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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Steffy that she may feel responsible but he knows she is not a serial killer. Ivy tells Wyatt that she was just blowing off steam about Liam. She does not want him back. She is not that big a fool. She told Liam to go see Steffy and get the real story from her. Wyatt says she will tell him. Ivy says no, she will lie. He disagrees as both of them know too much. If Steffy tells the truth Liam will go all moral on her and come sniffing around Ivy’s door again….and saying he is sorry and still loves her. That is what always happens and he is not going to do that dance with him anymore. She swears she did not have an ulterior motive. She just wanted Liam to hear it directly from Steffy. Bill calls off lunch with Katie and she runs into Ridge who convinces her to sit down with him. He says he is the boss and he is not slacking off. Thomas wants to tell Caroline something but is afraid she will have to keep it from Ridge. She says that is okay. She does not have to tell him every little conversation she has if it does not concern him. He laments that Steffy is being blackmailed for something she did not do. And Ivy has the video. Liam wonders out loud to Steffy why he is just now hearing all these details. How is it possible that Aly fell and hit her head and then died. Steffy admits that she hit at Aly blindly and did not know when she talked to the police if it connected or not. She thought she was telling the police the truth. But now Ivy says differently. And she has a video and is threatening to use it against her. No one can imagine how or why Ivy did that. She admits she has not seen it but Wyatt says it looks really bad. He wonders why Wyatt is even involved in this and she explains Ivy asked him not to delete it. Liam says Wyatt has to be behind this as Ivy would not be using leverage like this. Steffy says she definitely will not sit still and let Ivy blackmail her. Liam tells her to trust him. He will find a way to see the video. Ridge confides that he is still working that delicate balance of trying to support Thomas and encouraging him in his designs too. They have been through some rough patches but the good news he did not inherit his own father’s paranoia in thinking that his oldest son is gonna steal something from him. Katie says Thomas is probably just trying to protect his sister whose nerves of steel must be rattled about now. Katie gets around to asking about Caroline. Ridge confides she has problems still with her legs and he is afraid she has lost some strength and is afraid of bumping into things or falling. Katie says if he thinks his son and Caroline are whispering behind his back it is probably just this, about her health.

Liam charges into Wyatt’s house while he and Ivy are canoodling on the couch. Wyatt chastises him for not practicing his own proponent of knocking first. Liam apologizes but says it is kind of hard when no one will tell you what you want to know. Wyatt jokes that they should have picked out a card in the “I’m dating your brother” in the greeting card section. Liam assures them that both deserve to be happy and they should do just that…..except for crime. Perhaps they will stay just this side of criminal. That video could be blackmail and he demands to see it. He accuses Ivy of her silence being worth her being the new face of FC. Ivy laments she would not be at FC long if it were up to Steffy. She came back to town, took her boyfriend and makes herself their boss. She has everything now. Aly is dead so why is Liam defending Steffy? Liam reminds her if this is justice for Aly, this is not the way to do it. He looks at the video and says he needs to be convinced. Ivy says he may call that self defense; she calls it murder.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena wanted to know when John planned on telling her that he was going back to the ISA.  Rafe let Clyde know that he was going back to the force.  Aiden lied to Hope about what happened to him.  Hope wanted to report it, but Aiden didn't want Hope to report it.  Paige wanted JJ to give her answers about why he's working with the DEA.  JJ let Paige know that she wouldn't be able to change Kyle.  Paige threw up in JJ's face that he hurt her worse than Kyle ever could.  JJ said he loved her too much to let Kyle destroy her.  Marlena wanted to know why John wanted to go back to the ISA.  John explained how he tried to do other things, but they didn't work.  Aiden lied to Hope and the cop about what happened to him.  Clyde and Rafe ended up arguing about what Clyde's doing in Salem. JJ let Paige know that Kyle has a gun.  JJ wanted Paige to stay away from Kyle.  Paige thought JJ wanted her back in his life.  John and Marlena arrived at the hotel and saw what happened to Aiden.  John wanted to get the security footage and Aiden went ballistic. 

 Paige let JJ know that she would never take him back.  He knew that she cared about him or she would have told Kyle he was in his apartment.  Aiden apologized for snapping at them.  Rafe let Clyde know that he planned on arresting him.  Aiden told Hope know that Clyde was clean.  John was suspicious about what happened to Aiden.  Marlena wondered why John needed to go back to the ISA.  Marlena didn't want to lose John again.  Paige told JJ she would never get over what he did to her.  Kyle called JJ and told him to meet him at his apartment.  Aiden didn't want to talk about Clyde anymore.  John and Marlena showed up at the club and told Rafe what happened to Aiden.  Hope wanted Aiden to come home with her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny tells Carly that if Morgan has Bipolar, he inherited it from him, which makes it his fault. Carly thinks that Bipolar or not, Morgan’s behavior has been erratic and he needs to see a psychiatrist. Michael goes to Carly’s house looking for Lucas to have him sign the contract to work at the AJ Quartermaine Memorial Clinic. Carly tells Michael that she and Sonny have set a date and wonders if he will come to their wedding. He says he doesn’t think he can go. Carly tells Michael about his concern for Morgan. Michael tells Carly that he saw Morgan acting strangely at the Metro Court one night. They figure out that it was the same night that Silas Clay was killed. Ric calls Morgan to the stand. Scott objects because Morgan was not on the witness list. The judge allows it. Morgan testifies that Franco came to the door while he was in Kiki’s apartment and that he threatened to kill him with a butcher knife. Morgan lies under oath and says Franco was there because he was angry with Silas. He further lies that he didn’t come forward because Franco said he would kill him if he did.

