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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ivy wakes out of a dream that had Aly standing over her with the tire iron demanding Ivy do something to prove that it was murder. Steffy killed her. Aly says she did not die in vain and does not want Steffy to get away with this. Wyatt has a cup of coffee waiting and mentions how sexy Ivy is in only his pajama tops. He kisses her. She apologizes but he says his bed is hers anytime she needs it. She can not believe the wedding was last night in her house and she was not invited. Steffy is distracted but she invites Zende and Nicole to sit in at the upcoming meeting. Thomas walks in and sees Steffy looking like hell. She knows what he is going to say…..that she can’t keep letting Ivy get to her. Enough is enough and they are just insinuations, nothing to back them up. Steffy says she is going to confront Ivy and if she does not back off she will go after her with all she has. She may even have to fire her. Thomas does not think it will be that easy nor Ivy will pack up and go back to Australia. Steffy says she is tired of being the bad guy here and repeats again how the attack went. Thomas wants to be sure she has a clear mind and it is not still blurry from that night. Thomas says he believes her, let him take care of Ivy. Liam walks in and senses some tension.

Wyatt doesn’t have much to offer Ivy but some cold cereal. She says she is not hungry and keeps looking at the video hoping she will find something she has overlooked before. Aly’s life has been cut short and she has given Steffy ample opportunity to tell the truth but she has picked back up on her life as if nothing happened. It was murder, the only way to look at it. Liam tells Steffy that the media is really shining a light on Aly’s death, they will want to speak with Steffy. Wyatt can see that Ivy is still having a very hard time with this. He kisses her again. She smiles and says they both were burned by Steffy and Liam. She is okay with the outcome by Liam. He made his choice and she is making hers…..never saw it coming. She even claims the Forrester’s owe her and she’d like to be the new face of California Freedom. She knows it will be tough with Ridge CEO, Steffy as President and Liam as VP. But they have to learn they can not have it all their way. Wyatt says he is on her side and they kiss again. Steffy rejects one of Ivy’s pieces for Quinn’s and says Ivy needs more spark and wow like Quinn. She is beginning to wonder if Ivy is a good fit for FC. Wyatt walks in and hears this. Liam chastises him for not knocking but Wyatt says the door was open. And he does not think it very nice what Steffy was saying and she was ripping Ivy apart. Liam says Steffy is President and he VP. Wyatt says he knows; Liam reminds him every chance he can. Wyatt says the jewelry business is second nature to him and Ivy’s work is exceptional. He’d think twice before trying to get Ivy pushed out of the company. Ivy is shocked to find Thomas waiting in her office and even more so when he demands that she delete the video. She says that he is in no position to demand her to delete the video. He softens it and says then a request. He does not think what Steffy did was a crime but what Aly did in attacking her was. What Aly did was premeditated. Ivy says what Steffy did by striking Aly over the head with the tire iron was horrible and they need to show the police and let them make their own conclusion. She feels she is owed a little more than thanks. She would like to be the new face of FC as Ridge says they will bring on another model. Thomas explains that will be Steffy. She wants him to change his mind. It’s all on him. Either help her or his sister goes to prison.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate told Rafe he had no chance of getting Hope.  Hope asked Abe if she could investigate Clyde.  Aiden was surprised to see Clyde in his office.  Clyde wanted to know why Aiden dumped him and Ben.  Rafe tried to deny Kate's accusation, but she didn't believe him.  Clyde didn't believe that Aiden wouldn't tell about his case.  Theresa told Eve that she would get Brady back in her life.  Brady showed up and Theresa wanted to make plans concerning Tate.  He shot her down before she could say anything. Kate continued to let Rafe know how he felt about Hope.  Abe wouldn't let Hope continue the investigation.  He didn't feel that Hope had enough to go on to investigate Clyde. Brady reminded Theresa that he wanted nothing to do with her. Rafe became defensive because of Kate's accusations and threw Clyde up in her face.

Eric met with Serena and thanked her for saving his grandmother.  He did let her know that he's over her.  Kate refused to believe that Clyde did anything illegal.  Clyde walked up on them and wanted to know what was going on between them.  Eric didn't want to be with Serena again, but he didn't want her to leave town.  He wanted to get to a point where they could be friendly towards each other.  Later on Eric met with Jennifer at the pub and they talked about Serena and Caroline.  Theresa met Eve at the park.  Theresa realized that she could use Xander as a way to get Brady back.  Rafe wouldn't let Clyde know what he and Kate were discussing so he walked away.  Clyde noticed Kate's behavior towards him and asked her about it.  Rafe saw Hope at the town square and thought about what Kate said to him. Aiden got a call from someone and didn't want to answer it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly tells Sonny that TJ’s estrangement from Jordan reminds her of her own situation with Michael. Sonny tells her that he is glad that she is going to step up to be Avery’s mother. Lulu tells Dillon that she liked his draft. Dillon tells Lulu that he got the funding for his movie from his father. Dillon asks Lulu if he can shoot his movie at the Haunted Star.

Maxie goes to the station and apologizes to Valerie for giving her a hard time at the Metro Court. Jordan calls Julian to her office to give him the opportunity to provide information about the raid on Sonny’s warehouse before her officers bring in his minions. Julian tells her that those men used to work for him and he has nothing more to say. Dante and Nathan go to the motel where the suspects are holed up to arrest them. They hear a man groaning so they kick in the door and find the man bleeding out on the floor with a gunshot wound in the gut. Dante unsuccessfully tries to save the man. Valerie runs to Dante when he returns to the station covered in blood. Maxie is not lost on Valerie’s excessive concern for Dante. Nathan tells Jordan that one suspect is dead and the other one got away. Jordan observes that that is convenient for Julian. Julian suggests that if the men hit Sonny’s warehouse, then Jordan should probably look at Sonny,

Scott tells Franco that he was unable to get the charges against him dropped because his former assistant Mrs. Shipley gave Ric a reason that Franco would kill Silas. He says Mrs. Shipley told Ric that Franco and Silas had a heated argument about Nina the day of Silas’ murder. Scott wonders if Franco is covering for Nina. Franco says Nina doesn’t need covering and that she was at ShadyBrook at the time of the murder. Ava goes home and finds Nina waiting inside the apartment. Nina tells her that she knows she is Ava, she knows Silas knew it, and she knows that is why she killed him. Ava keeps saying Nina is crazy. Nina tells Ava that soon everyone is going to know who she is and what she did. Ava says no one is going to hear it from Nina or else Ava will show the police the cell phone picture she has of Nina kneeling next to Silas with the bloody knife in her hand. Nina wrestles the phone away from Ava and deletes the picture. Ava informs her that she has already backed up the picture. Nina says Ava isn’t going to show it to anyone because Nina and Franco will expose her identity.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Nikki tells Victor that she isn't going to Devon's wedding because Neil will need her close. Later, Nikki gives Hilary advice and tells her to be careful, Neil isn't doing as well as Hilary thinks. Neil tells Colin to stop asking for more money from Devon because he might screw up their plans. Jack and Ashley try to figure out who is behind the Paragon Project. Jack calls Adam in Paris. Adam knows nothing about it and refuses to come back to Genoa City. Chelsea agrees to stay in Paris with Adam. Ashley calls her and tells her about Adam's phone call with Jack, which was before Chelsea agreed to stay in Paris. Chelsea points out to Adam that his first instinct is to lie and that's not going to change. Summer remembers hearing some music the night Austin was killed. While sitting in the park, she is approached by Harding who explains to her that murder investigations take time. As Summer is leaving, Harding's phone rings. Summer recognizes the ringtone as the music she heard at the cabin the night Austin was killed.

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