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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy wants to make sure Thomas is correct, that Ivy has a video that shows what happened. So that is good, it would show her defending herself. Thomas says no, it shows murder. None of the other part that Steffy mentions is on the video. And now she is threatening to go to police. Steffy repeats over and over that she will not let Ivy get away with this. He warns her about going to the police as this looks really bad. She wants to know who else has seen it. He tells her Wyatt and that is why they are in this together. Without another word she says she is going to stop this madness. Wyatt tells Ivy that he sides with her and that is personal, but she deserves this. She is a Forrester. She says yes, they have been overlooked and this footage is their insurance policy. It may look like she is capitalizing on her cousin’s death but it really isn’t.

Ridge says Wyatt found a new girlfriend and now wants to be her cheerleader. Caroline tries to convince him it might be better for Steffy to lay low for a while until things blow over. Ridge hopes this is not payback for Ivy. That she is just trying to stick it to Steffy because of Liam. Steffy has harsh words for Wyatt. She says she will not go along with his and Ivy’s plans. He says no plans. She says she thought they were friends, but what happened was Aly attacked her and she defended herself. She gets that she chose Liam over Wyatt and now he is lashing out. But that is not going to work and she barks at him to delete the video. Ivy is blackmailing Steffy and her entire family. Wyatt reminds her that Liam is VP here while he knows nothing of the fashion industry while Wyatt is only working in jewelry. That is not fair either. She tells him again to find out who else has this video, she wants this gone. It was a terrible accident and she feels badly about it but she did not murder Aly. So do the right thing; focus on himself here at FC…..get the video and make sure there are no other copies. This is a very dangerous game they are playing. He says all right, he will do it. Ridge says he is worried about Steffy. She says she is okay, but how could she be? Lt. Baker comes in to speak with Ridge. He says it is about his daughter’s case and her accident with his niece. Ivy tells Wyatt that she visited Aly’s room but she did not feel her presence. She had memories that are a blur now thanks to Steffy. He offers to draw her a nice bubble bath to get her mind off of all of this. She says that would be great. He glances at her phone. Steffy tells Thomas that Wyatt feels unappreciated and she thinks she got through to him and he will erase the video. Wyatt picks up the phone and has it on screen when Ivy catches him and says he is not deleting that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paige warned Jennifer about JJ being a drug dealer and addict.  JJ overheard Paige and the argued before he threw her out.  Hope wanted Rafe to help her with her case with Clyde.  Rafe refused to help Hope.  Clyde watched Aiden talking to a mystery man at the town square.  Will confessed to Sonny that he gave Derrick info about Paul.  sonny was upset when Will made it seem like Sonny was going to be with Paul.  Ben told Chad that he and Abby were moving to California.  Stefano let Abby know that he knew about her being with Chad and that Chad didn't mean what he said to her after they were together.  Abby let Stefano know that she's in love with Ben.  Rafe thought about Hope.  Jennifer let JJ know that Paige didn't want to be with him.  Sonny continued to yell at Will for what he did.  Will wanted their marriage to work.

Someone was watching Hope and Aiden in the park.  She left after she received a phone call so the person kept watching Aiden.  Sonny talked to Victor about an offer and then Paul arrived.  Will met Abby at the pub.  Abby let Will know the test results.  Abby seemed agitated when Will thought Chad was the father of her baby.  Ben told Clyde that he and Abby were going to California, but Clyde said they weren't going.  Eve went to Jennifer's house to give a donation to the Horton Center.  While Jennifer got her some water, Eve planted a bug in the house.  Clyde didn't want Ben to run away from a DiMera.  Paul told Sonny that he wasn't over him.  Sonny thought Will might have been right about his feelings for Paul.  Chad was waiting in Abby's office and wanted to know if she was really leaving Salem.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jake gives Elizabeth an engagement ring. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he moved Hayden into Wyndemere to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t remember anything. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she and Jake are engaged. She reveals that Jake and Sam are investigating Nikolas. He tells her that Michael alluded to that a few days ago. Elizabeth tells Jake that she told Nikolas about the investigation. She tells him that Nikolas moved Hayden into Wyndemere. Jake asks if that is because Nikolas is such a great guy or because he wants to keep Hayden quiet. Hayden sees an expensive vase at Wyndemere and remembers breaking another one like it. Hayden asks Nikolas about the woman who was with them when she broke the vase. He claims not to remember. Hayden doesn’t buy it and asks him what the three of them were battling about. Nikolas tells Hayden that she was jealous. Hayden asks him if her feelings were returned. He tells her that he was into her too. He stops himself from kissing her and says he isn’t going to break his promise to not expect sex in return for letting her stay at his house. Jake promises Elizabeth that nothing Hayden remembers can change the way he feels about her.

Jordan goes to Sonny’s place to discuss the man who was found bleeding to death. Sonny points the finger at Julian and predicts that Julian’s other man is going to turn up dead, too. Alexis overhears Julian having an intense telephone conversation and wonders what has him worked up, until she sees the news headline about Sonny’s revenge. Julian tells her it isn’t that. He says Bobbie just told him that Brad and Lucas’ wedding is cancelled because Brad is already married. Rosalie runs into Brad and Lucas. Brad tells Lucas that Rosalie is his wife. Rosalie and Brad explain that they were best friends in college and that his parents assumed that they were a couple. They say they were pressured by Brad’s parents to get married, so they did. Lucas understands Brad’s motivation to marry Rosalie, but he wonders what was in it for her. Lucas tells Brad to tell his parents the truth and divorce Rosalie. Brad says he can’t do that. He reveals they have to stay married so that the wont ever have to testify against each other. Sonny tells Jordan that he and Carly have been trying to convince TJ to make peace with her.

Olivia unexpectedly arrives at Dante and Lulu’s place. She tells them that she named the baby Leonardo Falconeri. Dante tells her that Julian seems to honestly believe that Leo died. Olivia wonders if she is keeping a father from his son for no reason. She asks Dane if Julian is really out of the mob. He says no one knows for sure. Julian tells Alexis that he is truly out of the mob and that he wouldn’t do anything that would make him lose her again. He tells her that he appreciates her standing by him through everything, including the loss of his baby. Olivia knocks on Julian’s door.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon and Hilary get married at the Athletic Club with friends and family there to celebrate, but they are both happiest that Neil gives them his forgiveness and his blessing. Neil tells Colin to delete the picture of Devon with the prostitute from his phone, because he has decided not to seek revenge against Devon and Hilary. Lily asks Cane for forgiveness once more, but he doesn't respond.  Dylan  decides he wants to follow in Paul's footsteps and become a cop. Kevin and the cabin group decide to look at the park surveillance footage once more after Noah and Marisa see Jack at the park when he told Summer he and Phyllis were going to Devon and Hilary's wedding. Detective Harding stops Marco's plan to kill Jack in his office, because he sees Phyllis with him. Harding tells Marco that the cabin group and Dylan are getting too close to the truth, and he should back off for now. Marco has a better idea and points the gun he was going to use on Jack at Detective Harding.

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