Tuesday 8/25/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/25/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy tells Steffy she had a choice. She had a choice that night when she murdered Aly. Stop lying about it, they have the proof on the video. She owns her now. And as long as this video exists she always will. Once again Steffy tries to convince her it was self defense but Ivy tells her that her charmed life is over. Liam tells Thomas that Ivy is blackmailing Steffy with the video, that is damning enough, but is not the whole story. Ridge walks up and tells them Steffy is insisting she give up the face of Forrester to Ivy. Thomas says it is not that big a deal. Wyatt tells Quinn that no woman has ever stood up to her like Ivy, but she needs to get over that. She can not even believe that he is now hooked up with Ivy and gave up on Steffy too soon. He needs to keep his dukes up and not throw in the towel so soon. Do not let Liam win all the time. She says where there is a will, there is a way. He deserves his moment. He says maybe he and Ivy will get their chance. They are taking things slow. She has a lot to handle with losing Aly so cut her some slack. It is getting hard losing to his brother.

Thomas is sure Steffy has her reasons for turning down the face of Forrester job. Steffy says she did not want Aly to die and she reacted the same as Ivy would have. And what does that say about Ivy. She pulled over and only took a video instead of helping. Steffy tells her to let this go and let Aly rest in peace. Ivy says she has looked at the video over and over and not once has she seen Steffy’s version. She has been played the fool too many times and she will not believe Steffy again. Ivy gloats to Wyatt and Quinn that she is the new face. She thinks that is amazing. Ridge feels something else is going on with Steffy and what is it with Ivy wanting to be the face. Thomas would tell him if he knew something. He thinks there is more to the story and he thinks Thomas knows what it is. Steffy confides in Liam that she can not tell her father, so she lets Ivy win. She would have been honored but she does not care about the job. Now Ivy is holding it over her head for the rest of her life. She has seen the video now and she knows how guilty she looks…..and now Ivy says she owns her. Liam says he is done, they will not let this go on. He charges out. Ridge finds Steffy and asks her the real reason. He’s her dad and they have always been straight with each other. She says it is stressful and she does not need to stretch things. And Ivy is an okay choice. Aly’s death devastated her and Ridge tells her not to blame herself. She says others are. This will haunt her for the rest of her life. Liam finds Ivy and congratulates her. He sees a sapphire and says he used to think of her that way, brilliant and bright….but then Steffy came back, and the immigration issue and it did change things…..the changes he has seen in her. Darker, and colder, Quinn must be rubbing off on her. Blackmail is not who she is. They all feel terrible but no more than Steffy and look how she is using her for a bargaining chip. Ivy says his girlfriend has to pay for this. It is not up to him. When he has heard enough he calls her bluff. He tells her fine, go to the police and let the secret out….or she can delete the video. It’s her choice.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady caught Xander "attacking" Theresa.  Brady punched him when he saw it.  Xander denied hurting Theresa.  Xander couldn't believe that Brady would believe that he did that. Victor walked in on Brady fighting Xander.  Abby and Will talked about Chad and how he told her the truth about the inheritance.  Will noticed how Abby talked about Chad and thought she was still in love with him.  Chad was getting drunk because of his argument with Stefano.  Ben walked up to Chad and they had a small, but tense conversation about Abby.  After Ben walked away, Serena arrived at the club.  Serena saw Chad drinking and joined him.  Chad didn't notice that Ben and Clyde were watching them.  Will advised Abby to stay away from Chad.  Rafe let Hope know he was going to try to get back on the force.  Hope pretended not to care, but she was actually excited for him.  Rafe noticed the file she had on Clyde on her desk.  Hope let Rafe know that she didn't have anything on him so she was going to shred the file.  Aiden made a mysterious call to someone about Clyde.  Hope showed up at Aiden's office while he was shredding files on Clyde.

