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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Caroline that he is here for her. He went away but he is back now and now there is nothing stopping them. He kisses her as she leans backward on the sofa. There is a knock on the door and it is Ridge. Thomas breaks from his fantasy and has to answer the door. Ridge is more than surprised to find Thomas there and asks what is going on. Caroline fills him in that her legs started hurting and Thomas was helping her like Ridge has. Ridge says he is sure that he must have come over to jump all over Ridge and he’d like to apologize. He is glad that he is home again. Zende tells Brooke that he sat in on a marketing meeting this morning and he is learning a lot. She tells him that they are all happy he is here. He and Nicole are both hard working. Brooke confides in Zende that Ridge was not pleased with Thomas’s design and ripped it up. Ridge is very focused and knows what he wants. Ridge says he went too far when he ripped up the design and he is sorry. But he knows Thomas can do better. He says he knows what he is capable of, and that is a compliment. He trusts his instincts. Thomas agrees that he did not have to take it so personally. He says he can’t wait now to get back to the office and clear his head and make more designs. Caroline thanks him for helping her.

Brooke and Zende continue talking and she said the atmosphere changed a lot when she went away to Milan and now there are more couples here than when she left. She does not see how Ridge and Caroline can continue though as they are in much different places. Caroline tells Ridge that she saw Thomas’s design and it wasn’t that terrible. Ridge says no but it was not up to his standard either. He did apologize so Thomas will be okay. Thomas is on the Sky Lounge Roof working on his abs. Zende tells him to slow up a little. He heard about Ridge tearing up his design so he knows why he is so heated up. Thomas says he hopes Ridge is not that way with Caroline. He admits he and Caroline go way back and they care for each other. She thought Rick was the one for her and then that ended and she is with his dad. All those things she originally wanted he does not think is an option any more. Caroline says she is glad Ridge apologized to Thomas. There is no better motivation than trying to prove someone wrong. Just give Thomas a chance. She gets a text from Rick that the divorce is final. She sighs to Ridge that her marriage is over. She can’t believe she is not married anymore. She’s been so busy to even think about it and she lost track of time. It’s an excuse but she failed at marriage. Working hard did not matter. She had her whole life planned out and it was snatched away. Her life did not turn out the way she expected it to. Thomas says his dad has not pulled diaper duty in a long time and he doesn’t think he will want to. Zende says maybe Caroline will change all of that. Thomas says he has seen it happen to his mom and sister and he doesn’t want to see Caroline get burned again. Ridge tells Caroline that life doesn’t always go as planned. She says she knows but she has always been able to reach her goal. She’s glad she did not have kids with Rick as it would have made the divorce harder. She says she is glad she has her place with him. He agrees, they will live in the moment. She hugs Ridge. Thomas works harder on his abs.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel walked in on Chloe and Nicole fighting. Daniel wanted to know what happened between them. Chloe let him know that he shouldn’t marry Nicole. Brady didn’t believe that Theresa broke her ankle so she kept trying to convince him that she did. Paige was upset that she ran into JJ at Kyle’s place.  They went to TBD and he explained to Paige that he didn’t plan on her running into JJ.  Daniel assured Chloe that Nicole is good with Parker.  Chloe wasn’t so sure that Nicole changed the way he said.  Brady didn’t want to see X-rays for Theresa’s ankle.  Brady pretended to leave so she called Anne and told her that the plan worked.  Brady snuck back in and wanted to catch Theresa to prove she was lying about her ankle.

Brady didn’t see Theresa doing anything. Kyle admitted to Paige that he’s a dealer and she wanted him to quit.  Nicole ran into Eric and he let her know that Brady knew the truth about them.  Nicole told Eric that Daniel knew the truth about what they did.  Daniel let Chloe know that his future is with Nicole and that he wouldn’t be with her if he thought she wasn’t good for Parker. Victor met Xander and let him know that he wouldn’t help him anymore. Victor wouldn’t give him any money. Nicole let Eric know that Daniel was okay with everything that happened between them.  JJ arrived at TBD and saw Paige and Kyle together.  Paige continued to talk Kyle out of selling drugs. JJ suddenly arrived at Kyle’s place and searched it for something.  JJ found information and took pics of the serial numbers.  Nicole went back to Daniel’s place and ran into Chloe.  Nicole agreed with Chloe that she messed up in the past. Nicole assured Chloe that she would be good for Parker.  Daniel saw Eric at the town square and wanted to talk to him.  Chloe apologized to Nicole for the way she treated her.  They wanted to be friends again.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dillon and Valerie have their first date at the Floating Rib. Dillon tells her that he almost canceled when he heard that she had kissed Dante. Dante and Lou go to the Floating Rib. The four of them get a table together and try not to make it weird.

Felix and Donny’s relationship is blossoming. Brad tells Felix that his relationship with Lucas isn’t going well. Felix tells Brad that he has to keep trying to get in touch with Lucas so that he can tell him everything. Lucas thinks about Brad’s revelation that he’s already married. Lucas wonders what’s wrong with Morgan because he is unusually defensive. Lucas tells Morgan that Brad is married and that he is furious about sleeping with a married man all this time. Lucas mentions Carly and Sonny’s wedding. Morgan didn’t know about it. Carly goes to tells Denise to stay away from Morgan. Ava says Morgan is a big boy who probably doesn’t appreciate his mommy butting into his business.

Nathan goes to Shady Brook to check on Nina. Nathan tells Nina that he thinks someone is framing her for kidnapping Avery. Nina has just gone back after having been at Silas’ apartment, where Silas’ has been murdered. Franco cleans up the scene of the crime. On his way out, Franco runs into Kiki. When she goes inside the apartment, she is horrified to find Silas’ dead on the floor. She concludes that Franco already knew that Silas was dead. She calls the police to report the murder. Dante catches the case. Dante calls Nathan. Dante and Nathan burst in and order Franco to put down his bag. Dante finds the knife in the bag and arrests Franco. Morgan unemotionally watches the news report about the murder. Denise’s hands shake when she sees the report. Kiki is convinced that Franco is the murderer.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

A thunderstorm causes a blackout in Genoa City and that brings romance for Noah and Marisa who make love for the first time. Victor tells his men to find Marco before he can harm the Newman family. Jack and Phyllis return home from their second honeymoon in Istanbul and come up with a code word so Phyllis can tell him and Marco apart in case Marco should return to Genoa City. The code word is the name of the parliament building in Istanbul. Nick and Sage tell Sharon and Faith they are engaged. Dylan suspects that Sharon wants Nick back in her life due to her shocked and jealous reaction to the news.

Sharon assures Dylan that he is her future and Nick is her past. She is excited about having a family with him. Jack assures Victor that he is keeping his secret and hasn't told Phyllis the truth. Victor wonders why Phyllis is angry with him and thinks that he can't be trusted. Phyllis returns home and smashes the picture of her first honeymoon, since she now knows that she wasn't with Jack. Marco arrives and wonders why Phyllis broke the picture frame. Phyllis tests him with the code word, but Marco doesn't know the name of the building.

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