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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Aly watches from her car while Steffy struggles to fix a flat on her car. She tells dark Darla that this if for her and Darla replies that she wants her to put an end to Steffy. Aly guns the car and Steffy screams as the car almost touches her. She jumps up from the ground and yells at Aly for what she is doing. She pulls Aly out of her car and says she could have killed her. Aly smiles eerily and Steffy realizes Aly put the nail in the tire and she purposely planned this to re-enact the night her mother died. Aly corrects her. Taylor killed her mother. Liam tries to contact Steffy but tells Wyatt she must be in a dead zone as she is not answering. Wyatt is checking out the collage HATE board and says this has nothing to do with a grudge abut her shoe line or morality; it is pure hate. Nicole and Zende are enjoying themselves around the pool at the Forrester’s and she kids she is not even worthy of being Maya’s sister as she was so amazing today. Rick is told some of the executives got bored waiting for him and left. So did Ridge. They also mention that Steffy is missing.

Ivy feels badly for Aly. They are invading her room and maybe this is the only way she can cope and relax. Liam says he knows Ivy wants to be a good friend but Wyatt is right. This is a mental health emergency and they need to get in touch with Aly’s therapist. Ivy says she thinks she no longer sees one since she moved back to L. A. They go downstairs and ask Rick if they are waiting for Thorne. He is the only one that might be ale to calm Aly down. Right now she only sees people as good and bad and doesn’t like to think about sex. Ivy doesn’t want to sit around and wait and says she knows a few places Aly might be….one being that stretch of the highway where her mom was killed. Liam asks to go but Ivy had rather go alone. Rick was living in Paris at the time but Maya pretty well knows the story and Zende fills them in on what he knew as he was at the funeral. Thorne had turned to Taylor since she was a therapist but he did not know then that she was the driver of the car that killed Darla. Aly later found out and was betrayed and it is obvious she sees that in Steffy as well. Rick would really like Wyatt and Liam to go but admits Liam knows Aly better than he does and should be there when she returns home. Aly starts talking good and bad to Steffy and claims her mother was a saint. Steffy holds her and says she is not accusing Darla of anything but she was not perfect and Aly needs to understand that. Aly jumps and says everything good and decent has been taken from her and she accuses Steffy of trying to get rid of her too. She grabs the tire iron and hits Steffy, who freaks out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel proposed to Nicole.  Nicole accepted his proposal, but thought about kissing Eric.  Nicole wasnít sure if they should go public with their engagement.  Serena went to Ericís place to talk about what happened between Nicole and him.  Eric jumped on the defensive and refused to tell her.  JJ went to Roman and Agent Watts to talk about working with them.  Agent Watts wanted JJ to keep the truth from everybody.  JJ wanted his mother to know about it or he wasnít helping.  He didnít want her to think that he was really dealing again.  Paige considered going out with Kyle. Daphne reminded Paige that heís a dealer, but Paige didnít care.  Daphne wondered if Paige wanted JJ to save her.  Agent Watts agreed to let JJ tell his mother the truth about what he was doing.  Roman wanted to know why JJ changed his mind.  JJ thought about Kyle talking to Paige.

Eric made Serena leave his place.  She was convinced that he was hiding something about what happened with Nicole.  Nicole wanted to make sure that Daniel wanted to marry her.  JJ met with Kyle at the park. Kyle made sure that JJ wasnít wired.  Paige snuck up and watched them in the bushes.  Daniel let Nicole know that he wanted to marry her.  Nicole accepted his proposal again.  Kyle questioned whether or not to trust JJ.  Kyle thought Paige was why he was suspicious of JJ.  Jennifer ran into Paige, but Paige didnít want to talk to her.  Eric went to see Nicole.  She wanted to tell him something.  Brady ran into Serena at the hospital.  Eric told Nicole that Serena knows about them.  Clyde was determined to find out if Abby was pregnant with Benís baby.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Word gets around that Elizabeth’s son, Jake is alive. Sam is surprised that Elizabeth didn’t tell Jake that there was a development with Hayden. Sam realizes Danny has a brother. Carly is shocked by how much little Jake looks like Jason. Laura, who overheard Nikolas talking to Elizabeth about Jake being Jason, tells Nikolas that she knows Jason is alive. She says she understands Elizabeth’s motives, but she doesn’t get Nikolas’s. Nikolas says life with Jake Doe is better for everyone than life with Jason Morgan because Jason is a killer and will rejoin the mob. He finally admits that as Jason, Jake Doe would get his shares of ELQ back. He reminds her that she kept him a secret from her other family for 2 decades. She concedes that he is right and agrees to keep the secret.

