Tuesday 7/21/15 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole beams that man sure knows how to chose a ring. It was the hit of the photo shoot. Rick says he should have asked Julius first. Julius says times have changed now, but he does approve. This has his blessing. All backstage drink champagne to California Freedom. Steffy tries to include Aly but she snarls that she can not be part of it. She is not yet 21 years old. She tells dark Darla that she can change this. She can do something so bad. Darla tells her to do it tonight. Brooke tells Maya that she is very happy for her and Rick. Maya says she understands it was not easy for her. Rick asks about Julius’ flight. He assumes Rick wants to get rid of him. Rick says far from it, he just would hate him to go home and then have to return for the wedding. Julius mentions the cost and Rick says he will take care of all of that. That suits Julius just fine and he thanks Rick for all he is doing. Steffy does not want anything to ruin this celebration and tells Liam that he can wait one more day to let Ivy down gently as she seems to still think she has a chance with Liam. Wyatt says they need to put away some jewelry and then they will join them in a bigger celebration. Rick drags Maya into an empty room and says finally. He kisses her and says they are going to be married. Aly tinkers with one of Steffy’s tires just before Steffy gets into the car and takes off. Not far behind, Aly follows.

Most are meeting at the Forrester house. Steffy calls Liam and he says she better not be skipping this party. She says she never skips a party. She will be there soon. Ivy goes up to check on Aly. Meanwhile Steffy has to pull over and finds she has a flat tire because of a nail. She looks at it but is not sure what to do. Ivy finds Aly’s room bare with all her stuffed animals covered in her bed to make it look like she is sleeping there. Ivy looks around and finds the HATE board. Aly is barreling down the highway and hears dark Darla say to take Steffy out, the same way her mother took her life. Julius tells Vivienne that this Rick is really some man. He could have had any woman he wanted and he wanted Maya. Now they can all enjoy the benefits, maybe even to move to L. A. and be closer to Nicole. He is doing the best he can. Maybe if he sticks around these crazy people he can become one of them and accept Maya. Steffy tries her best to get the lug nuts off and lays her phone down. Ivy shows Wyatt and Liam the HATE board in closet. Liam is afraid since they do not know where Aly is or exactly where Steffy is and he needs to call her and tell her this. Dark Darla tells Aly this is her chance. Steffy is just ahead stalled on the highway. This is her opportunity to snuff her out just like her mother did her years ago. Aly starts the engine and guns the car and steers it right into the lights with Steffy’s scared face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby saw Chad with Arianna and was moved by what she saw.  She grew uncomfortable when Chad talked to her about not knowing about Grace.  Chad noticed that something was wrong with Abby, but she didnít want to tell him.  Chad let it slip that he didnít tell her the truth.  Will and Sonny talked about their marriage. Marlena went to Ericís place and noticed he was packing up his pictures.  Marlena was wondering what he was doing.  Eric was making changes in his life.  Marlena thought Eric was upset about Serena and Nicole.  Eric wouldnít go into details about what was going on with him.  Marlena was about to leave when Serena showed up.  Will assured Sonny that he didnít regret marrying him.  Sonny wanted to work things out together.  Clyde ran into Ben and their conversation got heated when they talked about Chad.  Abby wanted to know what truth Chad meant, but he didnít say anything.

Will showed up when Abby thought she was going to get an answer to her question.  Daniel took Nicole out for a romantic dinner.  Will and Abby were alone and he wanted to know about her conversation with Chad.  Will wondered if Chad knew about the pregnancy.  Abby let him know that Chad didnít know anything.  Chad talked to Sonny about Abby.  Clyde wondered why Abby didnít mention the pregnancy until he realized that she didnít know who the father of her baby is.  Abby considered leaving Salem if Chad were the father of her baby.  Will didnít think that was the right decision.  Chad let Sonny know that Abby was upset with him because of the way he treated her. Will assured Abby that Ben could still be the father of her baby.  Will wanted to know if Abby had feelings for Chad.  Serena wanted to talk to Eric, but he didnít want to listen.  Will thought Abby shouldnít keep Chadís baby from him because of what happened with Grace. Serena wanted to know what really happened between him and Nicole.  Daniel proposed to Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy goes to the Haunted Star to talk to Luke. She accepts his apology and forgives him. He offers her the engagement ring that he gave her before. She says she won’t marry him right now because he hasn’t healed from the past year and because he will probably be a different man when he is whole again. He concedes that it is something he has to do for himself. They say their tearful goodbyes, saying that they will always love each other. Jordan tells Dante to pick up Sonny and bring him to the station. Dante tells her that would be a waste of time and that he and Nathan will figure out a better plan. Alexis and Sam discuss how disappointed they are that Nikolas is living up to the Cassadine name. In light of the warehouse shooting, Sam wonders if Julian has changed his mind about leaving the mob. Alexis assures Sam that Julian is finished with the mob. Julian goes to see Sonny and tells him that he had nothing to do with Sonny’s shipment being hijacked or his man being shot. Sonny asks Julian who did. Julian says it could have been a lot of people. On his way to meet Alexis, Julian takes a call and tells the person not to question his judgment and to just get it done.