Xander wanted Victor to help him, but he didn't want to do it.  Abby thought Ben and the baby were the most important people to her.  Abby and Will talked about Sonny.  Will thought that Sonny went to Paris to get away from him.  Chad told Serena that he was practically disowned by Stefano and continued drinking. Ben let Clyde know that Abby went to see Chad.  Clyde was surprised by that news.  Clyde realized that she must have given him bad news since he looked upset and he was drinking.  Xander was arrested for assault and attempted rape.  Abby was hoping to run into Chad since she was looking at his picture on her phone, but Ben showed up.  She acted as if she was happy to see him.  Rafe walked into the office and saw Hope and Aiden kissing. Rafe was uncomfortable, but he tried to hide it.  Aiden let Rafe know that Gabi's appeal was coming up.  Aiden is going to help Gabi get out of jail now that Arianna needs a mother.  After Hope left, Aiden congratulated Rafe on getting back on the force.  Aiden also let Rafe know that he hoped that his feelings for Hope didn't get in the way of him being back on the force.  Theresa asked Brady to go out to lunch, but he rejected her.  Brady said nothing changed between them. Aiden was okay with Rafe having feelings for Hope.  Aiden did let Rafe know that he planned on proposing to Hope.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Paul talks to Tracy about promoting Dillon's new film, investing money in him, and it appears he might want Tracy back. Yet they know they are both on the rebound with her losing Luke and him losing Jenny, recently. Dillon is spending a lot of time with Lulu at the Haunted Star, although she's encouraging him to date Valerie. Valerie has discovered that she's pregnant and has to keep it a secret from Dante and everyone else, as it's obvious that there is only one way for that to have happened, in her one sexual encounter with Dante.

Everybody is shocked to find out that Scott Baldwin has revealed that Ava is alive and has been falsely passing herself off as Denise. Sonny and Carly are on the warpath with her knowing what she's done to Morgan and the fact that she's gotten away with murdering Connie. Dante is on board with that and wants to charge her with not only Connie's murder but Silas as well. However, she has been able to implicate Nina with the picture she took of her sitting over Silas with a knife. At that point, Franco falsely confesses to the murder of Silas although no one believes him, in order to protect Nina from having to go to prison. Yet it causes more confusion for the cops, both Ric and Scott and everyone else, not knowing what to do with the 3 suspects in the murder investigation.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon sits alone on the steps and remembers her talk with her doctor, who told her that she lost her baby, but she could conceive again. Faith comes running downstairs and reminds that the baby shower for Sage is today. Dylan joins Paul in his office and tells him that he will not be joining the force after all, because he wants to concentrate all his energy on Sharon and Faith and the new baby. At the Underground, Nick and Sage find out from the others that Harding was behind the murders. Victor joins the group at the Underground bearing gifts for the baby. Lily and Michael join Devon in Virgin Gorda. Devon fills Michael in on what has been happening. Michael leaves to talk to the police. Lily asks Devon for answers about what happened between him and Hilary. Sage lets Nick know that she wants to be part of a big family. Victor gives Sage her gift for the baby which is a share of Newman stock. At the Athletic Club, Lauren and Cane discuss what has been happening between Hilary and Devon and how Hilary is missing. Cane joins Neil and Nikki and tells them that Hilary is missing. Lily asks Devon if he thinks that Hilary has run off. Devon lashes out at Lily for thinking he is a “murderer.” Michael goes to the cliffs with a police officer to discuss Hilary’s disappearance. Devon fills Lily in on what all happened when they first got here. Neil calls Devon and offers to come to Virgin Gorda but he declines his help. Noah asks Victor to welcome Marisa as his girlfriend, but he is evasive about his answer. Dylan rejoins Sharon and wants to know if she told Faith the news. Faith comes running downstairs and into Dylan’s arms. Dylan sees tears in Sharon’s eyes and asks her as to why she's crying.

Lily asks Devon if Neil is coming to Virgin Gorda but Devon tells her no. Colin sits at the bar and listens to their conversation about Hilary. Sharon lets Dylan know how much Faith loves him even from the very beginning. Victoria urges Abby to stay at Newman since Victor made her COO. All the Newmans and Abbotts gather for the baby shower but they're quite put out when Sharon, Dylan, and Faith arrive. Nick and Sage discuss how much their baby will be loved. Paul and Victor have a talk about Mark Harding. Paul asks Victor if he had any dealings with Marco. Victor denies it. Lily thinks Colin is responsible for Hilary’s disappearance and even calls him to inquire about it. Colin denies having anything to do with it. Sharon reveals to everyone that she and Dylan are engaged. Neil and Colin discuss Hilary being missing. Neil remembers hearing someone scream after Hilary left him on the cliffs. Michael returns to the room and gives Lily and Devon an update on Hilary. Devon reveals to Michael that he may have slept with one of the hookers during his bachelor party. After Sharon leaves the party, Noah and Dylan go in search of her.

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