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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy thanks Wyatt for bringing her coffee the next morning. He says it is almost as sexy with her putting his clothes on as in taking them off. He does not mind them being late for work; they can tell all they had a breakfast meeting. She tells him how lucky he is that he did not delete that video. He says it is still there because she asked him not to. At the meeting Steffy is clearly distracted when they ask her about Lt. Baker questioning her. She says it is no story; she has taken care of it…..everything is under control. Liam is surprised this is the first he is hearing about it. She jokes that he was more interested in the hotdog they gave him at lunch than about Aly, so nothing to worry about. They didn’t even get started when Steffy said there was something she needed to take care of and needed to go; it would not take long. Ridge tells the others that for some reason Steffy is on Baker’s radar and he wants to know why. Steffy shows up at Wyatt’s and says he knows why she is there. She demands to know if he deleted the video. He admits that no he didn’t. Ivy is hurting. She was the closest to Aly as anyone. Steffy says Ivy is blackmailing her, also Wyatt. He is lashing out at Steffy because she chose Liam over him. They both feel like they got a raw deal but this is not a game she is playing. She realizes this video could get her in real trouble with Ivy going behind her back and spreading these rumors. She is innocent. Aly attacked her and she defended herself. The video is dangerous and does not show what really happened.

Liam and Ivy argue what really happened. She says that is not what she saw and she was there. He admits that he knows she is still angry at him for choosing Steffy over her and he is sorry for that, but that does not change this outcome. She says fine, he chose Steffy and now he gets her and all her secrets so he can go ask her exactly what happened. Ivy goes back to Wyatt’s and he is glad she is going to play hooky. She says no, but Liam was there and got her all riled up. Steffy was the one who came back into town and broke them up yet Ivy is the one who is now suddenly vicious. But Liam hasn’t seen the video and Steffy hasn’t mentioned it either. Wyatt reminds her they have talked about this and she needs to let Steffy deal with this in her own way. Ivy arrives at FC and runs into Liam. She asks if Steffy sent him to talk to her as she knows that would be awkward. First Steffy takes Liam from her and now wants his help with Ivy in a jam. He wants to know what sort of jam Steffy is in. Ivy says she assumed he would know. She says she is not enjoying this but he needs to know his precious little Steffy is not as blameless as she claims. Steffy goes back to the office and Liam is surprised that she left the meeting to go see Wyatt. She says she went to see him about his new girlfriend. Someone needs to remind her that Steffy is the boss and she needs to be shown respect. She laments she would have asked Liam but Ivy is not exactly warm and fuzzy toward him either. She’s just jealous. Steffy says they all know what happened and they need to put it behind them. Liam says no, Ivy thinks something else happens. She did not come out and say it but she does think that Steffy is responsible and he knows she is not.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Clyde went to Aidenís hotel room to beat him up.  Hope talked to Julie about Bo abandoning his family.  Rafe talked to John about wanting to stop Hope from investigating Clyde. John thought Rafe should be back on the force.  JJ was in Kyleís place, but he managed not to see him. Kyle asked Paige if she saw anything.  Paige saw JJ, but she didnít tell Kyle that she saw him.  Paige tried to come up with a reason for why his safe was open.  Kyle didnít believe it.  He wanted to search the entire apartment to look for the person who did it.  Hope and Julie continued to talk about Bo walking out on their family and how Aiden doesnít keep anything from her.  Aiden told Clyde that he had information on him.  Clyde threatened to kill him, Hope, or anyone he cared about if he didnít keep quiet.  Aiden and Clyde continued to fight.

