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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy tells Wyatt again that he can not delete that video. It is her only proof of what Steffy did. He still thinks it is dangerous for her to hold and keep. Thomas asks Steffy is she is sure that Wyatt will delete it. She says yes, he seems a man of his word. And this horrible nightmare will be behind her. He hopes she is right. He just wishes she would have told the police everything the first time and not left details out as that is obstruction of justice. Ridge asks Lt. Baker if this now is being called a case as he thought it was an accident. Baker assures him he wants to do things right and right now he needs to ask Steffy some questions. Pam intercepts a delivery of hotdogs that were supposed to be for Jake and crew. They end up in Ridge’s office and he offers Baker one when he mentions that something smells good. He wants the interns name as he thought he knew the best hotdog places in town. He tells Ridge that other officers questioned Steffy that night but he wants to follow up. Ridge explains that Aly had mental issues and was a troubled kid.

Ivy wants her phone from Wyatt. She says she can not imagine after how close they are getting that he would even entertain the idea of deleting the footage. He admits he spoke with Steffy. Of course she says, he is a Spencer male and can not resist. And Steffy came to Wyatt instead of facing Ivy. He is easier to manipulate. They politely argue again of what they know and Wyatt says he does not think Steffy killed Aly. Aly had a rock and was attacking Steffy. Ivy says look at the video again, there was no rock. She wants to keep the video to help Aly’s name someday. Steffy is a little freaked when Pam tells her that Lt. Baker is in Ridge’s office. She waltzes in with Thomas. Lt. Baker slowly goes over the case and says another Forrester death on the PCH and involving Darla’s daughter too. Steffy repeats the mantra she has been saying all along, Aly attacked her after putting a nail in her tire and then tried to kill her. Ivy goes into victim mode telling Wyatt that she feels all alone in L.A. away from her family and she feels he turned on her when he spoke with Steffy. She fell for Liam and Steffy took that away too and now her cousin. This is too much for her to bear. He assures her he is not on Steffy’s side. He has found something in Ivy and does not want to mess this up. He says she is sorry and kisses her. He picks her up and takes her to his bed. She wants him to be clear that she does not give herself to a man on a whim. She wants to give herself to him but him to her as well. Her phone and the footage is important to her and Wyatt agrees to give it back to her. Ridge says again this was an accident and would not have happened except for Aly targeting Steffy. Baker says yes he thinks she did target Steffy but now something else is happening and he has to do an investigation.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny was about to kiss Paul, but he stopped himself.  Sonny thought it was a mistake.  Paul thought Sonny was only with him because he argued with Will.  Abby told Chad that she wasn't moving to California, but Chad told her what Ben said.  Hope told Aiden that she was investigating Clyde and Aiden couldn't help her. Aiden didn't want to tell Hope why he's investigating Clyde.  He did promise Hope tat he would tell her what he needs to tell her.  Abby let Chad know that she wasn't leaving.  Abby also let Chad know that Stefano showed up at her office.  Ben reminded Clyde that Abby's baby might not be his.  Clyde said he did research and knew for a fact that the baby is his.  Sonny told Paul that he's leaving Salem.  Sonny told Paul that he was leaving tonight to go to Paris.  Clyde told Ben that Abby had a paternity test done and that the baby is his.  Chad wanted to know why Abby didn't tell him she was getting married.

Sonny told Adrienne and Justin that he's taking Victor's job offer.  Adrienne wasn't happy about the news, but Sonny thought it was for the best. Ben realized that there was no way that Abby would marry him unless she knew the baby was his. Someone called Clyde and let him know that someone had something on him. Abby didn't want Chad to find out about her engagement the way he did.  Chad wanted to know why she didn't tell him when she saw him earlier.  Abby thought Chad should have realized that she was getting engaged. Chad let Abby know that watching Ben put the ring on her finger was like a knife going through his heart. Will saw Paul at the park.  Will let Paul know that he told Sonny everything.  Paul already knew what Will told him.  Will wanted to know what Sonny said, but he wouldn't tell him anything.  Will apologized for what he did.  Paul didn't accept his apology.  Victor said goodbye to Sonny. Abby apologized for not telling him about her engagement. Chad wanted Abby to be happy despite Ben not being his favorite person.  The mystery man called Aiden and told him that he had the information that he wanted on Clyde. Justin warned Sonny not to take too much time to think because his marriage could be over. Will found Sonny at home with his parents.  Sonny told Will that he was leaving.  Will begged him not to leave. Will reminded Sonny about his responsibilities in Salem, but Sonny still needed space.  Will didn't want Sonny to leave Arianna or him. Will thought that Sonny was never coming back to him. Chad accepted Abby's decision to be with Ben.  Sonny promised to make a decision within the next couple of months.  Will hated the fact that he messed up a beautiful thing. Sonny said goodbye to Arianna and Will. Aiden texted Hope and told her that he had the information he needed so he could help her after all.  He thought Hope knocked on the door and someone in had a mask on and punched Aiden.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brad tells Lucas that he and Rosalie have to stay married to each other to ensure that they never have to testify against each other. Lucas wants to know what they did. Rosalie tells him that if they tell him, he would be legally bound to report it and if he doesn’t report it, he will become an accessory. Brad says it would also put Lucas in danger. Lucas agrees to deal with I, provided that Brad lets him help him get out from under it.

