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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas assures Steffy that Aly was in attack mode and this is not Steffy’s fault. Steffy is still worried. Ivy was there that night and has been acting weird ever since. Thomas says she really knows nothing and Steffy is not to worry. Just leave it to him. He will do whatever to protect her. Maya tells Vivienne that she loves her too. She tells Nick they do not need any more time. She stopped the wedding because she thought her dad might ruin the day. She tells Rick they are going to do this. Nick starts that Maya has proclaimed her independence just as America did in the beginning and he is proud to officiate. Eric is also proud that so many great moments have happened here in this room with family showing their support. He hugs Rick and says with Maya he has become the man he always knew he would be. Ivy tells Wyatt that she has been waiting for Steffy to go to the police but she is working like nothing has ever happened. She needs to take responsibility for this.

Vivienne gives the first reading from Shakespeare. Nicole gives another by a poet. Ivy is working on a piece of jewelry when Thomas comes in and startles her. He says he did not know Aly well but he knows she had issues and he is sorry Ivy was there when all of this went down. She agrees Aly was troubled but she did not deserve this….and Steffy is no saint. Thomas tells her it was an unfortunate accident. And she needs to be careful as what she says might be misunderstood. She jumps at him and says his sister came back and got Liam with no respect that he was in a relationship with Ivy. She was there that night and saw exactly what happened. Wyatt wants to talk to Steffy about some jewelry but she is distracted. She says Ivy has been saying things about her and she wants it to stop. She knows how close they are so maybe she will listen to him. Steffy tells Wyatt that she does not want this to get ugly. He scoffs that this must be bothering her. Steffy just thinks Aly should be quiet and mourn Aly like the rest are doing. Thomas and Ivy discuss the night more. She says Aly did not just fall. Steffy hit her with a tire iron. She is just telling everyone that Aly fell. She has proof. She goes and gets her phone and shows Thomas the video. He arches his eyebrow in surprise, but says it is her word against Steffy’s. She thinks the entire world has a right to see this. Nick asks Maya and Rick to say their vows and exchange rings. He then is happy to pronounce them husband and wife and they may kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will met with Derrick at the park to talk about what's going on with Paul.  Derrick wanted a relationship with Paul, but he's in love with Sonny.  Hope met with Rafe at the club and told him that Aiden dropped Clyde and Ben as clients so she wanted to investigate Clyde again.  Aiden shredded some files on Clyde and Ben.  Clyde did a background check on Aiden.  Will and Derrick's conversation got a little heated when Derrick threw up in his face that he slept with Paul too.  Will wanted to make sure that Derrick kept quiet about him giving him the files on Paul.  Hope wanted Rafe to help her figure out what Clyde did to make Aiden want to drop him as a client.  Clyde wanted someone to find out why Aiden was investigating him.  Brady and Maggie talked about Theresa lying about her ankle.  Brady seemed to feel sorry for her. Maggie was also worried about Theresa.

Rafe didn't want to help Hope investigate Clyde and wanted her to leave the club.  Derrick met with Paul and let it slip that he knew about Paul's dream to meet his father.  Paul knew that he didn't tell Derrick about it so he wanted to know how Derrick knew about it. Theresa arrived at the Kiriakis mansion and Brady stopped her to talk.  Derrick told Paul that he told him about finding his dad, but he never said anything about it. Brady told Theresa that he doesn't trust her around his son.  Brady wanted her to stay at the mansion.  Brady said that Theresa was nothing more than the mother to his son.  Theresa was happy that she was able to stay at the mansion. Derrick lied and said he went online to find out the information, but Paul knew he didn't get his information from the Internet.  Paul put two and two together and realized that Will was the one who gave him the information about his past.  Derrick admitted that Will gave him information on Paul. Clyde was waiting for Aiden in his office.  Clyde was reading a file that Aiden had on his desk.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny leaves a gift basket in front of Julian’s door including a copy of the New York News with the story about the Russian Mafia don, Serge, on the front page. Julian doesn’t know why Sonny sent it. Carly and Sonny tell TJ that they want him to be at their wedding because he is part of the family now. Jordan arrives just in time to overhear. Sonny gives Jordan an envelope containing information that could lead her to the perpetrators who broke into his warehouse and stole his merchandise. He tells her that it could lead her to arresting Julian Jerome. Jordan takes the envelope and declines to stay for breakfast. She says she is leaving and taking her son with her. TJ says he isn’t going anywhere with her. Carly tells TJ that he will eventually change his mind. Jordan calls Julian and tells him to meet her at the station.

Carly sends flowers to Silas’s memorial. Kiki tells Morgan that she doesn’t think Franco killed her father because she can’t see a reason why Franco would seek him out at his home and murder him. She wants to know who would have had a reason. Ava tells Silas’ picture that she his sorry but that she can’t let anybody get in the way of getting what she wants. She says she hope he finds peace. Silas appears before her and says he didn’t get any while he was alive, and she won’t either. He assures her that he is, in fact, dead and observes that she knows that better than anyone since she was there when it happened.

Franco calls Nina and tells her that the real killer is Ava, but that he didn’t tell Nathan because Ava has a picture of Nina kneeling over Silas with a knife in her hand. He tells her that Ava is willing to give him the photo if he gives her the recording of her confession to Connie Falconeri’s murder. He says he has placed the task of getting the recording into very capable hands. Dr. Obrecht goes to Scott Baldwin’s office. Scott isn’t there; he has gone to tell Franco that he is going to be his lawyer. Sitting in Scott’s chair in the district attorney’s office is Ric Lansing. Ric tells Dr. Obrecht that Mayor Lomax has appointed him interim DA and that he is building a strong case against Franco. Obrecht geos to Franco and give him the bad news that Ric is the new DA. Ava goes home and finds Nina inside the apartment. Nina reveals that she knows Denise is Ava.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Jack and Phyllis suggest to Billy that Victoria might be using him to spy on the Abbotts. To test her, Billy gives a folder to Victoria and asks her to give it to Jack. Later, Billy assumes Victoria looked at it. She denies it and Billy apologizes but it's too late. Victoria leaves the room angry. Kevin and Mariah tell Paul that Harding has gone on a camping trip. Paul calls Harding, who claims to be on his way home. Harding is really at the Abbott cabin with Marco. Marco and Harding discuss how Harding became Marco's partner, the events leading up to each murder, all of which were committed by Harding, and Marco says he intends to take over Jack's life and wife again. Kevin and Mariah find something suspicious when they look at Harding's credit card activity.

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