Julie was happy that Hope found love again.  Clyde threatened Aiden again and warned him to keep quiet about what he knows.  Paige let Kyle know that she wanted to take things slow with him.  Kyle wanted her to leave his apartment so she kissed him again.  JJ managed to slip out of the apartment so Paige stopped kissing Kyle.  Julie ran into Marlena and she advised her on what to do about John. Hope wanted to know whatís going on with Rafe.  He told Hope that John suggested getting back on the force.  While Marlena was waiting for John, she received a call from Roman.  Rafe finally agreed to go back on the force. Hope was so happy about his news.  Aiden ransacked the hotel to make it look like he was robbed and attacked by a stranger.  Paige saw JJ while he was on the phone with Agent Watts.  She heard what he said to Agent Watts and wanted to know what was going on with him.  She realized that Jennifer knew what he was doing too.  John met with Marlena and she asked him when he was going to tell her that he was going to be back in the ISA.  Hope arrived at the hotel and found Aiden on the floor.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Olivia is upset by the news that she almost believed that Julian is out of the business. She says if Julian is still in the mob then she and Leo will have to stay away. Julian pleads not guilty to the charges against him. The judge grants bail. Scott tells Franco that the only way for him to stay out of Pentonville is to implicate Nina. Nina is upset that Dr. Obrecht was unable to get the recording for Denise so that Denise will destroy the incriminating picture of Nina. Nina calls Franco. He tells her that Ric is the new DA. She says she is going to turn herself in. He tells her that his father will get him acquitted and everything will be fine. Dr. Obrecht goes to Julian’s apartment and tells Ava that she knows who she is and that if she doesn’t cooperate, she will share what she knows with Kiki. Obrecht tells Ava to turn herself in or she will tell the police that Ava killed Silas. Ava doesn’t think Obrecht will because it would also implicate Nina and Franco wouldn’t like that. She suggests that Obrecht get the recording from the DA. Obrecht says she tried, but Franco’s father is no longer the DA. Ava tells Obrecht to leave. Julian arrives home just ask Obrecht is asking Nina what she is going to do if she doesn’t leave; stab her? Ava reveals her identity to Julian.

Morgan tells Carly that he is surprised that she and Sonny want him at their wedding considering they thought he killed Kiki’s father. Carly reiterates that Morgan had motive because Silas was going to tell Kiki that Morgan and Denise were sleeping together behind Kiki’s back. Kiki says she doesn’t think Franco is the killer. She says she thinks it had to do with the message her father left her about something important he had to tell her. Morgan and Kiki go to Franco’s trial. Scott debunks Mrs. Shipley’s testimony about what she heard because she is hard of hearing. Dante testifies. Kiki testifies that the doubts that Franco did it. Ric calls Morgan as a witness. Carly tells Sonny that she is still concerned about Morgan. She asks Sonny if he thinks Morgan could have Bipolar Disorder. Sonny says No, he thinks Morgan is just young and impulsive. Sonny believes that if he passed on his illness to Morgan and Morgan killed someone, then it is his fault.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor and Jack have a confrontation in the park over the fact that Jack wants to expose everything that has been happening over the last few months. Victor promises to give Jack back ownership of Jabot as long as he keeps his mouth shut about Marco. Marisa tries to get Marco to leave town and give up this dream of being Jack Abbott but he refuses. At the Athletic Club, Ashley demands answers from Phyllis as to who the monster is that Victor has unleashed, but Phyllis refuses to tell her anything. Ashley lets Nikki know that she doesn’t trust Victor either. Nikki defends Victor’s actions. Cane spends time with Charlie and Maddie at the rooftop pool. Charlie asks him if he and Mommy are getting divorced. Lily commends Neil on his actions at Devon’s and Hilary’s wedding. Devon and Hilary arrive at their island honeymoon retreat. They kiss and make love. Lily suggests that they go somewhere else for lunch since Devon is out of town, but Neil tells her that he is going out of town for a few days to figure out what to do next. Lily offers to go with him but he refuses to let her accompany him. Cane asks Charlie where he heard that. Cane tries to assure Charlie that he and Lily will always love them no matter what. Victor and Jack try to reach a compromise on Jabot. Marisa tells Marco that he needs her and she needs him. Marco asks her how he can he believe her. At the pool, Lily and Cane discuss Neil's actions at the wedding. Cane lets Lily know that Charlie asked him if they are getting a divorce. When Lily tries to get Cane to forgive her, he tells her he can forgive her for the children. Lily tells him that just won’t work; he needs to forgive her for them.

Nikki, Ashley, and Phyllis walk into the Newman office and see Jack and Victor shaking hands. Jack lets them know that they have reached a compromise concerning Jabot, which is now in the Abbott family. The women are all puzzled by these actions. Victoria is also surprised by Victor’s sudden change of heart. Jack lets them know that the merger is over and business will be back to normal. Phyllis and Ashley don’t believe him. Ashley and Phyllis demand answers from Jack, but he evades the question. Lily tells Cane that she wants him back. She reminds him of all the lies he told her. He also tells her that she put their family in jeopardy when she slept with Joe. Lily tells Cane she loves him. They kiss until they are interrupted by Charlie and Maddie. Devon surprises Hilary with a helicopter ride but gets sick. Nikki demands to know why Victor gave back Jabot. Marisa ties Marco to the bed and then calls Jack to come to the Abbott cabin. Phyllis and Ashley wonder why Jack is lying to them. Ashley tells Phyllis that she knows something, and she is going to tell her. Hilary comes face to face with Neil.

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