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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Ridge that he is not out of touch but she wants to make more of a bold statement and what the dress would look like with her jewelry. They compromise with a few less stones while still looking good but giving the dress a chance to shine. She thanks him for giving her a chance. Thomas tells Caroline that he enjoyed hanging out with her yesterday. He wonders what she has in common with Ridge….besides the obvious that men always are intrigued by the great Ridge Forrester. She says they just get each other and are a great design team. He asks her opinion of a design he just made. If she likes it then probably his dad will too. She makes a few changes before she accepts it. He thanks her for the tip. He says he will take it over to his dad so wish him luck. She thinks he can be the third member of the design team. Brooke tells Deacon that she is not used to seeing him roam the halls of FC at will. He thinks it is funny and must drive Ridge crazy and that is worth the price of admission. Quinn spies them talking and walks up. He comments on being there with his two favorite women. Quinn can’t help but mention that Brooke videoed Hope in on their wedding to try and stop it. Brooke assures her that they were only talking about Quinn and how Deacon is a happy married man now. Quinn tells her how good it is to be working and accepted by Ridge and the entire company’s morale is much better now.

Brooke drops by Caroline’s office hoping to find Thomas. She inquires how things are going between her and Ridge and Caroline says she does not think Brooke wants to go there, but things are just fine. She anticipates it will only get better as Thomas is seeing his dad right now and may join the team. It would be great to have another father/son combination at FC. She says she loves Ridge now when Brooke mentions that when she first came to L.A. she and Thomas were a couple. Thomas sees his dad and the model hits on him. Thomas rubs it in his father’s face, now they are flirting with him and not the great RF. Thomas is proud to show his dad his design. Ridge says that was awfully fast and sometimes attention to details is better than fast and go. Thomas says he thinks he can do both and this is not necessary at all as they both know what he can bring to the table, but……Ridge is running the show so they will do it his way. He warns Ridge that he already showed it to Caroline and she liked it. He has his own style, different than his dad’s but he thinks he will like it. Quinn tells Deacon that she hopes he got that whole message. She is really trying with Brooke but even when she is opening up and being civil she can be so cold. And Deacon runs hot so she does not see what they have together. He appreciates Quinn trying to make the effort and says she is all he wants and needs. Ridge looks at the design by Thomas and the son stands by waiting on the critique. Ridge takes it and tears it in half. Thomas is shocked. He thinks it is a joke and Ridge did that to get a reaction out of him. Ridge says no, they are on the cutting edge now and this didn’t have that. They are trendsetters not followers. He must have gotten lazy in Paris. If this is the best he can do, then he’d be the last person Ridge would hire.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

A couple of guys didn't approve of Paul being gay.  One thing led to another and Paul, Sonny, Will, Derrick and the two guys ended up in a fight.  Rafe and John broke up the fight.  Ben managed not to see Abby with Chad because Clyde wanted to meet him.  Clyde wanted Ben to give his mother's ring to Abby.  Clyde advised Ben to propose to Abby.  Abby didn't want Chad to tell her that he loves her.  She said it was the wrong time and Chad thought he was too late. Sonny explained to John how the fight started.  Clyde thought that Ben's mother's birthday was a sign for him to propose.  Chad tried to convince Abby to be with him, but she resisted him.

Will/Sonny and Paul/Derrick agreed to end their double date.  Will knew Derrick's date with Sonny would end well.  Abby told Chad she needed time to think.  Ben didn't want to pressure Abby.  Kate and Justin talked about Paul being a good addition to the company and joked about who got him there.  John briefly talked to Rafe about Hope and Clyde.  Rafe suddenly thought about Hope dancing with Aiden.  Will returned home and asked Chad how his conversation with Abby turned out.  Abby went home and found Ben.  Ben showed her the ring Clyde gave her.  John thought that he should have been there for Paul growing up.  Marlena assured John that Paul would have been gay regardless of who raised him.  Derrick and Paul spend time together at the park.  Paul kissed Derrick.  Chad told Will that he knows Abby loves him.  Ben proposed to Abby.  Ben wanted Abby to think about the proposal.  Chad's convinced that he and Abby will be back together.  Justin praised Kate for her work at Mad World and for being a good friend.  He warned her to be careful with Clyde.  Sonny saw Paul and Derrick kissing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick tells Sam that Elizabeth said Danny is welcome in little Jake’s life. Jake tells Sam that Michael suggested that given their relationship, if Hayden knows who he is, Nikolas’s might know too. Jake wonders why his identity is important to Nikolas. Laura tells Elizabeth that she knows Jake is Jason and that she has to tell the truth about it. Elizabeth begs her not to. Elizabeth says Lucky knows too. She says Nikolas’s would become a pariah. Laura doesn’t change her mind. Elizabeth tells Laura that she thinks Nikolas had a woman named Hayden Barnes shot because she was going to tell Jake who he is. Laura says she’s going to ask Nikolas what really happened with Hayden. Michael tells Nikolas that he could be gone from ELQ in a matter of weeks. He says he’s going to find a secret of Nikolas’s to expose. Michael tells Nicholas that he just saw his mother at Elizabeth’s house talking to Jake Doe. Nikolas’s goes to Elizabeth’s house. Laura tells him that they were just talking about Jason. Patrick tells Jake and Sam that Hayden is waking up.

Franco finds Nina at Shady Brook. She confesses that she never stopped loving him. She tells him that she committed herself because she’s been hallucinating crying babies and cribs. She says she must have a guilty conscience. She thinks she kidnapped Avery and can’t remember it. He reveals to her that she did not kidnap Avery; Silas kidnapped her to help Ava. He reveals that Denise is really Ava in disguise. Nina is furious that Silas is trying to railroad her for Ava. She runs out of Shady Brook to find Silas.

Silas calls Kiki and leaves a message that he has something important to tell her. Denise tells Morgan that Silas seems determined to tell Kiki everything. Morgan declares that he will do whatever it takes to shut Silas up. Ava goes out and returns upset, needing a drink. Morgan goes to the Metro Court needing a drink. Michael can tell something is bothering Morgan but Morgan won’t talk to him about it. Franco finds Nina in Silas’ apartment kneeling over Silas’ is body with a bloody knife in her hand.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Devon doesn't remember what happened at his bachelor party. Colin tells him that he cheated on Hilary and advises that Devon keep his secret. Colin and Neil discuss the video of Devon going into the bedroom with a prostitute, while Devon suffers through his guilt while making love to Hilary. Victor wants Nick to remain at Newman-Abbott. Nick agrees as long as Victor doesn't interfere in Nick's life. Cane chastises Lily time and again before realizing that she is a good mother. Lily hopes for reconciliation but Cane only offers joint custody. In Istanbul, Phyllis and Jack reminisce about their previous visit there. Phyllis brings up St. Barts and Jack gets angry. Phyllis says she knows Jack is keeping something from her, and it's eating him up. Jack admits that Phyllis has been dealing with "two Jacks."

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