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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Maya the countdown begins – tomorrow is the big day. Julius goes on and on about the Forrester house that even has a golf course out there. He wants to know who is paying for all of this party, he can’t. Rick welcomes Julius and Vivienne. He says tonight should be fun. Maya hopes her dad will behave. She embraces her mother. Even Nicole shares with Zende she is not sure how her dad will act but they are about to find out. Later Rick says her dad did good and Maya agrees that he behaved. Now they just want everyone to relax, have a drink and have fun. Julius asks how he was. Vivienne said that he was a little stiff as he rehearsed walking her down the aisle. Vivienne jokes he was born stiff. Eric tells him that the father of the bride is a complicated situation. Julius excuses himself and wants to have a father to father talk with Eric. He shares that he is sort of retired like Eric is…..or at least pulling back a bit. Julius gives him a gift only to find that Eric does not play golf. Maya says at least he is trying to fit in.

Julius makes one faux pas by saying that he can’t get used to the fact that he won’t be a grandpa. Eric consoles him that they probably will adopt when the time is right. Julius pulls Nick aside and tries to befriend him and is astounded when he realizes he too might be a transgender person. Vivienne gives a toast to a long and happy marriage. Nick asks to be next and toasts Maya and Rick and to his new friend, Julius. Eric and Brooke join in. Later Maya confronts Julius and says she needs to know if he wants to be here or not and how he really feels about her. He says he would hope his being here would be enough. She said there were years that he wanted nothing to do with her. She was different and she could not pretend. This is who she is now and she is home with herself. She needs to know that he accepts her like she is. He claims he can not snap his fingers. Maybe he came up short but that is all behind him. He is seeing things very differently now. He knows she doubts him but he wants to be part of her life now. Rick calls her away and asks if she is okay. Maya says yes, her dad said all he could say and she wanted to hear. Rick says he knows there will be some rough spots but maybe her dad has changed. What he does know is what they have is real. She says all she wants is to be his wife. Julius gives one final look at Maya’s head on Rick’s shoulder with her happy face beaming.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Martin told Clyde that he ran into a problem with the paternity test.  Chad and Ben had an awkward conversation about Abby.  Clyde called someone and told the person to make it look like it was an accident.  Martin called Kayla and told her there was a contamination with the blood work.  Abby was about to open the envelope.  Justin and Sonny talked about Paul and Adrienne.  Kate found out that Paul and Derrick had sex with each other.  Ben didn't believe that Chad had changed.  Kayla stopped Abby from opening the envelope.  Martin told Abby that he had to run the test again.  Paul wanted Kate to keep quiet about him being with Derrick.  Aiden wanted Rafe to go out with him and Hope.  Rafe backed out at the last minute.  Aiden wanted to know why, buy he wouldn't tell him.  Martin told Clyde that he was about to stop Abby from opening the results.  Ben rubbed it in to Chad that he goes to bed with Abby every night.

Will met Derrick at the park.  Paul went to see Sonny.  Derrick told Will that he had sex with Paul.  Will wanted all of the details.  Ben told Chad that Abby moved in with him and that they sleep together every night.  Ben believed that Chad was jealous because Abby chose him.  Chad was about to say something to Ben, but he stopped himself.  Kayla received a call about the test being ready.  Chad didn't tell Ben that he had sex with her.  Derrick told Will that Kate saw him with Paul.  Paul told Sonny that he had sex with Derrick.  Hope showed up at Victor's club to find out why he backed out of their plans and to talk about Clyde. Paul informed Sonny that his relationship with Derrick wasn't serious.  Rafe wanted to stop working with Hope on bringing Clyde down.  She wanted to work with him, but he didn't want to risk her life.  Aiden wanted to drop Clyde and Ben as clients.  Abby opened the test results and realized that Ben was the father of her baby.  Aiden let Clyde and Ben know they could find another lawyer.  Rafe warned Hope to walk away from investigating Clyde.  Abby went to her office and Chad followed her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jake tells Elizabeth that Hayden came out of her coma and recognized him as her husband, Jake Barnes. Elizabeth confesses that a part of her doesn’t want him to find out who he is because she doesn’t want to lose him to another woman out there who loves him too. He says he doesn’t want to lose her either. Sam confronts Hayden about faking amnesia. Patrick comes in and wonders what is going on and escorts Sam out of the room. Sam insists to Patrick that Hayden is a fraud and that with a few more minutes she could have proven that Hayden is lying. Patrick wonders why Sam cares so much whether Hayden is lying. She tells him that she and Jake are investigating a connection between Hayden and Nikolas for Michael. Patrick wonders why she hadn’t told him that she is working with Jake. Sam says she trusts Patrick but she doesn’t trust Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Hayden came out of her coma. She frets about Hayden remembering who Jake is and telling him. Nikolas says he will handle it. Elizabeth asks him what exactly that means and if he is responsible for Hayden getting shot. Jake visits Hayden and tells her that he too suffered from memory loss so he understands what she is going through. She tells him that she has been trying to remember who Ric Lansing is, but she can’t remember anything about him. Jake asks her if she recognizes the name Nikolas Cassadine.

Kiki goes to Morgan’s and tells him that she found her father’ body. She tells him that the police know that Franco was the murderer, but that Franco swore he didn’t do it and that there was another explanation. Nina tries and fails to reach Franco. Nathan interrogates Franco. Nina calls Ric to Shady Brook and tells him that she knows she didn’t kidnap the baby. Nathan goes to Shady Brook to tell Nina about Silas’ murder, but she already knows. He tells her that the police have Franco in custody. She tells him that Franco is innocent. Franco uses his one phone call to contact Dr. Obrecht. He confides to her that he found Nina at the scene of the murder. She says Franco has to turn Nina in. Franco says he believed Nina when she said she didn’t do it. He tells Liesl that Nina didn’t kidnap the baby either; Silas did. Then it occurs to him who the real murderer must be: Ava. Denise deflects when Morgan wants to talk to her abut Silas. Dante asks Denise why she called Silas last night. She makes up a story about wanting to invite Silas to dinner with her and Kiki. Dante asks her about her relationship with Franco. She tells him that Franco is only dating her to make Nina jealous. When Dante leaves, she thinks about leaving Silas’ apartment that day.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Noah wants to get to know Marisa more but she feels like she's being interrogated. Noah is asked to go to the police station where Harding tells him that the picture of Marco isn't really Marco. Noah confronts Marisa about this, and she says she never did anything to hurt Noah and she never would. If he doesn't believe that, they have nothing. Phyllis convinces Jack to pretend to be Marco and get Marisa to tell him more information about Marco. When he does this, Marisa pulls a knife on him, and he tells her his true identity. She swears she doesn't know where Marco is. Adam follows Chelsea to Paris and suggests they stay there and start a new life. Chelsea is resistant, because she thinks Adam will always need to seek revenge against Victor and that will always be more important than her and Connor.

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