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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas sees Steffy’s face and wants to know what is wrong. She tells him to close the door. Their cousin is dead. He says do not keep saying it is her fault. She says it is not a matter of fault. She does not know what she could have done to change facts. She says she was calm but firm. Aly intended to kill her, she even told her because she was selfish and a slut and took her dad’s job. But she did not run, she stayed. She thought at one point she got through to her. Steffy said it did not happen quite like she said previously. Aly did not just fall. Steffy had picked up the tire iron and hit her. Eric asks the wedding guests to adjoin outside and give the Avants a chance to talk. Maya says no, she wants everyone to hear. She asks her father to say again how he feels about her. He says whatever problems they have is in the past. He will not be publically called out and humiliated like this. She tells him no it is not in the past. And he can not give something away today that he has already thrown away. Maya tells him she overheard him at the bottom of the stairs. They stand and rant back and forth of how Maya was raised. He does claim that he loved her but kept his distance as he did not know how to raise a boy as a girl. He says he has tried but there are certain things he can not accept. She wonders why he is here at all. He came to get Nicole and that did not work, but he is sticking around. Thomas tells Steffy that her mind is playing tricks on her. She says no, she was in shock earlier but now she remembers. She thought everything was okay but out of nowhere Aly got the tire iron and swung at her. It fell and so did Steffy but she did get hold of the tire iron and swung at Aly. Thomas says then it was self defense. She does not have to tell anyone. Aly threatened her life, that simple. He has lost one sister already and he will not lose another. Talking now will not bring Aly back.

Julius stands tall and tells them the story of his father’s life, Myron, as a 15 year old in Chicago that had to work day jobs to keep a roof over his head. And he worked hard until he saved enough money to make his own business. Vivienne cringes when Julius says his father also gave him a severance check and told him his Myron was a disgrace to the whole family. Julius has tears by now and listens as Vivienne says she is staying for her daughter’s wedding; Julius can just go. He tries to convince her how unnatural this is. She asys no, the most unnatural thing in her life was when she had to turn her face away from her own child. And she went along with that and she wishes a thousand times that she could undo that and she hopes the Lord will forgive her for being so weak then. He hopes she is happy now, breaking up the little bit of family that she had. Maya tells him that she is proud of who she is and she does not want him here any more than he wants to be here, so just go and let her be. He walks out. Rick asks what she needs. She says she thinks she has it all now. Vivienne asks for her forgiveness. She knows she was wrong and she wants to say now how sorry she is. She wasted her life being weak but she looks at Maya now and realizes how beautiful she is. She tells her she is so proud to be her mother. They hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel wanted Victor to give him answers about his connection to Xander. Victor denied the connection and said he just wanted to make Xander pay for what he did.  Victor suddenly received a phone call about Caroline.  Abby told JJ and Jennifer about being engaged.  Ben told Clyde about Abby being pregnant. Ben wasn't sure he was the father of the baby.  Clyde assured Ben that he is the father of Abby's baby, but Ben wasn't so sure.  Kayla let Eric know that Serena was the one who helped Caroline.  Serena gave Eric the letter she wrote.  She talked to Eric about leaving. Eric wanted to know if she wanted to go.  Victor visited Caroline at the hospital.  Serena knew that there was nothing left for her in Salem anymore.  Eric thought that people would forgive her.  Serena wanted to leave because of Eric.  Jennifer wanted to know why Abby wasn't happy about the engagement.  Ben wanted to know what Chad would do if it turned out that the baby was his. Abby told Jennifer and JJ that she's pregnant.

Eric was grate for Serena saving his grandmother's life.  Serena wondered if Eric wanted her to stay.  He didn't give Serena an answer.  Jennifer was shocked by Abby's news.  Abby assured Jennifer that she and Ben were getting married because of the baby.  Victor thanked Serena for saving Caroline's life.  Jennifer understood that Abby didn't tell her about the baby sooner.  JJ wasn't sure if Abby was really happy and asked about it.  Abby wouldn't tell him anything, but she did tell him that she was fine.  Caroline wanted to see Serena to thank her and to apologize to her for the way she talked to her.  Jennifer let Abby know that everyone would spoil her baby.  Clyde wanted Ben to be happy about the baby.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nikolas asks Hayden to move back into Wyndemere. She wants to know why he wants her under his roof or more likely, under his thumb. He swears there are no strings attached. She accepts his invitation and says that perhaps being at Wyndemere will jog her memory.

Jake asks Elizabeth to marry him. She runs away. Jake tells Patrick bout Elizabeth’s reaction to his proposal. He wonders if she is more upset than she let on. Patrick says it is probably less about the investigation and more about his working with Sam. Jake doesn’t think Elizabeth ran away because of Sam. Patrick suggests that perhaps Elizabeth just isn’t ready after he last disastrous engagement to Ric Lansing. Sam sees Elizabeth crying in the chapel. Elizabeth tells her that Jake proposed to her, but she hasn’t given him an answer because of a lie. Sam assumes that Elizabeth is talking about her and Jake keeping the investigation into Nikolas a secret from Elizabeth. Elizabeth tries to tell Sam the truth but can’t get a word in. Sam encourages Elizabeth to accept Jake’s proposal. Elizabeth hugs Sam and goes to find Jake. Sam lights a candle in the chapel and talk to Jason, telling him that she is over him but that he will always be in her heart. Elizabeth accepts Jake’s proposal.

Jordan asks Valerie how she is doing after her infidelity with Dante. Valerie says she is over it and dating Dillon Quartermaine. Jordan wonders if it is a good idea to date a man who is so close to Lulu. Dillon’s father gives him a $500,000 check. Dillon refuses it. Paul says he wants to support Dillon’s filmmaking efforts because he read his script. Dillon is angry that Paul invaded his privacy. Paul tells Dillon that his story is the same thing that happened between him and Jenny Eckert. Paul asks Dillon if he is ready to love again. Dillon says that is too personal a question. Paul asks him who is keeping him from moving forward. Dante goes home and finds Lulu crying over Dillon’s screenplay about a tragic couple that is destroyed when one of them cheats. She tells him that she understands now what Dante must have been feeling when she lied and took off with Dillon. Lulu tells Dante that she is over his kiss with Valerie because she knows he acted out of pain. Dante and Lulu make love for the first time since before Lulu went to Canada.Dillon accepts Paul’s check. He starts to call Lulu to share the news, but he calls Valerie instead and asks her to go out with him tonight.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Abby questions Ben as to why he can't open up to her. He makes excuses before he finally does open up. Abby comforts him and they make love. Phyllis is curious about Jack's relationship with Marissa and confronts her. When she realizes that she's wrong about Marissa, she apologizes. Marissa tells Phyllis not to be so hard on herself for not realizing Marco wasn't Jack. Kevin tails Harding after finding a receipt for survival equipment in Harding's trash. Harding explains that he is going camping. Kevin and Mariah don't believe him. Later, Harding goes to the Abbott cabin where Marco is hiding out. Ashley questions Jack about the Paragon Project but he knows nothing. Chelsea agrees to live in Paris as a normal family but only for a few days or a week. They celebrate Connor's birthday and Adam confesses to Chelsea that he watched them through a camera he had installed in Connor's bedroom.

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