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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya cries as she looks down from the banister and hears what her father is saying to her mother on her wedding day. He thinks Maya is a joke and a freak show. She is asking him to put aside his feelings for one day and celebrate. He just can not accept that he will be walking the boy he raised to walk down the aisle and marry another man. He can not accept Maya as the blushing bride. Maya goes back to her room and closes the door, her father’s words resounding in her head. The wedding guests get nervous but Nicole assures them all is okay and she will go check on Maya. Vivienne continues to try and get Julius to settle down and accept Maya today. She has got a good life and will never have to worry about money problems they had to face all those years. He should find joy in that. He sits down and just wants to get this started and end. That will be his joy. Zende hands Brooke a drink and she seems stunned for a second, then sits it down without touching. Katie pushes Bill to introduce himself to the Avants where Julius assures Bill right away that he knows the magazine man, the one who likes to make his money on other people’s misery. Bill corrects and says he publishes the truth and with that Maya has flourished.

Nicole goes upstairs and notices right away that Maya is crying and asks what is wrong. She is afraid it is something Rick said to upset her. Maya says no, it is their father. She knew she could not trust him but she wanted to believe he was accepting her. Now she can not go down there and face all of them. She is not calling off the wedding but she can not face Rick with this ache in her stomach. She can not remember her wedding day like this. Nicole does her best pep talk and says they both know that Julius is a close-minded jerk but that can not bother Maya. Everyone else is waiting for her to marry and be happy. She needs to go down and keep her head held high and own her own day. Maya agrees. She will pretend she just did not hear what her father said. She looks in the mirror and gives a big sigh and says she will be down in a minute. The music starts and she walks down the stairs. Julius greets her with his hand. But she takes her mother’s on the left and then the flowers with her right and then does hook it over her dad’s arm. Nick starts the ceremony. All seems to be going well until he asks who gives this woman away. When Julius says he does, Maya stops the wedding and says she can not continue. She tells Rick that she can not look back on this wedding day and know the words being said are not true. They really need to be surrounded by friends and family that support them. There is one here she needs to speak with first. She turns around and looks at Julius and he asks what does she want.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady busted Theresa and knows that her leg isn't broken.  Ben rubbed it in to Chad that he and Abby were engaged.  Abby told Ben that she's pregnant.  Xander and Nicole had a confrontation.  Brady confronted Theresa about lying to him about her leg.  She tried to make excuses for what she did, but Brady didn't want to hear it.  Serena got Caroline to the hospital.  Serena explained that Caroline had a bad headache.  Xander wasn't too happy about being a landscaper and let Victor know it.  Victor didn't care.  Chad arrived home and Stefano noticed he was upset.  Ben was happy about the news until he remembered that she had an affair with Chad.  Eric showed up at the Kiriakis mansion while Brady was yelling at Theresa.  Brady told him that Theresa pretended to have a broke leg.  Eric got a call about Caroline being in the hospital.  Eric, Theresa, and Brady left to go to the hospital.

Chad let Stefano know that someone else would be getting the plot. Ben was happy about the baby, but he was suspicious.  Chad told Stefano why he lost his chance with Abby, but Stefano wasn't convinced.  Ben wanted to know if Abby agreed to marry him because of the baby.  She said it wasn't.  Theresa, Eric, and Brady arrived at the hospital.  Theresa went to Caroline's room.  Daniel went to see Victor and wasn't sure if something was going on between Victor and Xander.  Abby assured Ben that she wasn't trapped with him at that she wanted to be with him.  Ben seemed upset when Abby left.  Chad told Stefano that it was over with Abby.  Daniel wanted to know if there was any communication with Xander.  Xander looked at a picture of Victor and cut his face out of it.  Kayla let Eric know that Serena was the one who helped Caroline.  Theresa was talking to Caroline and was willing to give up on Brady.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam and Kiki talk about Franco killing Silas. Kiki says she can’t shake the feeling that there is more to it. Carly asks Morgan if he killed Silas. Morgan responds with attitude, but doesn’t deny it. He finally says Franco is in custody. Carly isn’t so sure Franco did it. She observes to Sonny that she asked Morgan numerous times if he killed Silas and her never said no. Nathan tells Nina that he got a call about a potential alternative suspect. He says Franco believes Silas was killed because of the secret he was keeping. Nina tells herself that Franco is talking about someone other than her because he believes in her. Franco tells Ava that he knows she killed Silas. She says Franco isn’t going to say anything because she will reveal that knows Nina was at the scene of the crime. She shows Franco a cell phone picture of Nina kneeling next to Silas’ body with the murder weapon in her hand. Franco tells her his theory of the events that led from Ava killing Silas to her hiding when Nina arrived, and then taking the picture of Nina as she was leaving, unseen by Nina. He tells her that the picture also proves that she was at the scene of the crime as well. She tells him that she will give him the picture if he gets the recording of her confession to Connie Falconeri’s murder from his father. Nathan goes to see Franco and asks him what his theory is. Franco says he isn’t saying anything without his attorney present.

DA Baldwin tells Commissioner Ashford to release Franco. Mayor Lomax says Franco isn’t going anywhere because the people want to see Franco pay. She tells him that if he doesn’t vigorously prosecute Franco, she will ruin him. Jordan gloats. Scott tells Janice Lomax that if she goes after him, he will return fire, and it isn’t afraid to do it publicly.

Jake tells Elizabeth that he and Sam are investigating Nikolas. He says he didn’t tell her before because he didn’t want to put her in an awkward position, but then he decided that he wants to be with her more than he wants to know about his past and that he realized you can’t build a relationship on secrets and lies. Nikolas goes to Hayden’s hospital room. She tells him that she knows he is Nikolas Cassadine because he is exactly the way Jake described him, but that she doesn’t remember him. She says she heard that they has a romantic relationship, but that she assumes it was over since he didn’t rush to her bedside the moment she woke up. She asks him if they had broken up, why he bothered to come at all. He says he was considering whether he had been wrong. He asks her to move in with him. Jake asks Elizabeth to marry him.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Stitch tries to save his patient, James, but fails. The vet dies anyway. Stitch, very upset about this, tries to call Abby but gets her voicemail. Ashley meets up with him and they talk. Stitch admits that he can't talk to Abby like he can talk to Ashley. Victor asks Nikki to come to his office. She fears that he will ask her to come home and she isn't ready. Victor says he understands but she shouldn't take too long. When Nikki leaves, Victor calls to cancel the arrangements he made for Nikki's homecoming. Devon stresses about his bachelor party and snaps at Lily and Hilary when they ask for his help with wedding plans. Hilary questions Cane about what happened at the party, but Cane knows nothing. Devon opens up to Lily. Neil tells Nikki that he is done thinking about revenge but fantasizes about showing Hilary the video of Devon and the prostitute. Victoria and Abby agree that they make a good team. Abby is upset that she and Ben don't talk about important things. Victoria urges her to go home and be the woman Ben needs.

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