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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Forrester house is all abuzz with festivities. Even Bridget comes home and surprises them. Maya can not believe this is really happening, she is getting married. Rick introduces Vivienne and Julius to Bridget. She in turn hugs Zende. She says he sure has grown up since she has seen him. Katie and Bill walk in, but Rick balks at that. He tells Bill no, he is not invited or welcome here. Katie asks him to let him stay, Bill has something to say. Bill says he is not here to bash Maya. He is really here to apologize to her and would like to stay for the wedding. Rick listens and says that will be up to Maya. She initially says no but Bill steps forward and says they are going to be part of an extended family so they need to put their feelings aside and accept each other. He made a business decision and went in for the kill without giving Maya consideration how it would affect her. That was his mistake. He hopes she will be man enough to forgive him. She says it was cruel and unnecessary but she can not change other people’s minds, so yes she will accept his apology. He can then see first hand how happy they are and how he can never scare her again. Rick tells her that he is so proud of her. Maya reminds Nick about when they first met and she was just starting on this journey and now she is a bride.

Vivienne pulls Julius away before he can embarrass himself even more. He asks Zende if he really wants to make women’s clothes. She tells him to please keep his negative thoughts to himself. It is a family business of long standing and they are proud of it. He has no right to put them down. Vivienne goes upstairs to be with Maya and says she came to help but she sees now she is fine and looks flawless. Still she would like to give her something if Maya will have it….a bracelet from her mother. Maya is thrilled. Nicole makes a point to her father to be on his best behavior. He still makes a remark about his daughter and him walking her down the aisle. Alone with Vivienne but with Maya on the banister looking down and hearing it, Julius has venom in his voice when he says this is not right. He will say all the right things today but he can not accept it. These rich people are all alike and he does not believe this marriage will last. Rick could have any woman he wants and it won’t be long before he will want a real woman and not the man they raised. It is not natural and he will never accept this. Maya is crushed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady let Eric and Nicole know that Xander was going to be Victor’s landscape.  Nicole thought that Victor might be waiting to see if Xander could prove his worth again.  Anne walked in on Theresa and Caroline and blurted out that Theresa was lying about her ankle.  Abby was upset and told Chad that it was too late for them.  Anne was able to cover up her slip up.  Brady explained that Victor was too old to go to jail and thought he was watching Xander.  Chad didn’t understand how it was too late with Abby.  Abby explained that she loved Ben and that they weren’t meant to be together.  Chad wanted to take Abby away from Salem.

Chad ended up kissing Abby.  Anne let Theresa know that no one asked Dr. Lee about Theresa’s ankle.  Eric realized that Nicole was safe since Xander’s working for Victor.  Brady left and Nicole wanted Eric to stay.  Nicole warned Eric to stop crossing the line.  Abby broke up the kiss with Chad.  She wanted Chad to stay away from her because she wants a life with Ben.  Chad gave up and walked out of the office.  Eric let Nicole know that he’s at peace with her being with Daniel.  Brady walked in just as Anne and Theresa were talking about the plan.  Abby met Ben and he declared his love for her.  Chad got drunk and opened up to Marlena about losing Abby.  Abby talked to Ben about moving in with him and getting to know him.  Brady told Theresa that she had to get out of the house.  Serena saw Caroline in the park.  While they were talking, Caroline stood up and fell on the ground.  Serena called out for help.  Abby agreed to marry Ben.  Chad saw Ben and Abby together.  Ben and Chad gave each other dirty looks.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jake tells Hayden that in his experience the memory loss has become more manageable as he creates new memories. He asks her if she remembers the name Nikolas Cassadine. She doesn’t. Sam tells Patrick that she didn’t tell him about her working with Jake because she doesn’t trust Elizabeth not to warn Nikolas. Patrick doesn’t think Elizabeth would protect Nikolas if he is doing something wrong. He encourages Jake to trust Sam. Nikolas admits to Elizabeth that he had Hayden shot. She asks him if he intends to finish the job now that Hayden is awake. He asks her if that isn’t what she wants him to do. She says she couldn’t live with it. He asks her what she suggests they do with Hayden. When Elizabeth goes to work, Nikolas goes into Hayden’s room.

Nina tells Nathan that Franco didn’t kill Silas. Nathan asks her how she knows that. She asks him to trust her and consider other suspects. Ava remembers leaving Silas’ apartment the night of the murder. Franco tells Liesl Obrecht that he has concluded that Ava killed Silas. He reveals that Ava is alive and masquerading as Denise Dimuccio. He explains that “Denise” doesn’t have the same DNA as Ava because Silas kidnapped Avery and performed a bone marrow transplant on Ava, altering her DNA. Franco laments destroying all the evidence that would have implicated Ava. Liesl tells Franco that he should tell Nathan everything he knows about Ava. Obrecht calls Nathan and tells him to listen to what Franco has to say.

Sonny tells Carly that on his trip to New York he found out that it is the Jeromes who have been hijacking their shipments. Carly said Denise denied that it was the Jeromes when Carly went to confront her about her affair with Morgan. Sonny tells Carly that Silas Clay caught Morgan and Denise in bed together and told them that he was going to tell Kiki. Carly informs Sonny that Silas is dead. She wonders if Morgan did it to keep Silas from telling Kiki about him and Denise. Morgan breaks up with Denise. Carly asks Morgan if he killed Silas. Denise goes to the station and lets herself into the interview room. Franco tells her that he knows she killed Silas. She tells him that he isn’t going to tell anyone or else he will have to explain why Nina was at the scene of the crime.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Sharon and Nick get a little too close while trying to put together a crib for Sharon and Dylan's baby. Mariah goes to the park and finds Dylan with Sage. She suggests they go help Sharon and Nick. When they get there, they walk in on a Sharon/Nick embrace. Ignoring the uncomfortable situation, they all decide to put the crib together. Victor sends Abby and Victoria to Milwaukee for a conference. Victoria and Abby continue to bicker until Abby realizes that Victoria and Billy are back together. Victoria says they are taking it slow because she isn't sure she can trust that Billy's love for her is stronger than his need to hate. Victor tells Ashley that he thinks she is the one behind the Paragon Project. Ben worries about his patient, James, who is a marine and feels guilty that he came back alive and his men didn't. James goes into cardiac arrest.

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