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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne lashes out at Steffy and says his daughter did not just trip and fall on a rock. He wants to know exactly how she died. He rants at both Steffy and Ridge that he was not there but he knows his little girl died and he wants to know how right now. He won’t listen to Steffy so Ridge tells her just to leave. She cries that she is sorry. Ridge asks Thorne what is he accusing Steffy of or what does he think happened. Thorne is not sure. He just knows something is not right. Ridge says okay but do not blame Steffy. He will allow that. Wyatt tells Ivy that she needs to confront Steffy if she does not believe her version. Ivy says no, she can not look at her right now. Wyatt says then look at him as he is there for her. He kisses her. She asks if that is just for distraction. He tells her no; he meant it. And it is settled. She is having dinner at his house tonight.

Caroline finds Thomas working out on the Sky Lounge Roof. She kids him about working on his portfolio. She fills him in on her working or helping his dad learn to draw again and one thing led to another in their relationship. Bill praises Liam for being a man and ending things with Ivy ad they will all be the better for it. Ivy enjoys her dinner though it is a bit too spicy for her taste. Wyatt kids her for not picking the mild. She did not want to be a wuss. He says she is not a wuss as proved by the last few days. She says he is being very gentlemanly. She knows this is awkward as he was getting to like Steffy and now she is back with Liam. He says he is okay and likes Ivy too. He kisses her again. Caroline and Ridge make love while Thomas spends his time sketching Caroline’s face and seems pleased with himself. Steffy goes back to Liam’s where they will unwind. He tells her Thorne is hurting and not thinking straight but he will not let Thorne blame her for Aly’s death. It is not her fault. Thorne was not there so eventually he will have to believe Steffy as that is the way it happened. Liam says Aly targeted Steffy so technically it was not an accident. She set this in motion and Thorne will not want to hear that. But Steffy is a strong girl and will get through this. They kiss and slowly undress and go to the bed. Wyatt and Ivy kiss again but then she tells him they should go slow. He says slow is good. Abruptly she stops as she seems to remember something.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad admitted to Abby that he loved her.  She didn't believe her, but he continued to tell her how he felt.  Daniel didn't want Nicole to walk away after she told him what happened with Eric.  Derrick told Sonny that he knew that Paul had feelings for him.  Abby threw up in Chad's face how he treated her.  Chad told Abby how he saw her talking to Ben and got upset.  Abby was upset by that admission and told him to get out.  Daniel forgave Nicole for what happened with Eric. Jennifer was worried that JJ would get hurt and wanted him to be careful with Kyle.  Paige saw Eve while she was with Kyle.  Kyle talked to Eve and advised her to give Paige time because she will eventually change her mind about her.  Abby wanted to leave the apartment since Chad wouldn't go.  Chad stopped her from leaving.

Daniel and Nicole began to make love.  Will and Sonny and Paul and Derrick went to The Edge for drinks.  Their date went well.  Abby didn't seem to believe what Chad was saying to her and wanted him to tell her the truth.  Derrick let Will and company know that he hasn't spoken to his family since he came out as gay.  Sonny looked concerned when Paul touched Derrick's hand.  Eve ran into Jennifer they got into an argument. Chad told Abby that he lied about what he said to her.  Ben found out that Abby was at Will's place.  Abby questioned why Chad didn't want to protect her from his family and he explained to her why he changed his mind.  He told her he loved her and hoped she felt the same way.  It turned out that Derrick lied about his parents turning on him.  Eve got upset when Jennifer called her a bad parent.  Ben was outside Will's apartment just as Abby and Chad were about to kiss.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Mrs. Shipley informs Scott Baldwin that Franco and Silas Clay stopped by his office. Silas catches Denise and Morgan in bed together. Silas tells Ava that the only reason he’s not telling Morgan the truth about her is because he’s going to tell Kiki first. Ava says Silas won’t do it because he’ll go to prison for kidnapping Avery. He said he already went to the district attorney’s office to turn himself in and that he would have done it if the district Attorney had been there. He says he can’t live with the fact that Nina believes she kidnapped that child. Ric has taken Nina to Shady Brook. He convinces her to sign commitment papers.

