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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas says this is beginning to sound a lot like blackmail. Aly’s death was tragic but murder is carrying it too far. Ivy says Steffy took away a life and she is supposed to be quiet – no, she wants something in return….right there next to Maya as the new face of FC. With Ridge and Caroline together, Liam and Steffy walk in and Liam says they are getting a lot of press about Aly’s accident and he thinks they need to address that. Katie and Bill discuss the same thing, the news of Aly’s death and how it is big news and needs to be handled in the magazine. Thomas tells Ivy if she really wanted justice for Aly she would not be making these demands. Wyatt tells Thomas that he too thinks Ivy needs some compensation, this is not a witch hunt. Ridge tells Steffy that he thinks it is time to step up. Ivy walks in and says she would like to put her name in the hat. Ridge says he picked his daughter and Liam chimes in that she has the experience. Bill explains to Katie that the board had been found in Aly’s bedroom with nails between Steffy’s eyeballs, just a little aggression there. This is a huge loss for the Forrester family but especially on Steffy for how it went down. She is handling it as best she can. Wyatt repeats that Ivy is more than just a jeweler, she is beautiful and can do this. She is fresh and new and they need to consider this since the confrontation was between Steffy and Aly.

Ivy remarks this investigation could take months and they don’t have time to consider all of this before making their choice. Obviously not wanting to upset Ivy, Thomas steps in and cuts them short before they consider more. He quickly says it might work out for the best for the time being until this blows over. Ridge says that makes Steffy sound like a criminal. Liam says that is going to happen no matter what really happened. The blogs will have a field day with it. They are hungry for gossip. Liam says if they hide Steffy, and she broke no law nor even came close, that will become suspicious. Thomas still says that Ivy is there best bet right now. Wyatt says at least think about it. Ridge thanks them for their input. Steffy barks at Thomas that she needs to talk to him right now. Bill takes all the credit for making Maya a household name so things are calm and cool now over at FC due to big dog. Ivy thanks Wyatt for jumping in there for her. Thomas was looking out for his sister….and is looks like now Liam is attached to the hip with Steffy. Wyatt wonders if that would change if he saw the video. He says Liam can have Steffy and he can have the titles at both Spencer and FC, but they are not backing down. It is their time to shine. Steffy rants at Thomas that she is his sister and he was supposed to be supporting her. He says this was for her. She doesn’t understand. She was thinking of firing Ivy, not promoting her to be the face of FC. He argues that she has no idea how dangerous this situation is, what happened on that night with Aly, and Ivy knows. Steffy says it is only Ivy’s word against hers and she was just defending herself. Thomas hesitates and says he did not want to tell her this. He wanted to protect her. He says Ivy has a video of that night of the two of them on the side of the road and she is implying that it was murder.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman wanted JJ off the case because he just wanted to get revenge.  JJ denied it.  He wanted to get a drug dealer off the street.  Paige overheard Jennifer talking to Abby about her wedding.  Ben had a nightmare about Abby telling Chad that she wanted him to be the father of her baby.  Agent Watts let JJ know what could happen if it turned out that he took the case for revenge.  Paul confronted Will about telling Derrick about his personal life.  Will told Paul that he’s still in love with his husband.  Adrienne asked Sonny if he made the right choice by picking Will.  Sonny tried to assure her that he’s happy.

Paul told Will that he wanted to tell him and Sonny about having sex with Derrick.  Will believed that Paul wanted them to know before Kate said anything because Paul loves Sonny. JJ assured Watts that he wouldn’t blow the case.  Paige let Jennifer know that JJ is in danger.  Ben suggested that he and Abby leave town and not come back to Salem.  Ben wanted to go to Santa Monica.  Abby wanted to know why Ben wanted to move.  Adrienne tried to get Sonny to admit that he still loved Paul.  Sonny threw up Adrienne’s affair in her face.  He apologized.  Kyle called JJ and wanted to hang out so he agreed to it.  Jennifer didn’t believe JJ was in danger.  Paige kept trying to warn her, but Jennifer wouldn’t listen to her.  Paige and Jennifer ended up arguing over JJ.  Will told Sonny that he gave Derrick information about Paul.  Abby went to her office and found Stefano waiting for her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth ponders whether to tell Nikolas that Jake and Sam are investigating him and that they think he knows who Jake really is. Jake tells Carly about his investigation into Nikolas and the plan to find something to blackmail him into giving back ELQ with. Hayden is released from General Hospital. Nikolas tells Rosalie to take care of the paperwork while he takes Hayden to Wyndemere. Rosalie hits on Lucas. Brad demands that Lucas hear out his explanation. Rosalie comes into the room and is surprised to see Brad. Lucas is surprised that the two of them know each other. Brad reveals that Rosalie is his wife.

Jake asks for Carly’s opinion of the engagement ring he bought for Elizabeth. Carly says the ring is lovely, but that she thinks it is too soon for Jake to marry Elizabeth. He says it too late; the proposal has already been asked and answered. Carly tells Jake that without his memory, he doesn’t know if he is already married. Jake calls Carly his best friend. Carly tells Sonny about Jake and Elizabeth’s engagement. Sonny tells Carly that it is obvious that Jake has had a violent past and that it will eventually catch up with him so Carly should be aware of the danger when she is with him. Carly tells him to be careful of Julian Jerome. Sam takes Danny to Elizabeth’s house so that he can meet his big brother Jake. Sam asks Elizabeth how she answered Jake’s proposal. Elizabeth tells Sam that she accepted it. Sam tells Patrick that Jake and Elizabeth are engaged. Jake gives Elizabeth the ring.

Maxie tells Nathan that she apologized to Valerie for calling her a home wrecking bitch. She says she knows that it was only a kiss and that Dante initiated it. Nathan knows it was much more than a kiss. Dante misses his mother and baby brother, but he can’t go see them because Julian has to keep thinking the baby died. Lulu tells Dante that she is renting the Haunted Star to Dillon to film his movie. He tells her that if she is ok with him working with Valerie, then he is ok with her working with Dillon. Olivia unexpectedly arrives at Dante and Lulu’s loft. Valerie packs to move out of Wyndemere so Hayden can move in. Dillon wonders where she will go. She tells him that she has a job and that she can rent her own place, but that she will be staying at Carly’s in the interim. He tells her that he is renting the Haunted Star. When Nikolas and Hayden arrive, Dillon says Nikolas is a liar and a thief and that he hopes Hayden knows what she is getting herself into. He tells Nikolas that he can’t wait until the tables turn on Nikolas. Nikolas calls Elizabeth and tells her that he moved Hayden in to make sure she doesn’t remember anything. Hayden remembers smashing a vase at Wyndemere.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Summer tells her friends that the music she heard the night Austin was killed is the same music Harding uses as a ringtone. Paul asks Dylan to help with the investigation by finding a link between Marco and Harding. Dylan finds Kevin and the gang and tells them to stay out of the investigation, that he and Paul will handle it but Kevin follows Harding to the Abbott cabin. Marisa wants to leave town, but Noah convinces her to stay. Hilary and Devon's wedding seems to be going smoothly until the minister asks if anyone objects. Someone walks in and everyone turns to look.

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