Nina frets that Franco is going to go down for a crime that he didn’t commit because he is protecting her, even though she didn’t commit the crime either. She decides that the only hope is to expose Denise DiMuccio as Ava Jerome. ON her way out of Shadybrook to go the court, Nina runs into Madeline, who stops her from leaving. Nina blurts out that Franco didn’t kill Silas; Ava did. Madeline reminds her that Ava is dead. Nina says she got confused. Madeline tries to get Nina to sign some papers. Nina refuses to sign it without reading it first. Denise reveals her true identity to Julian. He asks her if she had anything to do with Silas’s murder. She denies it. He doesn’t believe her. She tells him that she needs him to help her get the recording of her confession to Connie Falconeri’s murder so that she can drop the Denise DiMucco persona. She tells him that he can drop the reformed mobster act and they can rule Port Charles together. Julian sticks to his story that he is out of the mob. A process server knocks on Julian’s door with a subpoena for Denise DiMuccio. Scott calls Denise to the stand as a witness for the defense.

Molly notices that TJ is adjusting very well to the kind of lifestyle afforded by living with Sonny. She says she hopes it isn’t too rude an awakening when he resumes dorm life in two weeks. He tells her that he doesn’t see a reason to move into the dorms when he can stay at Sonny’s house. Molly wonders if she is not reason enough. She is also concerned that TJ will get hurt by being in the middle of some mob activity because someone is after Sonny. Sonny hears Molly telling TJ that people get hurt because of him. Philly tells Sonny that they have eyes on Julian and are ready to make a move whenever Sonny gives the word. Sonny tells him to wait until Julian makes a mistake while the commissioner is watching him. Sonny wonders if Molly is right that everyone he loves gets hurt because of him. He wonders if it is his fault that both of his son’s lives are a mess.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack arrives at the Abbott cabin and comes face to face with Marco. At the Coffeehouse, Noah tells Kevin and Mariah that Marisa went for supplies and never returned. Summer walks in and tells them that she remembers everything and that Mark Harding was at the cabin the night that Austin was killed. Mark and Dylan question Victor about the shooting. Devon starts to awaken and hears a knock at the door. It is a woman bringing him medicine for his upset stomach. Neil and Hilary come face to face. Hilary starts to back away, but he stops her and tells her to be careful that she doesn’t fall. Hilary asks Neil why he is here. He stalls for a few minutes but then reveals all to her that Devon has been unfaithful to her ever since his bachelor party. Summer reveals to the others that she saw everything that happened at the cabin the night that Austin was killed and Mark Harding was responsible. Noah wants to go see Harding but Kevin stops him. Mark and Dylan tell Victor that there are no new leads in the shooting that occurred in his office. Devon calls Hilary to tell her that he is feeling better and will be joining her. Hilary refuses to look at the video on the phone and instead throws the phone in the bushes. Neil retrieves it and shows it to Hilary. Kevin talks Noah out of confronting Harding or so he thinks.

Hilary tells Neil to leave but he refuses. After looking at the video footage, Hilary leaves herself. Dylan accuses Victor of luring Jack and Phyllis to his office so they would be shot. Kevin lets Dylan know what Summer remembers about Harding being in the cabin the night that Austin was murdered. Jack demands to know from Marco why he wanted his life. Jack declares that he will put an end to this and leaves. Marco urges Marisa to release him. Devon goes in search of Hilary but cannot find her. Summer apologizes to both Mariah and Noah for not remembering this sooner. Noah goes in search of Harding. Victor calls Paul about Dylan and Harding’s accusations. Jack, acting like Marco, confronts Victor and wants him to make things right about the things he has done but Victor sees through him and says, ”Nice try, Jack.” Noah listens to a conversation that Harding has with someone one the phone. Noah walks into the office to confront Harding and he pulls a gun on Noah. Marco tries to make Marisa believe that Jack and Victor will turn their backs on her. Dylan questions Summer about what she remembers. Summer swears that she will take a lie detector test to prove she is telling the truth. The police arrive at Devon’s hotel room and lets him know that he has news on his wife.

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