Monday 8/24/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/24/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam says he does not believe for a moment that it did not happen the way Steffy said, but the video does not show the rock at all. Steffy says there is no excuse for blackmail. She did not kill Aly on purpose yet that is what Ivy is doing. Steffy says she does not care about the video anymore, let the chips fall where they may. She will not let Ivy control her life. Ridge walks in and wants to know what is happening. Ivy has issues with Quinn as she feels she is trying to give instructions as her boss. Ivy reminds her that Quinn was fired and Ivy took over only for Quinn to be re-instated again. Wyatt fills Quinn in that it is now face of Forrester between Ivy and Steffy. Quinn says she would pick Steffy with all her experience. Wyatt says Ivy to keep Steffy out of the limelight with the police investigation. Deacon walks in and hears the racket too and wants to know what is happening. Ivy and Thomas join the meeting and Liam assumes he has been called in on this too. Ridge says they need to choose the new face of FC. He appreciates Ivy stepping up to help while Maya is on honeymoon but he is going to choose Steffy. Wyatt tells him that the press is not just going away. Ridge says he knows, but Steffy knows how to handle the press. Ivy says she thinks Ridge is making a big mistake, one that he will regret. Steffy wishes to speak to Ivy alone.

Quinn fills Deacon in on the prima donna from down under. She remembers when she was really nice. She only asked her to tweak a few pieces and she totally blew a gasket. Ivy says surprise, surprise. Ridge chose his daughter over her, just another thing that Steffy took away from her. She says she wants justice for Aly while Steffy is just helping herself. Steffy says no, Ivy is using Aly now to take over more of the company. Ivy tells her she is not going to get away with this anymore….first Liam, then the face of FC and does not want to be held responsible even for Aly’s death… more. Wyatt tells his mom and Deacon that Ivy is not going down without a fight. Ridge will also be surprised. Quinn tells Wyatt that he better reign his girlfriend in or she will do it for him. Ridge tells Thomas that Steffy is the new face and he expects him and Ivy to support that. Steffy says she will regret all of this the rest of her life but she will not let Ivy blackmail her, she wants to see the video. When she does, Ivy points out there is no rock, she attacked Aly and killed her. Thomas tells Liam they have to stop Ivy, but how? Ridge comes in and Steffy says she has changed her mind. She thinks Ivy should be the new face. She has enough on her plate and can not add any more. Ivy looks pleased. Wyatt tells his mom that she does not want to get on Ivy’s bad side now, she is over-reacting. They all need to chill out right now. And let the chips fall. Steffy tells Ivy she is not judge and jury. Ivy says the video shows she is a murderer and as long as she is around here, she owns her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben surprised Abby with a Vegas wedding.  She made jokes about it, but he did want to marry her in Vegas. Chad didn't understand why Stefano needed him to be with Abby for property.  Stefano wanted the property and he reminded Chad to be with the woman he loves. Nicole arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to serve Xander a summons.  She sued him for what he did to her. He didn't have time to prepare for the case because it was for that day.  Abby confronted Ben about telling Chad they were moving.  Ben apologized, but wanted to get married soon.  Abby thought Ben was embarrassed that she was pregnant and thought people would talk about her.  Ben talked himself out of that situation.  Abby wanted to get married in Salem with her family and friends with her.  Chad admitted to Stefano that it's hard for him to accept that Abby's with Ben.  Stefano told Chad that he wanted to be with Abby, but Chad let him know that Abby was over him.  Stefano didn't believe it so Chad wanted to prove it to him. Abby was planning her wedding with Ben when Chad called.  Chad wanted to see her so she lied and made up an excuse to see him. Nicole explained why she filed the civil suit against Xander. Nicole rubbed it in that she didn't need proof of his wrongdoings with a civil suit.  Ben used his tracker to find out where Abby went.  Abby showed up to see Chad.  Chad wanted to explain everything to her.

Nicole served Serena with a summons to meet her in court too.  Nicole wanted to sue Serena and Xander for money for almost killing her.  Later on, Xander ran into Serena and Eric and they got into an argument over the lawsuit. Chad told Abby that Stefano wanted them together because of the fortune she was inheriting.  Abby didn't understand what Chad meant.  Ben followed Abby to the DiMera mansion, but he hid outside.  Chad explained to Abby that she was going to inherit land.  Abby was surprised and let him know that she wasn't going to part with it.  Chad let Abby know that Stefano wanted them to be together because of the property.  Chad told her the truth about everything and let her know that she wasn't going to deal with anyone from the DiMera family anymore.  Abby ended up telling Chad that she's pregnant.  Chad wanted to know if the baby was his and she let him know that the baby is Ben's. Chad was hurt by the news, but he congratulated her.  Abby walked out, but overheard Stefano yell at Chad for telling Abby the truth.  Theresa wanted Xander to make love to her until Brady came home.  She slapped Xander and told him to get off of her.  Brady pulled Xander off of her.  Chad and Stefano argued and Stefano threw Chad out.  Theresa wanted to call the cops on Xander. 

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

During the murder investigation of Silas, everybody admits they are confused as to who the real killer is. Although many assume and want it to be Franco, Nathan admits to Maxie that it appears otherwise. Sam also informs Alexis that she does not want an innocent person to go down for the murder of a man who was important in hers' and Danny's lives and she also doubts it's Franco. Sonny and Carly have similar opinions yet she keeps reminding Sonny of the possibility that Morgan is bi polar, with his pattern of impulsive behaviors and could have inadvertently killed Silas when Silas threatened to expose Morgan and Denise's affair to Kiki.

It's clear, for that reason that Ava also has means, motive and opportunity to kill Silas after he's threatened to not only expose her affair with Morgan but to also reveal that she is alive, wanted for the murder of Connie and falsifying her identity as Denise. In the courtroom, Scott is determined to save his son from a murder charge and he wonders why Franco does not want him exposing Ava in the courtroom as well as the fact that it seems Ava is unusually "calm" after he's exposed and proven who she is to everyone. Doing this, however, has motivated her to present the picture she took of Nina sitting over Silas' dead body with a knife, to the courtroom. When Franco realizes this will likely send Nina to prison, he stands up and confesses to the court that he killed Silas although no one believes him and they know he's only doing it to save Nina.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Paul shoots Detective Harding before he can shoot Dylan, but Harding dies before he can tell Paul and Dylan that he works for Marco. The cabin group and Sharon watch all the drama on Kevin's computer. Sharon is so alarmed that Dylan almost died that she starts having cramps. When she goes to the doctor later, he informs her that she has lost the baby. Victor and Jack decide to send Marco back to the prison in Peru, since they can't go to the police for fear that they both will land in jail. Victor wants to send Marisa back to Peru as well, but Jack persuades him that she deserves a chance at a normal life. Marisa promises to keep her mouth shut about Marco being Jack's imposter, and Victor tells her that if she ever tells the truth about what happened, he will send her back to Peru.

Kevin still suspects there is more to Harding's story, but the rest of the cabin group persuades him to let things go, because they are all finally safe. Abby tells Stitch that she needs some space to think about their relationship, since he can't open up to her about things that are important to him. Stitch opens up to Abby about his son and how much it hurts to be apart from him.  Abby decides to give their relationship another shot and asks Stitch to move back home with  her. Dylan tells Sharon that he has decided not to be a cop, because he is afraid that something will happen to him, and he doesn't want to leave her and the baby because his family is more important to him. Sharon can't find the words to tell Dylan she lost the baby especially after he asks her to marry him. 

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