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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Aly confronts Steffy and says she does not think the accident happened like Steffy says. She was responsible for what happened to Aly. Wyatt and Liam discuss how tragic this is for Thorne to lose his wife and now his only daughter. Liam says he is concerned about Steffy too. He just has to keep telling her this was not her fault. Caroline and Ridge also feel for Thorne but vow they will be there for him as a family. Thomas walks in and does not want to interrupt but sees them hugging. He too wants to be there for his Uncle Thorn and says he has decided to give up International and be back here in L.A. now. Ridge’s response is lukewarm and wonders if Thomas has given this enough thought. There is not an executive position open here at FC. Thomas assures him that he is not interested in that. He wants to be part of the designing team. Caroline and Ridge exchange quick glances. Wyatt gets the feeling that Liam is saying Wyatt would hit on Steffy now that she is in these circumstances and needs their support. Liam assures him that he will be there for her….and deep down he knows Wyatt would not do that. Ivy keeps saying she saw the whole thing, but Steffy says she didn’t or she would not be questioning her or saying she caused it. Ivy says there were only two people on the side of the road and now one of them is dead. Steffy reminds Ivy that this was Aly’s revenge. She made the HATE board, she drove a nail in Steffy's’ tire and then followed her and ran her off the road. She tried to hit her with the car and attacked her several times. All she did was try to defend herself. The guys come in and Steffy says it is just a minor disagreement. Liam takes Ivy aside and wants to talk to her and that leaves Wyatt with Steffy. It’s awkward but he says he thinks Liam is dropping the bomb and breaking up with Ivy now.

Ridge stammers as he tells Thomas this surprises him. Caroline even says they are well into their spring line. Thomas says he understands they are quite good but he has been working on his craft and he believes that he can contribute. He pleads his case that he thinks Eric will be on this too. Thomas reminds Ridge that he has 5% of the company and is a shareholder. Ridge runs the company so his vision will be divided so he can use another on the designing team. He will not let him down. Liam tells Steffy that he feels awful that he felt he had to do this at Aly’s funeral but Ivy needed to know before they went further. He tells Steffy she is the best thing for his life and he could not be happier for his future. Ivy tells Wyatt that she kept pushing Steffy but she would not budge. But she has the video as proof. Wyatt knows she wants justice for Aly but says no one can see this video. It is too dangerous. A pop up of Aly’s obituary is on Steffy’s phone and she tears up and looks scared.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad admitted to Will that he still loves Abby.  Kayla told Abby that she could get a paternity test.  Eric admitted that he still loved her, but he would keep her secret.  She was grateful to Eric for not telling what they did.  Serena went to Danielís place to tell him about Eric.  Daniel thought Serena wanted him to help her get Eric back.  He refused to help her get Eric back.  Theresa and Anne plotted to make sure to hire a nanny who Brady wouldnít want.  Chad wanted Abby to know how he felt before she made a commitment with Ben.  Chad wanted Will to talk to Abby for him.

Kayla told Abby that she could get the paternity test done. Abby was worried about how her family would react if she had a baby that was a DiMera.  Kayla assured her that her family would accept the baby.  Kayla also let Abby know that Ben could be the father of her baby.  Caroline showed up at Ericís place while he was talking to Nicole.  Serena told Daniel that Eric and Nicole slept together the night they almost died.  She let Daniel listen to the recording of Eric talking about it.  Theresa wanted her new nanny to make sure that Brady knows that sheís a great mother and that she loves him.  Chad wanted to listen to Willís conversation with Abby, but Will refused to let him stay.  Abby went to see Will.  She wanted to know what was going on with him.  Theresa was in for a shock when she found out that Brady hired a nanny. Abby got upset when Will brought Chad up.  Abby refused to talk to Chad.  Will let her know that Chad was still in love with her.  Serena saw Eric at the town square.  Nicole went back to Danielís place and noticed that he was upset.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ric gloats to Madeline about Nathan becoming concerned about Nina when he saw the fake baby blanket. Madeline tells Ric that Nathan will get a search warrant for the blanket and that if it comes to light that it’s a counterfeit, all their plans can be ruined. The commissioner gives Nathan permission to get a search warrant. Nathan tells the commissioner that he doesn’t believe Nina kidnapped Avery a second time; he thinks she’s being set up by her husband. Ric puts the blanket in a trash basket and prepares to burn it. Nina goes to Julian’s place for breakfast with “Denise.” Denise encourages Nina to end her sham of a marriage and get back together with Franco. Nina goes to the hotel before Ric has the chance to light the blanket on fire. She tells Ric that she wants a divorce.

