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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam demands Ivy to take one of two options; delete the video or give it to the police. He wants her to do the right thing and save Steffy from going to prison. He reminds her if she did turn the video into the police the entire Forrester family would villify her around here. Her life would never be the same. She holds up the phone again and says this image would suggest otherwise, that Steffy is guilty. Ridge knows something is wrong for Steffy to turn down being the face of Forrester and giving it to Ivy. He wants her to share her feelings so he can help. In Ridge’s apartment Caroline helps Thomas with a design and he moves closer to her but all he can think of is his kissing her previously. He explains about Steffy turning down the job as the face of Forrester. She is glad he can talk to her about this. Likewise Thomas is glad that she can talk to him candidly about wanting children and perhaps Ridge not wanting them.

Quinn looks confused and hopes Wyatt is not becoming cynical. She does not understand Ivy suddenly becoming the face of Forrester. Wyatt says she has been overlooked for a while and now Ivy is holding the winning ticket and he is going along for the ride. Steffy asks Ridge to please drop this, her mind is made up. Finally he says he will speak with Ivy and try to make her understand and they will find someone else. Steffy adamantly says no, it has to be Ivy. Quinn feels like Wyatt is up to something with Poison Ivy. She knows he charms people. He isn’t suspicious, he just wants to be happy. He explains that Ivy just got a promotion and he won’t be far behind. They have looked the other way far too many times. Ivy tells Liam that once again he is being super hero. She fell in the Seine and he rescued her and now he is doing the same with Steffy. Unlike him though, she knows the meaning of loyalty and she will not let Aly die in vain. She wants him to go home and confess to the police. Steffy belongs in a court room for what she did. Thomas is joking with Caroline about painting her as they look at Ridge’s drawing. She hopes Thomas does not mean nude. He says yeah from another angle and he is drawing a big old smiley face and both are laughing when Ridge walks in. Ivy doesn’t know which hurts more; Liam siding with Steffy or just not wanting to admit the truth about the video. Perhaps they do need an objective third party, the police. Steffy asks Liam how it went and he says not good, but he is not through with this yet. Wyatt is shocked that Liam didn’t take the bait, but then he is an idiot. Ivy wants to make a pact. They have been neglected and ignored and shoved aside and yet they hold the power. Wyatt says she deserves everything and holds the key to that door and it is time to open some. She wants the same for him and they kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve told Kyle that JJ was really working for the cops.  Kyle thought that she only said that because she hates him.  Kyle wanted proof that JJ was working for the police.  Chad and Serena continued to get drunk at TDB while Clyde watched them.  Eve played the recording of JJ confessing to working for the police for Kyle. Will talked to Marlena about Sonny leaving town and how his marriage was over.  John and Paul also ended up talking about Sonny leaving town.  Eve called someone to tell them about JJ being a drug dealer.

Marlena told Will that she and John were working their way back together.  Marlena advised Will to give Sonny time to work things out.  John and Paul regretted the time they lost together.  Chad wanted to keep drinking, but Serena couldnít afford to do it.  Chad let her know that the drinks were on the house and ended up kissing her.  Serena didnít want to keep kissing him, but he wanted to do it anyway.  Paige ran into Eve at the town square.  Eve wanted Paige to forgive her and warned her about dealing with JJ and Kyle.  Paige wanted to know if Eve did something.  Eve warned her what could happen if she kept dealing with JJ and Kyle.  Paige didnít want to hear what Eve had to say and walked away from her.  JJ went to Kyleís place and he wanted JJ to do something for him.  Kyle wanted JJ to test the drug shipment that he had coming.  Paul and Will ran into each other and got into an argument over Sonny.  Chad got a little rough with Serena and she ended up slapping him.  Serena left the club and Chad went after her.  Clyde continued to watch Chad as he stumbled out of the club.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Many people are running a race with time in order to accomplish certain things, uncover crucial information and unravel unsolved mysteries before it's too late. Ric is confident that he and Madeline will be able to successfully take Nina's money and get what they want when Nina is in jail. Yet Madeline informs him, for the first time that she did not get her daughter to sign the papers before Nina went to jail and the legal document are now in Nathan's possession. She urges Ric to use his power as DA to access the document although he has yet to accomplish that. Sonny is confident that Ava is going down for murder, out of his and everyone else's lives and will never get to see baby Avery again. She realizes, however, that won't happen if someone can destroy her taped confession that she killed Connie, from the DA's office. Julian wants to find a way to do that for her but has not yet succeeded.

Nina and Franco are together in adjoining cells both confident they could beat the charges knowing what Madeline and Ric are up to in order to get Nina's money. She's confident that Nathan will get to the bottom of that and exonerate both and and Franco. Nathan and Dante are still unable to conclude whether Silas' killer is Nina, Franco, Ava or possibly someone else. Nathan however, comes across a clue regarding a new suspect which he hesitates to reveal to Dante. Morgan suddenly concludes that he and Kiki have to go away together where they won't be found. Yet she finds it kind of odd that he'd want that when he can see they are clearly divided about Ava, knowing she defends her mom and he wants to believe Ava killed Silas. He clearly does not want his girlfriend to know he slept with her mom and there may very well be something far more serious he wants to escape from.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Sage and Nick decide to get married tonight with only themselves and his children in attendance. Noah worries how Sharon will take the news. He and Marisa go to the coffee house to tell her. Sharon is offended that Noah thought she would freak out. Later, she has a nightmare about Dylan and the baby she lost. Chelsea agrees to start a new life with Adam in Paris and they buy a house. Victor and Jack call a meeting to go over the specifics of the dissolution of Newman/Abbott. Abby decides to stay on at Newman. Victor says he wants to keep Chelsea by Jabot under the Newman umbrella. Unhappy about this, Billy calls Chelsea, who doesn't know what she's going to do. She never wanted to go back to Genoa City. Adam urges her to fight for the company she built. Jack decides to make Ashley co-CEO. Nick announces to his family that he is getting married but keeping it small. Kyle, an internet-ordained minister, will perform the ceremony.

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