Olivia stops by Julian’s house. Julian tells her that he is out of the mob. She tells him that word on the streets says otherwise. He tells her that losing their son changed him and he wants to do right by the family he has left. Olivia tells Julian that she named the baby Leonardo, Leo Falconeri. Dante tells Jordan that he doesn’t like Sonny for the murder. Jordan says they can’t just take Sonny’s word that it is Julian Jerome; they need solid evidence. Nathan brings in Charlie Heinick, the dead man’s accomplice. Jordan asks him who hired him to hit Sonny’s warehouse. He names Julian. Sonny and Nathan go to arrest Julian. Alexis asks Olivia what she was about to tell Julian about Leo. Olivia says she was going to apologize, but now she is glad that she didn’t.

Maxie and Valerie become friends. Lulu tells Dillon that she and Dante are thinking of having their other baby. Dillon tells Lulu that he doesn’t think he is ever going to have children. Lulu asks if Valerie isn’t a contender for mother of his children. He says two dates is too soon to discuss family planning. He tells her that Valerie moved out of Wyndemere and is staying with Carly until she finds her own place. Lulu suggests that he move Valerie into the Quartermaine estate. Dillon suggests that instead of trying to push Valerie on him to resolve her issues with Valerie, she should clear things up with Valerie. Sonny encourages TJ to make peace with his mother. TJ goes to see Jordan and says he wants to try to set things right again. She asks him to move back home. He says he isn’t ready to do that. Carly finds a dress. Carly and Sonny work on setting a date. TJ goes back to Sonny’s house and tells him that he heard that the police arrested the guy that hit Sonny’s warehouse and that the man named Julian as his boss.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the GCPD, Mark orders Kevin out of his investigation. At the Athletic Club, Billy and Ashley discuss how the person who killed Courtney and Austin could have set up Jack. Nikki invites Sage to have brunch with her at the Athletic Club. They discuss her pregnancy and her upcoming marriage to Nick. In Victor’s office at Newman-Abbott, Victor, Victoria, Nick have a meeting about the other Abbotts. They discuss Billy making amends with Victoria, but Billy owns up that he may have ruined his chances by questioning her loyalty. Ashley tells Billy that there is something else about Jack that he is hiding from them. Billy defends him and tells her that Jack has a lot on his plate right now. Paul and Dylan meet with Jack and Phyllis who confesses to that Jack worked with Marco for months. Ashley reminds Billy that this is the anniversary of the father’s death. Paul thanks Jack and Phyllis for coming in. Phyllis asks Mark how he is after his shooting. Kevin walks into Paul’s office to talk with him and Dylan secretly as Mark watches. Paul leaves Dylan and Kevin alone to talk privately until Mark interrupts them, saying that this is his case. Nick and Victoria discuss Victor’s hatred of the Abbott family. Nick divulges that Dylan has joined the police force. Nick suggests telling the police everything they know, but Victor warns him that he could get himself killed.

Nikki offers to throw Sage a baby shower. Phyllis joins Nikki to question her about Victor. Nick still insists on telling the police everything. Mark and Dylan interrupt. Mark reminds Victor that this is still a crime scene. John Abbott joins Jack in the park to give him some helpful advice on what to do about Victor. John asks Jack what he should do now. Dylan asks Mark how the shooting happened. At the Underground, Kevin joins Marisa, Noah, and Mariah. Kevin still cannot understand how Jack could be in two places at the same time. Marisa listens and soon makes her exit. Nick joins them and tells Sage about his argument with Victor. Sage informs Nick that Nikki wants to throw her a baby shower. Ashley and Billy discuss how John would react to Jack and Victor being partners. Marisa joins Marco at the Abbott cabin. Marco thinks he should have Jack’s life. Marisa steps closer and kisses him. John warns Jack what Victor did to the Abbott family. Ashley demands answers from Phyllis as to what Jack is hiding from them.

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