Nathan welcomes Maxie home from her trip to Portland. Maxie tells Nathan that it really seemed as if Dillon and Lulu were running off to be together when they left town. She says some people must have good reasons for running off and lying. She observes that on the other hand, some things are exactly as they seem, like Lulu’s cousin Valerie who is way too into Dante. Jordan tells Dante that she knows he slept with Valerie. She tells him not to let it happen again and not to hurt Valerie any more than he already has. Lulu goes to the station to talk to Valerie. She says she wants to hear Valerie’s version of what happened with Dante. Valerie says Dante was angry because Lulu was in a hotel room in British Columbia with Dillon so he kissed her and then she left. Lulu says that matches Dante’s story. Lulu tells Dante that she and Valerie cleared the air and that they can go back to being just friends again.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Billy blasts Abby for the deal that she made with Guy Burke. Ashley tells Ben to forget his remarks and concentrate on Abby. Victor visits Gabriel in his office at Newman-Abbott. Victor reminds him whose name is on the door and tells him to get out. Victor asks Chelsea to leave so he can have a talk with Gabriel. Gabriel shows him the contract that they signed making him CEO. Sage joins Nick at the Underground. Nick lets her know that Avery is leaving town. Avery arrives at Crimson Lights, looks around and remembers the times that she spent with Dylan and how he proposed to her and when she gave him back his engagement ring. Dylan comes in. Noah visits Marisa in her hotel room but is taken aback when she is only wearing a bathrobe. Marisa quickly changes into a dress. Noah tells her that he's brought her chicken soup. Marisa tells him that she isn’t the woman he thinks she is. Dylan and Avery discuss the interview. Avery tells him that it was something that she had to do and also that the charges against her have been dropped. Sage and Nick discuss what he's been through since Avery left him at the altar. Gabriel reminds Victor to read the fine print in the contract. Marisa tells Noah that he doesn’t know her at all; she had no family and no one to do anything for her. Noah feeds Marisa a spoon of the chicken soup and starts to kiss her but then abruptly pulls away. Ashley tells Billy to lay off of Abby. Billy apologizes and tells Abby that he is mad at Gabriel. Abby thanks Ben for his support and wants to know why Ashley left so quickly. Victor tells Gabriel that he reminds him of Adam and that no one crosses him.

Nick asks Sage where she disappeared to earlier. Sage explains that she wanted some time alone to herself. Billy comes into Gabrielís office and explains to him that he made a mistake in putting Abby in charge. Billy then lashes out at Victor for shooting Jack. Chelsea tells Billy that Gabriel was set up and for him to choose which side he is on. Ashley visits Jack to see how he is doing. Phyllis lets her know that sometimes Jack responds to her and sometimes he doesnít. Avery tells Dylan that she is leaving town for good. Dylan asks if it's because of him. Avery denies that it's his fault. Dylan tells her that he hopes she finds what she is looking for. Abby wants to go to the office but Ben stops her and offers to get her what she wants. Noah apologizes to Marisa for backing away from her. Gabriel confronts Victor about hiding the gun in Chelseaís apartment. Victor gets a call and leaves. Billy tells Gabriel that he chooses the Abbotts -- the real Abbotts. Marisa thanks Noah for being a friend. Victor asks Marisa about her threat toward him. Marisa tells him that he shot the real Jack Abbott. Billy tells Ashley, Phyllis, and Jack that Victor is out on bail. When they are left alone with Jack, Phyllis and Billy have a breakthrough and find out that Gabriel is not Jackís son. Ben joins Ashley in the park. Sage gets the results of the paternity test. Jack tells Billy and Ashley that the DNA test is wrong. Billy and Ashley decide to keep this between them.

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