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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is out on the Sky Roof and overhears some interns talking abut Alyís death. Liam walks out and sees this is bothering Steffy. He asks the girls to leave and then proceeds to tell Steffy none of this was her fault. He would like her to get away a few days but she claims she wants to work and keep busy. Wyatt tries to cheer Ivy by saying she is getting great reviews for her jewelry but she seems distracted. She says she has proof that Steffy killed Aly. Quinn joins and tells them they are going to have to work really hard to keep up with all these orders. It would be great if after Alyís death they could take off a week but they just canít. Thorne comes in all lost. He tells Wyatt he just had to get out of the house. He can not make any sense in all of this.

Caroline tells Ridge that she can only imagine what Steffy is going through. Thomas walks in and adds that he tried to talk to Steffy but she still feels responsible. Ridge says some days Aly was just fine and others she was nuts, but she did not deserve to die. Liam would like Steffy to talk to someone about the accident but she thinks that will only make it worse. About all she will say is that she was driving and had a flat tire and stopped to fix it. Aly came by and tried to hit her with her car. Steffy tried to get through to her but Aly would not listen. Aly tried to attack her then with a rock and slipped and fell. Again Liam tells her this is not her fault. Thorne is in a daze and criticizes some of the things Ridge said at the memorial. And he wants more details of what really happened. Ivy looks scared. She tells Wyatt that Thorne deserves to know the truth. Wyatt says it wonít change anything and he wishes she would stop saying the word murder. He kisses her and surprisingly she kisses him back. Thorne confronts Steffy and Ridge. He does not want to hear that his little girl attacked Steffy. There must have been something else going on and he is livid that they give him the details.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Clyde talked to Martin (lab tech guy) because he wanted him to help him with the paternity test results.  Martin was appalled by what Clyde wanted.  Abby didnít believe Will when he said Chad loved her.  Abby and Will went back and forth about whether Chad told the truth about his feelings.  Daniel wanted to know if anything has been left unsaid between him and Nicole before they could get married.  Martin wanted to go to the police, but Clyde threatened his family so Martin chickened out.

Theresa and Megan argued over Brady hiring another nanny instead of Megan.  Clyde pumped Ben about Aiden.  They ended up talking about Chad and Abby.  Abby agreed to talk to Chad.  Will called Chad to let him know that Abby wanted to talk to him.  Nicole told Daniel that she and Eric almost made love.  Daniel didnít understand why Nicole didnít tell the truth.  He wanted to know if she planned on telling him the truth.  Brady told Theresa that she had to start looking for a new place.  Nicole told Daniel that she tried to tell him the truth, but it didnít matter since they didnít do anything.  Nicole tried to convince Daniel that she loved only him.  Chad showed up at Willís apartment to see Abby.  Nicole asked Daniel if they were over.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Franco tries to break into Scott’s desk drawer. Silas goes to Scott’s office and finds Franco sitting in Scott’s chair. Franco asks if Silas is visiting the district attorney’s office because he’s finally going to confess to framing Nina. Silas confirms that he came to tells Scott everything because Nina is losing her grip on reality again. Franco thinks it’s unfair that Nina is suffering just so Ava can live to screw Morgan behind Kiki’s back. Carly figures out that Morgan must be involved with Denise. Sonny assures her that is under control. Morgan tells Denise that Franco knows about them and that he’s going to tell Kiki. Denise says Franco wouldn’t do anything to hurt Kiki. Silas goes to Nina’s place, lets himself in the open door, and catches Morgan and Denise in bed together.

Ric is about to burn the replica baby blanket when Nina arrives at the hotel room and tells him that she wants a divorce. She tells him that she doesn’t love him and that she loves Franco. Ric says he can’t allow her to leave him because then he might be forced to testify against her if she goes to court. He plays the baby crying recording to upset her. Franco calls Nina and leaves a message that he knows she isn’t crazy and then he goes to her hotel room and bangs on the door. When she doesn’t answer, he kicks in the door.

Sam tells Patrick that she’d like for Danny and little Jake to be close, but she gets the feeling that Elizabeth doesn’t want that. She confides to Patrick that Elizabeth once falsified Danny’s DNA results to keep Danny from bringing Sam and Jason together. She asks Patrick to speak to Elizabeth on her behalf. Jake Doe tells Elizabeth that Sonny and Carly are getting married again. He tells her that marriage is something that he can see himself wanting at some point. Monica and Michael stop by Elizabeth’s house to see little Jake. Big Jake’s familiarity with Monica makes Elizabeth uncomfortable. Michael asks Jake if he’s made any progress with Nicolas. Jake tells Michael that Nikolas had a relationship with Hayden Barnes and that Hayden apparently was going to reveal Jake’s true identity before she was shot. Michael asks Jake if he has considered the possibility that Nikolas also knows who Jake really is. Jake doesn’t think Nicholas would keep that information from him. Elizabeth wants to know what they’re talking about. Laura chats with Sonny and Carly. Carly can tell that something big is bothering Laura. Laura goes to Elizabeth’s house and meets Jake Doe. One of Sonny’s men tells him that they have been hit again.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy asks Jack if he is coming in to the office and Jack lets him know that the business is not a top priority. Phyllis comes downstairs and tells Jack that she wants to know that, too. Gabriel comes to the police department to talk to Paul but is soon arrested by Mark, who reads him his rights. Gabriel is about to be fingerprinted when Mark gets a phone call. Ben tells Christine that Paul had a heart attack and needs rest. Christine urges him to back off from the police station. Dylan walks in and agrees with Christine. At the Athletic Club, Colin tries to sober up Cane, who was drunk from the night before. Lily helps Devon and Hilary make wedding plans. Neil watches them. Nikki sees him and drags him away. Dylan tries to get Paul to take a break. Ben talks to James about his experiences in the war. In Victor’s office at Newman, Victoria and Abby talk business but cannot get past the fact that Abby is now COO. Billy says that Jack is not coming into the office. Jack and Phyllis share some quality time together. Gabriel interrupts them and tells Jack what went down at the police department, that he was about to be fingerprinted when a call came in and the charges were dropped. Gabriel lets Jack also know that thanks to his talk with Chelsea, he has lost everything.

Jack tells Gabriel that he could have told the police everything but where would that have gotten him. Jack lets Gabriel know that he still has a future with Chelsea and Connor. Gabriel lets him know that he took Connor but returned him and now Chelsea doesn’t want to see him anymore. Gabriel joins Billy, Victoria, and Abby. Billy begins his slurs toward Gabriel. Victor walks in and tells Billy that Gabriel is not going anywhere. Cane lashes out at Lily, Devon, and Hilary for being adulterers. Ben and Dylan discuss Paul and how bad his condition really is. Neil tells Nikki he wants revenge on Devon and Hilary. Victor begins to ask Gabriel why he hid the gun. Gabriel refuses to give him a straight answer. Mark visits Paul and tells him that Gabriel was released. Paul wants to know who was behind his release. Jack suggests to Phyllis that they take a second honeymoon.

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