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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy staggers into the house in shambles and Liam sees her startled face and asks what is wrong. She thinks back to the accident off the side of the road and with Ivy being there. She remembers telling Ivy she does not know what happened but that Aly attacked her. She thinks she is dead. Likewise Ivy is at work and is crying when Wyatt comes in and she can not look at him. She tells him that Aly is dead. She fills him in on what happened on PCH. Aly died because of Steffy. She would still be alive if it were not for Steffy. He needs more information. She says she was looking for Aly and saw the two cars on the side of the road. Whatever happened Steffy did not have to kill her.

Steffy cries and tells Liam that she was changing a tire and looked into the lights of a car barreling down on her at the side of the road. It was Aly. It was at the spot where Aly’s mother died and Aly must have been re-enacting that moment. Steffy had to defend herself as Aly was out to kill her. Nicole and Zende are cleaning up the showroom when he encourages her to get on the runway and strut it. Thorne comes downstairs and starts to apologize to Steffy that he knows Aly had her ups and downs and he knows she needs at least one parent so he is taking her back to Paris and get her back in therapy. Someday she will get better and can come back to L.A. Steffy tells him she won’t. Thorne refuses to believe her version of what happened. His little girl would never try to hurt anyone. He keeps telling Steffy to tell him where Aly is right now. He thinks gone means she has run away and Steffy can not bring herself to stay she is dead. Steffy says she is sorry, she did not mean to do it. It was an accident. Ivy shows Wyatt the video and asks why would Steffy lie to the police if she was not guilty. Aly did not trip. Steffy hit her with the tire iron and she fell down dead. She does not want to believe this. This was not an accident. It was murder. Steffy is shell shocked and falls into Liam’s arms.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby realized that her pregnancy test wasn't in the garbage can.  Ben wanted to know what was wrong and thought he had an idea.  Stefano told Chad that Abby is the key to their family thriving again.  Clyde was eavesdropping since he put a bug in the mansion.  Stefano told Chad that Abby's going to get a big inheritance from a woman in Ireland.  Abby searched for her test until Ben came in the room with her.  Will talked about Paul to Marlena.  Will seemed agitated when Marlena told him that Paul wasn't into Derrick.  Kate wanted to know if Paul was going to break up Will and Sonny's marriage.  Justin and Adrienne talked about how they caused each other pain because of their affairs.  Ben wanted to know what Abby was going to say when Hope called her.  Hope warned Abby that Ben didn't see the pregnancy test.  Stefano told Chad about Abby's time in Ireland and how she's going to inherit the property. Chad didn't like Stefano's plan.

Will told Marlena how Paul said that he and Sonny didn't have any gay friends.  Marlena advised Will to start going out with more gay people.  Paul didn't appreciate Kate telling him about Will and Sonny's marriage.  Paul ended up storming off.  Adrienne thought about old times with Justin.  Justin questioned if they were making a mistake getting a divorce.  Stefano wanted Chad to marry Abby.  Chad confessed that he still loved Abby and didn't want to go through with the plan.  Clyde was still listening to them and was disturbed when Stefano mentioned that Abby was only with Ben because of the way he treated her.  Ben showed up at and met with Clyde.  Ben told Clyde that Abby seemed distracted by something.  Hope showed up at Ben and Abby's place and they talked about the pregnancy test.  Justin and Adrienne continued to talk about what went wrong in their marriage.  Hope asked Abby if she's pregnant.  When Will saw Paul and Sonny together, Will went to follow Paul.  Ben told Clyde about Chad.  Stefano saw Rafe on his property and they got into a brief argument.  While Hope and Abby were talking, Clyde showed up at Ben's place to see Abby.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Madeline crashes Maxie & Nathan's date at the Metro Court restaurant and proceeds to insult her son's girlfriend for her lackluster performance at the last Nurses' Ball. After Nathan stands up for Maxie, Madeline urges him to check on his big sister who is having another nervous breakdown. Ric continues his gaslighting of Nina by bringing in a crib with Avery's pink blanket and playing the crying baby sound loudly. As Nina begins to believe she actually kidnapped the baby, Ric assures her that he'll protect her. Ric makes the crib disappear but not the blanket. When Nathan arrives to see Nina, he spots it and wants to know what's going on.

Bobbie shows up at the Elm Street house where Luke informs her he's leaving town to find himself. She cries that she doesn't want him to go, but he insists their mother wants him to go off and find his future, now that he's no longer trapped in the past. He doesn't understand her attraction to Scott but thanks her for getting him away from Laura. They promise to always have each other's backs and prefer to say see you later rather than goodbye. Luke then talks to his younger self and apologizes for not living up to his potential, but the kid is optimistic that their life isn't over yet and there's still time for redemption. Together, they head out. Laura runs into Scott at the bar and assures him she and Luke are not together again. He's relieved. She fills him on on their recent adventure with Frank Smith and his daughter Jennifer as they rescued Lucky & Ethan. Scott wonders if he would have been able to keep Laura as his wife, but she assures him everything turned out for the best. Just as she's about to divulge a big secret to Scott, Bobbie interrupts with the news that Luke is about to leave Port Charles.

Kiki finds Morgan working out extra hard at the gym and informs him she's going to the Hamptons for a few days to party with friends, but first she needs to check on her Aunt Denise. Ava continues to put pressure on Franco to get her the recording of her confession that she killed Connie, but he wants to discuss her screwing her daughter's boyfriend, Morgan, and decides he will inform Kiki, who starts knocking on the door.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Jack corroborates Victor's account of what happened the night of the shooting. He tells Adam to go along with it or he will tell the world that Gabe Bingham is really Adam Newman. Jack tells Phyllis he doesn't remember squeezing her hand or writing the number 2. Victoria and Abby argue about their positions at Newman-Abbott, Ben, and Ashley. Ashley arrives and tells them they have to work together if they want to succeed. Victor confronts Nikki about her lack of faith in him. Later, she admits to Neil that Victor isn't the reason for her drinking. Only she can control that, and she uses Victor as an excuse. Sage receives the paternity test results, but Nick finds them before she can see the results. Nick guesses that Sage slept with Gabe. Sage says that in her heart, Nick is the father. Nick storms out and finds Gabe to tell him to stay away from Sage and the baby. The DNA test confirmed that Nick is the father.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick accidentally sees the paternity test results and is angry with Sage for not telling him she slept with Gabriel. Sage tells Nick that she slept with Gabe when she thought their relationship was over and in her heart she wants Nick to be the father of her child. Nick later tells Gabe that Sage did a paternity test and he (Nick) is the father of the baby. Nick tells Gabe that he knows that he and Sage slept together and he should stay away from Sage and the baby. Victoria is upset and a bit jealous of Abby when Victor decides to keep her on at the COO position at the company. Victoria feels like Abby planned to steal Stitch and her job title from her. She also thinks Abby doesn't have enough experience for the job. Jack backs up the story that Victor shot him in self-defense and tells Adam to do the same, or he will tell the whole town that he is Adam Newman. Jack makes it clear to Adam that Victor will get what he deserves, and Victor has no idea at all what is coming to him. Phyllis and Ashley know that Jack is hiding something from them, and they won't stop until they find out the truth.

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