Thursday 7/23/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Aly to put the tire iron down. Ivy is driving and thinking about seeing the HATE board. She calls and leaves a voice mail for Aly to try to meet her later and says they need to chat. Thorne returns home amid all this nonsense. He says it is the last time he will fly commercial. He missed California Freedom and that is the whole reason he is here. Rick says that is okay; more important now is that Aly needs help. Thorne welcomes Maya and says she did good under fire and he congratulates them on their engagement. Rick tells Thorne there is no way to sugarcoat this. Aly is worse. She’s had quite a few outbursts in the office. And she has pulled away from Oliver who is on assignment in Milan at the moment. In a flashback Aly tells Steffy that she wanted to help the company but Steffy treated her like a joke and she will not let her treat her like this.

Rick tells Thorne that he had a part in this and he is sorry for being on his power trip. Thorne says do not pull any punches as that is the only way he can help her by knowing all the facts. Liam and Wyatt fill him in on the blanks about the HATE board with all the scribbles over Steffy and Maya. She has tied all of this in with Taylor killing her mom. Thorne says he knows his daughter has always been delicate and fragile and she tries but she has never gotten over the loss of her mother. Liam says he realizes that but she is now taking it out on Steffy and Maya in particular. Up ahead, Ivy sees what she thinks is Aly and Steffy in the headlights. She misses the fact that Aly tries to hit Steffy with the tire iron twice, it falls and Steffy picks it up and strikes at Aly to defend herself. In a tussle the iron falls and Aly picks up a huge rock and goes after Steffy on the ground. Steffy manages to grab the tire iron and strikes at Aly. Steffy misses her but Aly stumbles backward and falls and hits her head. Steffy panics and does not know what to do. Suddenly Ivy is on the scene asking what happened and calling the medics. Steffy is screaming for Aly to wake up. Thorne says Aly has created this world inside her head and is a good person but she gets overwhelmed by the real world. That is when the darkness comes out. That is just pain screaming to get out. Wyatt says he has personally been on that end of Aly’s pain and it is not a fun place to be. Thorne says he hopes he can get to Aly before it is too late. He will take her back to Paris so he can be with her and get her therapy again. Amid all of this Rick and Maya are still gushing about the moment he proposed. Liam and Wyatt are concerned that neither can get Steffy or Ivy on the phone. Thorne tells them he is taking Aly to the doctor tomorrow and then take her straight to Paris so he can keep an eye on her. Maya says Aly is so lucky to have him. She had her own limitations with her own dad so Thorne’s caring is crucial. The medics come and do all they can but Aly is pronounced dead.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric told Nicole that Serena possibly knew what happened between them.  Nicole didnít want to believe that she knew anything.  Serena tried to get Brady to help her find out the truth, but he didnít tell her.  Paige warned Jennifer that JJ was with a drug dealer.  Jennifer appreciated the help.  Kyle wanted JJ to deliver something for him.  Brady threatened to keep Serena from getting her grant if she didnít leave the situation with Eric and Nicole alone.  Nicole wondered if Eric let something slip that Serena picked up on. Eric denied it. Eric noticed her ring and was visibly disappointed.  Nicole was determined to keep Serena out of her business.  Serena didnít care for Bradyís threat and was convinced someone else is the reason why heís upset.  Clyde went to the hospital to check up on Abby. Kayla wasnít sure if Abby had feelings for Chad.  Stefano believed that Chad and Abby were meant for each other.  Jennifer overheard JJ talking about having drug money.

Eric reminded Nicole that she has a lot to lose, but congratulated her anyway.  Clyde wanted to make a donation to the prenatal department so Anne gave him a tour of the area.  Chad thought Stefano was only concerned about the property that Abby was inheriting.  JJ told Jennifer about working undercover.  Jennifer was scared something would happen to him.  Nicole went to see Serena to warn her to back off of her and Eric.  Jennifer thought JJ wanted to go undercover because of Paige.  Clyde found Abby at the hospital and apologized for showing up at her apartment.  Nicole wanted Serena to stay away from everyone.  Jennifer said JJ had to help the police because itís the right thing and not for Paige.  Chad showed up at the hospital to look for Abby.  Nicole agreed not to expose Serena if she left town.  Serena thought Nicole was scared and wanted to know why she was scared.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brad tells Lucas that he can’t marry him because he is already married. Lucas can’t believe he has been sleeping with a married man all this time. Bobbie asks Valerie to help her with Lucas’s wedding. Valerie says she doesn’t want to get in the middle of anyone else’s relationship. Valerie tells Bobbie that Dante kissed her when he thought Lulu was cheating on him with Dillon. Lulu tells Maxie about her fight with Dante. She says that when Dante thought she and Dillon were hooking up, he decided to kiss Valerie. Maxie wonders if that is all that happened between them. Lulu is confident that it was only a kiss. Dante vents to Nathan and confides that he slept with Valerie. Dante and Lulu tell each other that they want to get their marriage back on track.