Franco tells Morgan that he knows he and Denise are having an affair. He tells Morgan to do right by Kiki or he will kill him. Kiki stops by Silas office and suggests that he spend time with Morgan and Denise while she is on her trip. Silas thinks about Nina doubting herself and decides it is time the truth comes out. Franco goes to Scott’s office to steal the incriminating recording. Silas goes to Scott’s office and is surprised to see Franco sitting in the D.A.’s chair. Morgan goes to see Denise.

Dante talks to a contact on the docks about the hijacking of Sonny’s shipment. Valerie brings coffee and donuts for all the cops. She tries to give Dante a heads up about Commissioner Ashford knowing about their encounter. He tells her that the commissioner already spoke to him about it. She asks him if it would bother him if she dated Dillon. Dante tells Valerie that she can date whoever she wants and it wouldn’t bother him. Lulu tells Dillon that Luke left town and cries in his arms. She says she would hate for Dante to see them and get the wrong idea again. She tells him that Dante kissed Valerie. Dillon asks her if it would be a problem for her if he dated her cousin. She says it wouldn’t bother her. Dillon asks Lulu to read his revised screenplay. She is reading it when Dante stops by.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In his office at Newman-Abbott, Victor and Victoria are prepared to have a meeting with Abby whenever she shows up. Abby arrives. Victor lets them know that he and Jack will be running the company. Phyllis and Billy bring Jack home. Billy demands answers from Jack as to what he has been up to. At the police station, Paul and Christine go over the evidence against Victor in the shooting of Jack. At the condo, Gabriel begs Chelsea to let him in but she tells him to go away or she will call the police and tell them who he is. Chelsea talks to Connor about Adam. Anita comes to visit her and points out all of Gabriel’s good points, but Chelsea feels that she doesn’t know him at all. Jack explains to Phyllis and Billy that he just hasn’t been himself. Billy asks Jack about the lies he's been telling about Gabriel being his son. Jack lets him know that he did that to keep Victor off the track. Jack also tells them that Victor shot him in self defense. Jack decides that from now on, he will be calling the shots, and he will get their company back. Victor lets Victoria and Abby know that he and Jack have put their differences aside to work together. Victor gets a visit from Paul, who lets him know that Christine will not pursue taking this case to trial. Victoria is still against Abby being COO. Anita asks Chelsea why she thinks that she will never be happy. Gabriel and Billy meet in the park and begin to argue as usual. Billy demands to know what Gabriel is hiding. Phyllis tells Jack that since their wedding, things have been different between them. Jack tells Phyllis that he needs to be with her. They go upstairs and make love.

Abby and Victoria both think that things are a little too strange between Victor and Jack, and they demand answers. Paul visits Chelsea and reveals to her that Gabriel left town. After he leaves, Chelsea goes in search of Gabriel. Billy accuses Gabriel of hiding the gun that Victor used to shoot Jack. Gabriel tells him not to worry, because he will never hurt anyone else he loves. Billy is puzzled by these words. Chelsea visits Jack to check to see if Gabriel is there but with no luck. Jack tells her that it may be better that Gabriel is gone. Gabriel overhears their conversation. Chelsea comes home to find Anita asleep on the sofa and Gabriel gone with Connor. Chelsea starts to go look for Gabriel when he brings Connor home. Gabriel tries to apologize, but Chelsea doesn’t believe him and tells him to leave.

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