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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline tries to do a little sketching at home but is a little down. Ridge says he is sorry. He knows there is nothing happy about getting a divorce. She says she knows and both she and Rick have moved on in new relationships and are happier now, so she should have expected this. It’s just hard to let go of this vision for what she had planned for her life. He jokes she can look on the bright side – he no longer is sleeping with a married woman. Brooke confides in Thomas that Ridge can be pretty intense at times but she is glad he apologized to Thomas. Ridge pushes those he loves to do their best. Thomas just wonders if he has Caroline’s best interest at heart. And if being involved with his dad is her smartest move but maybe he is just being too protective. He comments Ridge leaves women….he did it to Brooke and he did it to his own mother. He doesn’t want to see Caroline get hurt like that. Brooke makes mention that perhaps he has feelings too for Caroline. Thomas laughs that off and says he remembers when she first came to town and they dated for a while but then moved on. Brooke says but she is not married now. Thomas says that would be going after the woman that his dad is with. That is nasty, he would not do that game. Brooke assures him that Ridge has grown a lot in the last few years. He has had a few major impacts on his life. Thomas hopes so as Caroline is special and does not deserve another heartbreak in her life. She deserves a guy who will stick around. Brooke says but Ridge is supportive and he would never keep her from doing what she wanted. Thomas says that is the fantasy and adventure but then it starts to turn and goes away and leaves her in tears.

Nicole and Othello are talking in the showroom. She jokes how the models walk like zombies with no expressions. Othello dares her to get up there on the catwalk and do her stuff then. He turns the music on and she starts but it turns into more of just wild dance moves like in a club. Zende walks up and surprises her by joining in. Then Othello changes the mix board to a slower song and leaves them under the disco ball. Nicole comments that she went to her prom. Zende didn’t but says it is never too late. He asks Nicole to dance and she can’t wait. He is not sure about her leading but she says get used to it. Ridge suggests that he and Caroline get more comfortable and they end up eating in bed. He says what more can she possibly want. She catches him off guard when she says she would like a baby. It is something that she has been thinking about for a while. He is honest and isn’t sure he wants to share her with anyone else. He has a family. She knows but she still wants her own child. She likes seeing him be a dad to his own kids. He mentions just wanting to live in the moment. She says she always knew this age difference might come into it. And if it came between a child or choosing Ridge, he would always win. She kisses him and they hold hands, but still she cries.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben caught Clyde on the phone with Martin (the lab tech).  Abby was worried about the paternity test. Kayla tried to comfort Abby.  Abby cried over the ring Ben gave her.  Ben told Clyde that he proposed to Abby.  Chad let Stefano know that he hasn’t changed Abby’s mind about them being together.  Stefano believed that they would get back together.  Chad let Stefano know that he planned on telling Abby everything if they did get back together.  Chad warned Stefano that he wouldn’t like what he had to say to Abby.  Kyle and Paige didn’t see JJ behind the couch.  Kyle made it seem like he would change for her.  Kyle ended up kissing Paige while JJ was hiding behind the couch.  Victor met with Xander and decided to make him a landscaper.  Abby arrived at the hospital and was ready for Kayla to give her the results.  Abby had to wait an hour for them to be ready.  Chad told Stefano that he would tell Abby everything that Stefano planned to do with Abby’s property.  Stefano laughed at Chad.

Victor let Brady and Maggie know that Xander was going to be the new landscaper so he could keep an eye on him until the police can build a case against him.  Brady and Maggie were against the idea until Victor had to convince them that it was a great idea.  Martin waited for Kayla to bring the blood work to the lab.  Stefano warned Chad that he wouldn’t say anything to Abby or he would tell what Chad did too.  Chad wasn’t worried even when Stefano said he would lose Abby for good.  Martin had to leave the lab before Kayla showed up.  Abby kept thinking about Chad.  Brady warned Xander to stay away from Tate or he would pay.  Chad planned to tell Abby about Ireland. A lab tech saw Martin’s work and wanted to finish it for him.  JJ ran into Paige and they argued over Kyle.  Martin came back to the lab and noticed that the blood work was missing.  The lab tech said that she finished it up for him since he let her go to lunch. He panicked when he realized what happened. Kayla had the test results and gave the envelope to Abby.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny calls a meeting of the five families and asks which one of them broke the alliance. He tells them that someone has been hijacking he shipments and the shipments have been turning up in Brighton which makes it Serge from the Russian Mafia’s problem. Sonny says Serge owes him the name of the person who’s after his territory. Serge says he got the merchandise from a middleman who had worked with the Jeromes in the past. Serge tells Sonny to face the fact that Jason is dead, Duke is dead, Sean is in prison, and Sonny is alone without the spine to take a shot. Sonny shoots Serge dead.

After seeing the news report about Silas’s murder, Nina asks an orderly allow her to use his phone so she can call Franco. When he refuses, she becomes combative. Madeline arrives and pretends to observe that Nina is worse than she thought. Madeline wants Nina to sign some papers. Nina tells Madeline that Silas’ is dead. Madeleine won’t let Nina use her phone to call Franco.

Kiki is at the police station when Franco is brought in as the prime suspect in Silas’ murder. Franco refuses to talk to Jordan. Sam learns of Silas’ death from a news report. She relays the news to Patrick. When Carly and Morgan watch the news report, Carly concludes that Kiki must be devastated. Carly tells Morgan that he needs to support Kiki. Carly and Morgan and get into it about Morgan’s association with Denise. Denise watches the television age murder report about Silas’ murder. Julian wonders why she is so emotional about it since she didn’t have any kind of relationship with Silas. He says it must be hard on Kiki to lose her father six months after losing her mother. Julian tells to Denise that Ava was selfish, ruthless, and went after whatever she wanted regardless of the consequences. Silas appears in front of Ava and tells her that it is too late for regrets.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis confronts Marco by telling him that she knows he isn't Jack, but he enjoys being with her, and they make a good couple. Marco thinks Phyllis is hostile to him, because she enjoyed being with him more than she ever did being with Jack, and she feels guilty that she wants him more than Jack. When Marco tries to force himself on Phyllis, she hits him over the head with a vase. Phyllis calls Jack but he arrives too late. Marco has already left even though he is bleeding from the head wound that Phyllis caused. Marco gets to the park and calls someone for help, because things are not going according to plan.

The blackout causes Neil and Hilary to be stuck in the elevator together. She is frightened by Neil's attitude toward her because he is eerily calm. Neil tells Hilary that the key to a long marriage with Devon is to always be honest and trustworthy. Kevin suspects that Victor's jail guard has been giving him information about the search for Marco. Detective Harding agrees with Kevin. When the lights return, he tells Kevin to search the computer for Victor's guard. Victor tells Marisa that when Marco contacts her, she should tell him before she tells Jack, so that Jack doesn't find Marco first. Noah takes Summer's advice and gets to know Marisa, so their relationship isn't only based on sex.

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