Franco goes to Nina’s suite and when she doesn’t answer the door, he kicks it in only to find that she isn’t there. Madeline goes to Nina’s place while Franco is still there. Franco suggests that Madeline and Ric are plotting behind Nina’s back. She says she and Ric are just trying to get Nina the help that she needs. Madeline tells Franco that Nina is having hallucinations because of her guilty conscience from kidnapping that baby again. Franco tells Madeline that he knows Nina didn’t the kidnap that baby and that he knows who did. Franco finds Nina at Shady Brook. Ric tells Madeline that Nina asked for a divorce but that he got her to commit herself instead.

Scott asks Nikolas about Laura’s secret. Nikolas’s tries to persuade Scott to stay out of it. Scott deduces that whatever is bothering Laura has something to do with the Nikolas. Laura meets Jake Doe. She tells him that she has the feeling that they have met before. He tells her that he had reconstructive surgery so he doesn’t look like what he may have looked like before and that he thinks looking into his past is futile. Laura tells Jake said he might be giving up too easily. Patrick stop by and tells Elizabeth that Sam wants Danny to meet little Jake. Elizabeth makes excuses. Laura says that as a mother who kept her sons separated as children, she believes that would be good for Danny and Jake to grow up together as brothers. Jake agrees. Elizabeth tells Patrick that Sam can introduce Danny to Jake. Laura says she is sure Jason would be happy about that. When Jake leaves, Laura tells Elizabeth that she knows Jake is really Jason.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane and Colin walk into the bar. Lily sees them and confronts Cane that he is not setting an example to their children. Cane and Lily begin to argue. Joe interrupts them. In a hotel room, Devon and Hilary discuss wedding plans. Hilary tells him that she wants this to last. At the Athletic Club, Nikki and Neil discuss him wanting revenge on Devon and Hilary. Nikki tells Neil that she hopes that he won’t act on these fantasies. Lauren and Michael meet accidentally at the police station. Lauren tells Michael about Paul. After Lauren leaves, Mark tells Michael that Victor was released and the charges against him have been dropped, since Jack has changed his story. At the Underground, Kevin, Mariah, Noah, and Marisa look for proof that Marco may still be alive and will come back to Genoa City after one of them. Kevin asks Marisa if she saw Marco’s body in the car. Kevin and Mariah want to notify the police, but Marisa stops them. Kevin and Mariah decide to take a walk straight to the police. Nikki tries to talk Neil out of this vendetta he holds against Devon and Hilary. Devon decides to throw himself 100% into this wedding as they are interrupted by Lauren, with a rack full of wedding dresses from Fenmore’s. Colin tries to pull Cane away from Lily before they cause a scene. Devon interrupts them. Cane apologizes to Devon. Joe sits down with Lily and asks her if she is all right. Joe invites Lily to have dinner with him. Kevin and Mariah go to the police department to talk to Paul but find out that he suffered a light heart attack. Kevin fills Mark in on what is going on. At first, Mark doesn’t believe him but soon changes his mind about Marco. Marisa worries that she will be leading Marco right to their doorstep. Marisa tells Noah that there is more to this story than she is telling. Nikki urges him to talk to his sponsor, but Neil insists that he doesn’t need help. Hilary cannot decide on a dress and finds something wrong with every one. Lauren remembers her own wedding. Lauren shows her another dress but Hilary tells her that she cannot do this.

Kevin tells Mark that Marco was in town during the murders of Austin and Courtney. Mark asks what the motive could be. Marisa tells Noah about the accident that she and Marco were fighting and she grabbed the wheel. Noah offers to protect Marisa. Hilary tells Lauren that she is constantly reminded of her failed marriage to Neil. Hilary asks about Cane and Lily. Michael joins Colin, Cane, and Devon for a bachelor party, but when ladies arrive, Cane and Michael leave. Devon soon has too much to drink and feels drowsy. One of the women leads him to a bedroom. Colin takes a picture of them as they enter the bedroom and shut the door. Lauren and Michael attempt to reconcile. Cane sees Joe kiss Lily.

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