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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy wanders around the office thinking back on what she just went through with Aly. Ivy glances around at all the pictures of Aly and flowers at the Forrester mansion as they all gather for the funeral. Ivy hugs Thorne who says he does not understand how this happened. Ivy tells Caroline that Aly was her best friend. Thomas joins the group. He says he does not have all the details but he’s heard enough to be concerned. Liam shows up for Steffy and says he knows it has been a rough night. Time is short and no one knows how much they will have but he is glad they found their way back to each other. That could have been her out there losing her life instead of Aly. Bill and Katie come in along with Quinn and Deacon who are surprised to see them all here. Oliver, Pam and Charlie also join the group. Oliver says he wishes he could have been here. Pam says no matter what happened that night Aly is at peace now. Ridge tells Caroline that no parent should go through this….first Thorne’s wife and now his kid. Thorne looks through Aly’s room and sits on her bed. He asks Brooke and Eric not to go; he just needs a minute. They give him a group hug.

Liam and Steffy finally join the others. Wyatt tells Ivy that she knew they would be. Ivy says yes but she did not know how angry it would make her feel. Aly was here yesterday and now she isn’t and it doesn’t make sense. Thorne is the last one to descend the stairs as he ambles down. Eric speaks and says any who want to say something about Aly should do so, what she meant to them, how they will miss her. Nearly everyone does. Thorne breaks up as he says he loves her but knows she would like them to remember her as being happy and he will try to do that. Ridge recites a Shakespeare passage and says Aly’s heart was full of love, but her head was filled with darkness so what is the message here? They all need to be more accepting with tolerance and understanding. Afterwards Caroline tells Thomas that she is glad he made it home. He says it feels like his sister needs him, so he will be sticking around. Thorne goes off on Ridge for his speech. It was an accident pure and simple, and no one should be blaming Aly. Steffy tells Liam that he needs to say goodbye to the group for her before she goes. Then she goes to the picture table and cries. She is interrupted by Ivy who says she is thinking about it too….the side of the road with Aly. She says it is hard for her to get that image out of her mind. Aly tried to hit her with the car, and she is not sure how she could even tell the police what happened. Ivy says she understands that she could not tell the police everything, but she will eventually have to. Aly’s death was not an accident.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Serena was upset when she overheard Eric confess to almost having sex with Nicole.  Will saw Sonny and Paul together and invited Paul to go out with them.  Paige and JJ argued when she thought that he was being overprotective when it concerned Kyle.  Eric continued his confession with the priest.  Kate and Adrienne had a brief argument about her divorce.  Lucas wondered if Justin really wanted a divorce from Adrienne.  Justin gave what Lucas said some serious thought.  Will insisted that Paul join him and Sonny on their date.  Derrick walked in TBD and Will wanted him to be Paulís date.  Paige reminded JJ how much he hurt her. Xander met with Serena at the pub.  He taunted her and reminded her that he wasnít the only one who ruined her life.  He told her how she ruined her life as well.  Serena was convinced that Nicole was the one responsible for what happened to her.  

Daniel told Maggie about proposing to Nicole.  Maggie wanted to make sure he was doing the right thing.  He took Parker to get some ice cream so Maggie and Nicole could talk.  The priest advised Eric to trust in God to advise him on what to do about Nicole.  Serena was determined to get Nicole for ruining her life.  Nicole explained to Maggie that she loved Daniel and that she wanted to be with him.  Maggie was okay with it as long as Nicole loved Daniel.  Eric saw Daniel and Parker together at the park.  Bev interrupted JJ and Paigeís conversation.  Bev was finished with JJ.  It turned out that Will was actually working with Derrick.  It wasnít a coincidence that he showed up at TBD.  Lucas saw them together and followed them.  Eric texted Nicole and wanted to see her.  Nicole lied to Daniel and said she had to work so she could meet Eric.  Bev didnít want to be with JJ anymore because he canít get over Paige.  She told him that sheís going to Europe.  Adrienne went to the Kiriakis mansion and they ended up talking about their divorce.  Justin told Adrienne what Lucas told him.  Justin let Adrienne know that they made the right decision to get the divorce.  Lucas confronted Will about what he was doing with Derrick.  Will explained that he just wanted to help Derrick and Paul get together.  Lucas didnít think what he was doing was right and thought he was just like his mother.  Eric and Nicole met and he told her how he felt about her.  He also told Nicole that he wouldnít say anything to anyone about what happened between them.  Serena went to Danielís apartment to talk to him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nathan wonders where Ric got Avery’s baby Blanket. Ric says it is private property and that Nathan can’t take it without a warrant. Nathan wants to talk to his sister privately. Ric persuades Nina not to go with Nathan. Madeline antagonizes Maxie. Maxie antagonizes Valerie. Valerie stands up to Maxie. Nathan sees Maxie standing her ground with Madeline.

Morgan and Dillon introduce themselves to each other at the Floating Rib. When Dillon is highly complementary of Lulu, Morgan points out that Lulu is married to his brother. Valerie tells Dillon that she is sick of people thinking she wants to break up Dante and Lulu. He suggests that to prove to everyone that they aren’t after Dante or Lulu they should date each other. She agrees to date him. Ava begs Franco not to tell Kiki that she and Morgan are sleeping together. When Kiki unexpectedly drops by to see her “Aunt Denise,” Franco keeps quiet. He tells Ava that she needs to step up her game with Nina or he won’t get the incriminating recording from his father. Ava calls Nina and invites her to breakfast.

Lulu is having difficulty getting past Dante kissing Valerie. Laura tells Lulu that Luke is leaving town and encourages her to go see him. Laura gives Dante relationship advice. Sonny’s men grab Luke near the warehouse thinking he had something to do with the hijacking. Luke tells Sonny that he is leaving Port Charles. He gives Sonny his gun and tells him that he is leaving the life that requires it. Lulu finds Luke and says goodbye. Luke sends Lulu back with a letter for Laura. Luke says goodbye to Port Charles and walks away into the fog.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The cabin group agrees to keep Marisa's connection to Marco a secret even though Kevin and Abby wanted to tell Paul that she was Marco's girlfriend. Kevin and Mariah go to the lake to confirm Marisa's story. They find the car at the bottom of the lake but not Marco's body. Sharon and Dylan see their baby's first sonogram. Sharon wants to end their relationship, because she is afraid it won't last, but Dylan assures her that it will. Nick is upset that Sage lied to him and didn't tell him that there was a chance Gabe could be the father of the baby. Noah and Marisa help him see that Sage was just trying to spare him pain and was also scared to lose him. Nick forgives Sage who still wants her to be a part of his life.  Chelsea can't forgive Adam for not telling her that he slept with Sage and that he could be the father of her child. Chelsea tells Adam that he can't see Connor anymore, and he should stay out of her life, too.

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