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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas can not believe his dad ripped up his design. He wants to know how it works around here then. Brooke tells Caroline that she thinks it will be great for another father/son team. Caroline says yes if Ridge is pleased with Thomas’s designs. Caroline says Thomas knows what he wants. Ridge tells Thomas he wants the best for him but that wasn’t it. Thomas chastises him for almost everything, even the women in his life. Maybe Ridge is the one who is out of touch, just saying. He walks out. Deacon sticks around and says he is waiting for another kiss from his wife, not to see Brooke. Eric walks out and says he will have to write them up for goofing off on the job. He reminds Quinn that Brooke was wary for good reason about their marriage but he hopes it is going well. He tells Quinn that she is doing a wonderful job here and her pieces are exceptional. They are lucky to have her back. Brooke and Ridge talk after Caroline goes home. She remembers how that feels when she used to wait for him at home. She and Taylor fought over him for so many years. But she always knew in the end there would be someone younger. Ridge says that whole triangle they had with her and Eric still affects his thoughts today. She sees the ripped up Thomas piece. Ridge tells her that he wants his son to grow, not just get by on his name. But maybe she is right, he could cut him a little slack. She says few people can say no to Thomas when he puts his mind to it.

Thomas stops by Caroline’s and says his dad ripped up his design and is probably laughing at him right now. The picture is loud and clear, he is only a pale imitation of his old man. Nothing is ever good enough for him. Caroline suggests that he stay as Ridge will be home soon and they can talk more freely. She has leg pains and Thomas insists that he can massage and help her. He puts her legs in his lap and goes to work. Thomas says his dad has never been not supportive but maybe he is ticked at him for something else and not just the design. They laugh and she says living abroad has been good for him as he is more mature now. He adds and better looking too. He hopes she is happy and won’t be crushed when his dad finally moves on. He apologizes for that but he knows monogamy is not his strong suit. She says Ridge has changed. He is not like that any more. He says he remembers when she first stepped out of that limo. But then he left town and she got with his dad. He kisses her leg and she tells him no, he needs to stop. Instead he puts the lock on the door and pulls her into his lap and tries to kiss her. She says she can’t. He tells her that he lost her once and he can not do that again. He kisses her and she does not pull away immediately.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe visited Nicole and let her know that she was bothered by her being with Daniel.  Daniel went to Serena and they talked about Eric and Nicole.  Serena was convinced that Daniel didnít know everything about what happened.  Daniel let her know that he knows the truth.  Theresa came up with a plan to get rid of the nanny so she could stay at the mansion.  Eve tried to come up with a new way to get Jennifer.  Kyle gave Paige a sob story about his past.  Roman and Agent Watts warned JJ not to get carried away with getting Kyle.  Chloe was upset that Nicole didnít tell her about getting engaged to Daniel. Nicole blamed Serena for why she didnít keep in touch with her.  Nicole apologized for not telling her about it.  Chloe didnít accept her apology or the situation.

Kyle claimed he wanted her to help him change by being around her.  JJ felt like he couldnít just wait around for Kyle to make a move. He had to do something to stop Kyle from hurting Paige.  Anne was able to help Theresa put her plan into action.  Eve showed up at the hospital and agreed to help Theresa with her plan.  Eve wanted Theresaís help so she could go after Jennifer, but Theresa couldnít help her.  Chloe said sheís over Daniel, but didnít think Nicole was good enough for Parker.  Eve was walking by and overheard Jennifer talking to Eric about the Horton Center being closed down.  Kyle told someone that he convinced Paige to feel sorry for him.  Daniel gave Serena a reality check and let her know that she lost Eric.  Daniel advised her to leave Salem and move on with her life.  Nicole was appalled that Chloe didnít think she was good enough for Parker.  They argued over Parker.  Chloe wanted Nicole to walk away from Daniel and Parker.  Theresa pretended to have a broken leg so she could stay at the Kiriakis mansion longer.  Serena wrote Eric a letter saying goodbye.  JJ went to Kyleís place and was shocked when Paige showed up.  Nicole wanted Chloe to leave the apartment. Chloe accidentally dropped Nicoleís food and they ended up fighting.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Laura tells Nikolas and Elizabeth that she will keep what she knows about Jake’s identity to herself. She says she can’t look Sam or Monica and the eye knowing she’s keeping the secret so she’s going to go visit Lucky because she has the feeling the secret is weighing on him too. Hayden awakens from her coma. Jakes hopes she will tell him who he is. Hayden thinks he is her husband Jake Barnes. Sam thinks Hayden is faking.

Another of Sonny’s shipments is hijacked. Sonny sets up a meeting with the five families to find out who is trying to take over his territory. Ric tells Max that he isn’t going to the meeting. Nathan is at Ric’s hotel room with a warrant for the baby blanket. Ric gives Nathan the blanket and tells him that it’s not Avery’s blanket anyway. Ric tells Nathan that Nina had a break and checked herself into Shady Brook. Nathan goes to Shady Brook to find Nina. Franco finds Nina in Silas’ apartment, kneeling over Silas with a bloody knife in her hand. He checks for a pulse and informs Nina that Silas’ is dead. Nina tells them that when she got there the door was open and Silas’ was lying there with a knife sticking out of his back and that she pulled the knife out. Franco tells her that he believes her. He says they need to get her back into Shady Brook before anyone notices that she is missing. Nina wants to stay and say goodbye to Silas. Franco cleans up the crime scene. On his way out, he runs into Kiki in the hallway.

Morgan drinks at the Metro Court while remembering that he said he was going to do whatever is necessary to keep Silas quiet. Sonny wonders what is bothering Morgan. Morgan admits that he slept with Denise and that Dr. Clay walked in on them and said he is going to tell Kiki. Sonny advises Morgan to tell Kiki himself before Silas’ does. Morgan is certain that Silas won’t say anything. Ava nervously drinks while watching the news. She recalls telling Morgan that she was going get Silas to keep quiet. Julian wonders why Ava is so jumpy. Ava changes the subject by suggesting that Julian is behind the hijackings of Sonny’s shipments. Alexis shows up to assure Julian that she doesn’t think he was behind the hijacking.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Marisa is surprised to learn that Victor knows that Marco is still alive. She tells Victor that if he doesn't keep her safe from Marco, she will tell the police all about his plan to bring Marco to town. Victor cautions Marisa that if she tells the police what she knows, there will be no place to hide from him. Kevin sees Marisa talking to Victor and tells Detective Harding that, although he couldn't hear what they were saying, it is clear that they share a secret. When Harding brings Marisa in to the station, she gives him a sketch of Marco, but it is actually the captain of the ship that exploded.

Nick proposes to Sage, but she doesn't respond to his proposal, because she is shocked by the fact that he would propose to her. Nick wants to leave the company, but Victor persuades him to stay, because he will be protecting his children's legacy. When Jack tells Phyllis the truth about what Victor did to him, she is very angry that Victor made both of them suffer this nightmare and wants to go to the police. Jack explains to Phyllis that he thinks he killed Kelly and is also responsible for the ship explosion that killed many people. Jack assures her that Victor will pay for the pain they both suffered.

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