Gorda police want to take a sample of Hilary's DNA from her hairbrush to see if it matches the blood found on her shoe. Michael advises Devon to return home but he wants to look for Hilary, because he is afraid that she is hurt. Devon tries to leave his hotel room and is arrested for assaulting an officer. Sharon tells Mariah that she had a miscarriage, and she is scared to tell Dylan the truth. Adam promises Chelsea that they will return to Genoa City to make sure her company is safe from Victor, and then they will return to Paris to make it their home.

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