Bobbie gives Valerie a picture of Patricia when she was a teenager. Bobbie gets a text from Michael telling her that the old house on Elm Street is being torn down today. Luke goes to the old house and determines that when the house goes, he does too. He pulls out a gun and points it at himself. His father appears before him and tells him to pull the trigger already. Then he sees his sister Patricia as a teenager telling him not to do it. She tells him that if he kills himself, then all the sacrifices she made for him will have been for nothing. He says he can’t live with the fact that he took their mother away and that she will never know how sorry he is. His mother appears before him. She tells him that he was lost for decades because of the secret he was carrying. She says coming to terms with what happened to her shouldn’t be the end of his life; it should be the beginning. He asks her how he can ever make it up to her. She tells him to find the man he was meant to be, find a way to be happy, and choose to live. He takes the clip out of the pistol. Bobbie goes to the old house. Luke tells her that he has decided what he is going to do with the rest of his life. Valerie cries while looking at the picture of Patricia. Young Patricia ghost puts her arm around Valerie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor visits Jack in his hospital room and tells him that he is glad that he is all right. Jack reminds him what he has done to his family and his company. Phyllis joins Billy in the CEO office at Newman. They discuss having another DNA test run to find out who Gabriel really is. Chelsea overhears their conversation. Kyle and Summer snuggle on the sofa in her condo when Kevin and Mariah interrupt. Kevin fills them in on Mariah's connection to Marco and the murders of Courtney and Austin. In the park, Noah tells Marisa to tell him the truth about her and Marco. Marisa opens up to him and tells him everything about the real Jack. In Abby’s hospital room, Ben tells her to be a model patient until morning. Gabriel interrupts them. Abby tells him that she will have to have a few days off if she still has a job after her meeting with Guy Burke. Kevin tells Summer and Kyle about the connection between Marco and Marisa. Kevin asks for Kyle’s help in finding out the truth. Marisa lets Noah know that Marco drowned. Noah wants to call the police but Marisa stops him, because her life would be in danger. Abby tells Gabriel about the meeting with Guy Burke and the deal that she reached with him. Ben tells Gabriel that Jack needs to rest and tells him that he can see him in the morning. Gabriel gets a call from Chelsea to meet him at her condo. Jack confronts Victor about all he's done and promises to make him pay. Jack reminds Victor about the shooting in the park. Victor reminds him of what he was involved in less than a year ago. Jack asks him how he knew about that. Victor tells him that he would be surprised what he knows. Victor tells Jack that he could be sent back to answer to charges concerning Kelly's death. Noah tells Marisa that he wants to take care of her. Kyle stops Kevin from going to Paul with this information. Phyllis tells Billy that they need a clear sample of Gabrielís DNA. At the condo, Chelsea fills Gabriel in what Phyllis and Billy are planning. Chelsea begs Gabriel to step down from Newman or he will lose Connor for good. Chelsea asks Adam how far he will push this to get the best of Victor.

Abby asks Ben about his relationship with Ashley. Ben lets her know that they are just friends. Noah tells Kevin, Mariah, Summer, and Kyle that Marisa came clean about Marco. Kevin wants to call Paul, but Noah stops him by telling him that Marisa will be in danger. The others reluctantly agree to do as he asks. Gabriel lets Phyllis and Billy know that he is stepping down from Newman. They are suspicious of his actions. Gabriel owns up to Phyllis and Billy that Jack is not his father. Jack agrees to go along with Victorís plan about what had happened in the park. Jack informs Victor that Gabriel knows about Marco. Noah lets the others know that Marco is dead. Marisa starts to pack her things but changes her mind. Ben tells Phyllis that Jack may be waking up. As Phyllis sits by Jack’s bed and talks to him, he opens his eyes and hugs her. Victor joins Gabriel at the bar. Gabriel lets him know that he resigned from Newman. Jack lets the whole family know that Victor shot him in self-defense.

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