Lucas tells Carly that he doesn’t know who Josslyn got her kidney from, but that he thinks Brad can find out. Lucas notices the rock on Carly’s finger. She tells him that she and Sonny are engaged to be married for the fifth time. He tells her that maybe her wedding will take Bobbie’s mind off of his. Carly suggests that they have a double wedding. Lucas confides that he thinks Brad is hiding something from him. Brad and Felix find themselves in the locker room shower at the same time. Brad swears he wasn’t creeping; he was distracted by thinking about lying to his fiancé. Felix asks him what lie he told Lucas. When he does, Felix says Brad needs to tell Lucas the truth. Brad tells Lucas that he can’t marry him.

Tracy tells Sabrina that Luke didn’t really reunite with Laura, but that it was a ruse because Luke’s sons had been kidnapped. She says she ended things anyway, because she realized that Luke isn’t ready for a relationship. She doesn’t know what to do with herself now. Sabrina suggests that she do something that isn’t a remnant of her past. Michael asks Luke if he can build his clinic on the site of Luke’s childhood home. Luke says he doesn’t own the place anymore so Michael can raze it. Luke goes to the old house and says that when the house goes, he goes too. He pulls out a gun.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In a booth at the Underground, Noah looks at a past text from Courtney. Mariah and Kevin come in to join him. Kevin tells him that there is something about Marisa that he ought to know. In her hotel room at the Athletic Club, Victor and Marisa discuss the real Jack Abbott being still alive. In his hospital room, Phyllis tries to talk to Jack and to get him to respond to her. Jack begins to convulse. Kyle and Summer visit Abby to see how she is doing after her car wreck .Abby tells them that she texted Ben, but he hadn’t answered her back. In the park, Ben is talking to Ashley when he gets a call from the hospital and takes her with him. Noah is upset when he finds out that Mariah was behind Kevin doing a background check on Marisa. Noah tells Mariah to mind her own business. Marisa explains to Victor how Jack arranged for the explosion so they could escape because Jack wanted to come home so badly. Victor asks where Marco is. Marisa tells him that he is at the bottom of the river and promises that she will never tell anyone what happened. Victor accuses her of stooping to blackmail. Ben checks on Jack’s condition while Ashley and Phyllis are in the corridor. Phyllis tells Ashley that she blames herself for Jack being in this condition. Ben sits down by Jack on the bed and takes his hand in his. Ben asks Jack to respond to him. Jack opens his eyes and tells Ben he hears him loud and clear. Summer assures Abby that Ben is probably on his way. Kyle accuses Abby of wanting to break the deal that she made with Guy Burke. Victor tells Marisa not to underestimate Jack Abbott. Victor tries to get Marisa to leave town, but she refuses. Kevin tells Noah that there is a connection between Marisa and Marco. Noah tells them that Marisa told him that Marco was a friend of her boyfriend. Kevin reveals that Marco is Marisa’s boyfriend. Ben and Jack talk. Ben wants to tell Ashley and Phyllis but Jack stops him from telling anyone. Phyllis barges in and wants to know what is going on with Jack.

Abby is surprised when Summer defends her. Abby asks her to pick up her paperwork from her office, but Summer refuses. Abby calls Ben and asks him where he is. Abby, upon seeing the clothes, gets up and leaves her room. Phyllis asks Ben about the seizure. Ben is reminded about the paperwork that he was supposed to pick up for Abby. Ashley volunteers to pick it up. Ben tells Jack that Ashley and Phyllis are gone. Victor asks Marisa about her connection with Noah. Marisa tells him that they are only friends. Victor asks Marisa how things were with Marco. Marisa explains. Ashley finds Abby in the office picking up the paperwork and is upset with her for leaving the hospital. Abby lets her know that Ben was supposed to do it, but he hadn’t shown up with it. Ashley explains that Ben was called to the hospital to care for Jack. Abby feels guilty by her message to Ben. Ashley tells Abby her family is behind her and for her to be careful right before Ashley takes her back to the hospital. Kyle visits Jack and lets him know how much he loves and misses him. Kevin shows Noah proof that Marco is Marisa boyfriend. Marisa interrupts them and wants to know what is going on. Noah leaves with Marisa. Mariah cannot believe that Noah is so protective of Marisa. Ben talks to Victor in the corridor of the hospital. Kyle comes out of Jack’s room and interrupts them. Victor thanks Ben for his help and leaves. Phyllis visits Summer to let her know that Avery left town. Summer is afraid of what will happen when Jack regains consciousness. Will the Newman/Abbott feud begin again and if it does what will happen between her and Kyle? Phyllis assures Summer that she and Kyle will remain together.

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