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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy tells Liam that he has seen it for himself. He has seen the video and it was murder. Steffy can cry self defense all she wants, but Aly was just standing there doing nothing and Steffy tried to kill her. She tried to kill her and doesn’t even care. Liam disagrees. Caroline is aghast that Thomas is saying the night was videoed by Ivy and the interpretation is open for discussion. But he is not going to let his sister get railroaded for something she did not do intentionally. There was a tire iron and Steffy used that in her defense. Also a rock was involved and Aly fell and hit her head on. And isn’t it rich that Ivy now wants to be the new face of FC. Thomas warns Caroline to keep this to herself, but especially not to tell his father. And Steffy is not the only woman he is worried about. There is Caroline too because she is with his father. He’s not cynic but has had a front row seat most of his life with the way his father operates around women. Katie tells Ridge that she is not surprised that he wants Caroline. She is young and beautiful and certainly in love with him. But she knows she wants children so how is Ridge going to be with that. He says they are just now starting their life together and maybe she will not want to give up all of that to start a family. Katie is not sure she will outgrow that desire. Thomas tells Caroline that he confided in her, now she can return the favor. Is she completely happy with his dad. She tries to skirt around it but he pushes and he finally asks if she wants to start a family and perhaps his dad doesn’t. He hates to see his dad put her on the spot. He is sure his dad does not want another family and he does not want to see her being hurt because of that. Ivy tells Wyatt that she is glad that Liam has now seen the video as now maybe he will see Steffy in a brand new light. She knows Steffy committed murder and Steffy knows it. She does not think there is any way that Liam can condone what he saw. It is criminal and Steffy should feel responsible.

Steffy is on eggshells until Liam comes in. She is glad he saw the video and it will show her defending herself. He doesn’t speak for a minute but then says it is really bad. Steffy goes over the details again. He tells her there is no rock shown. With just the tire iron it looks bad. She does not know how that could be. Liam says she needs to rethink this and tell everyone what really happened. Wyatt and Ivy lay in bed, Liam and Steffy do the same. He says Wyatt and Ivy are not objective and they are just lashing out, but they have the video now to contend with. Steffy says she is so appreciative that Liam believes her. She realizes Ivy could hurt her in trying to get justice for Aly. He says he will not let Ivy get back at her because she is mad at Steffy. This is a very serious matter. He believes her and will not leave her. He laments that no matter what it takes he needs to make sure no one sees that video. Wyatt jokingly tells Ivy to put that phone down. They are not going to concentrate on that now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John talked to Rafe and noticed that he had feelings for Hope.  Rafe denied his feelings for her.  He was just worried about her and Ciara.  Victor visited Caroline at the hospital.  They talked about old times and it seemed to make Caroline feel better. John wanted to make things up to Marlena because they've been through too much together.  John wanted to have Rafe's club to himself so he could make things up to Marlena.  Hope and Aiden went to her house and she wanted to make sure that everything was secure.  They started talking and expressed their love for each other.  She noticed Aiden's bruised rib and got worried again.  Eve overheard Jennifer and JJ talking about him being in the DEA.  Eve also heard them talking about Paige knowing about him being in the DEA.  Caroline continued to talk to Victor about losing her memory and how he was there for her. Marlena wanted to know if John was going to work for the ISA.  John decided to turn down the job to be with her.  Marlena wanted John to take the job.  They started dancing at the club.

Clyde showed up at Hope's place looking for Aiden.  Maggie understood that Victor was spending time with her because she's important to him and she's a great friend.  Maggie decided to sit with Caroline and they talked.  Caroline was happy that Victor was with Maggie and not the other women he was with in the past.  Aiden told Clyde that he didn't tell what he did.  Aiden planned on getting amnesia.  Clyde wanted to make sure that he wasn't lying about that.  Clyde threatened to hurt Chase if Aiden talked to the police.  Rafe saw John's planner after he and Marlena left the club.  Rafe noticed that John had has last day written in the planner.  JJ expressed his feelings for Paige to Jennifer while Eve listened.  Eve was determined to keep JJ from making things right with Paige.  Rafe called Roman and wanted to know if eh could get back on the force.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

At Franco's trial, Scott calls "Denise DeMuccio" to the stand. Using insinuation Ava manages to let Franco know that she will give the police the photo of Nina standing over Silas' body with a knife if he implicates her in anything. Scott questions "Denise" about the call she made to Silas the day he was killed and his visit to her the same day. She claims she wasn't home. Then Scott brings up a DNA test proving that she's really Ava. Julian talks to Alexis about his sister but doesn't divulge that he knows Denise is really Ava. Alexis assures him she believes in him. While Sonny assures Avery that she'll grow up in a perfect world, Olivia pops in and agrees with Sonny not to let "Denise" near Avery, just like Julian won't mess with her child.

Nathan visits Nina at ShadyBrook and learns that her mother is trying to gain control of her money. He counsels his sister not to sign the papers Madeline left and takes them with him. Nina tells him that it was Silas who kidnapped Avery but won't say who killed Silas. Nathan urges Nina not to go to the trial. Madeline goes for a drink at the Metro Court where she has a talk with Carly, commiserating on how tough it is to get other people to do what you want them to, especially their children. Michael shares with Sabrina his talk with his parents and not wanting to go to their upcoming wedding, because Sonny broke his word and killed his biological father. When Sabrina wonders if Sonny's mental illness led him to do something he couldn't control, Michael mentions that Carly thinks Morgan is also bipolar.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

A member of the team searching for Hilary brings news that a woman heard a scream and found a room key that opens the bridal suite. An officer interrogates Devon, thinking he might actually know where Hilary is. An eyewitness says he saw Hilary arguing with a man. The officer implies that it was Devon. Jack leaves Marisa in charge of guarding Marco in his absence. Marco tries to persuade Marisa into letting him go but she doesn't believe anything he says. Jack goes to Victor and tells him that Marco has to go and Victor needs to take care of it. Phyllis hears that Marco is at the Abbott cabin. She holds a knife to Marco's throat but drops it, saying she isn't that person anymore. Jack comes in and grabs the knife. Marisa tells him to put it down, Marco isn't worth it. Jack puts it down as Victor arrives. Victor says Jack made the right choice. Harding tells Noah that he didn't kill Courtney, then takes off. He goes to the Athletic Club seemingly to meet someone for a passport. At the station, Kevin tracks him down and Dylan goes after Harding. Summer tells Sharon that Dylan involved himself in the investigation so they go to the station. They watch through the surveillance camera on Kevin's computer helplessly as Harding pulls a gun on Dylan. Paul shows up with his own gun but lowers it when Harding threatens to shoot Dylan. Dylan tries to grab Harding's gun and a shot is fired. Sharon collapses, sobbing.

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