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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Aly continues to give the stink eye with Julius being uncomfortable but everyone else seems to be enjoying the runway by Maya. Steffy notices Aly and asks if she can help. Aly does not wish to speak to her so Steffy tells her maybe she should go home and they will talk later. Aly says this is all disgusting but Steffy can not get rid of her. Steffy offers her apologies and says she never meant to upset her. Aly says she is fine, no need to worry but her. Steffy tells her this is progress, but Aly says no, this is about sex, nothing her mother or her grandmother stood for. This is not Hope For The Future and this is disgraceful. She will not let Steffy degrade her mother. Steffy tells her again to get over this, they will not live in the past and are not afraid to march into the future. Aly throws more words around about her being a true Forrester. Dark Darla tells her to finish this depravity and stop it. Pam teases Charlie with a bite of her lemon bars that she snuck in and he did not know she had.

All are waiting for Maya and the showstopper. Rick tells her that she is about to make Forrester history today and the whole damn world will know how he feels about her. Steffy tells her that she is the theme and the message and that is all good….the 21st century message of acceptance and freedom. Again Vivienne seems proud while Julius is more reserved about it all. Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer get credit while all the models, including Maya, take center stage for their finale. Steffy and Liam also get their dues while Ivy seethes a little. Steffy thanks the audience for accepting this California Freedom without discrimination. Ridge goes to close the show but Rick takes the mike away from him and says there is one more thing he’d like to add. All have been questioning him and his feelings for this woman and he wants to say now before the whole world that he wants to marry her. He gets down on his knees and asks Maya to marry him and she of course says yes. Darla continues on Aly to end this once and for all. When Aly sees Rick propose she just about busts a gut.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne saw Lucas at Sonny’s place.  She let Lucas know that she signed the divorce papers.  Kate told Justin about Paul’s hesitation about advertising the cologne they are promoting.  Abby and Hope talked a little about her pregnancy when Clyde showed up.  Abby didn’t want anyone else to know about the baby yet.  Hope suspected that Abby wasn’t telling her everything about the pregnancy.  Clyde went to fix the sink so they continued to talk about the baby.  While they were talking about business, Kate noticed something was wrong.  Kate thought he should fight for his marriage.  He asked her if she would go back and she said she would.  Hope wasn’t sure if Abby was getting an abortion.  Hope assured Abby that Ben and everyone else would be there for her. Clyde left, but listened at the door after Hope left.

Justin wondered if Kate had a motive for wanting him to make his marriage work.  Kate wanted to find a way to keep Lucas and Adrienne apart.  Adrienne compared her relationship with Justin to Lucas’ relationship with Sami.  Lucas understood what she meant.  Clyde snuck back in the apartment while Abby was in the shower.  He looked through Abby’s phone.  Kate continued to give Justin advice about his divorce.  Clyde went through Abby’s bag and copied her prescription.  He snuck out before Abby saw him.  Hope and Rafe met and talked about Clyde.  Clyde was checking up on Abby and had to cancel his plans with Kate.  Abby noticed that Ben forgot something and went to look for him.  Rafe and Hope talked about Ben getting closer to Clyde. Clyde found out that Abby was on prenatal vitamins.  Abby saw Chad with Arianna.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke tells Lulu that Elizabeth’s son, Jake is alive. Patrick is shocked to see Elizabeth with little Jake. Patrick says it is a shame that Jason isn’t alive to see it. Patrick examines Jake and reports that he seems perfectly healthy. He tells Elizabeth that Jake’s kidney is untouched. Jake Doe goes to Sonny’s house to tell Carly about little Jake. Carly thinks it is unfair that Jason isn’t there to know that his son is alive. She is horrified when she realizes that Josselyn got her kidney from some unknown source. He suggests that she take Josselyn to the hospital to get checked out. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Sam will probably want Danny and Jake to have a relationship since they are brothers.

Nikolas tells Laura that Lucky left. Laura tells Nikolas that she doesn’t judge him for the ELQ takeover, although the timing isn’t so great with Tracy already angry with her. Nikolas figures that Luke must have already cleared things up with Tracy. Luke tells Lulu that when he went to talk to Tracy, she was in bed with Dillon’s father. He tells Tracy rejected him because he hurt her by keeping her out of the loop. Lulu understands because Dante felt the same way. Dante wants to talk to Valerie about their indiscretion. Valerie says they should forget about it and move on. He says that might not be so easy because Lulu knows they kissed. Valerie asks him if she can expect Lulu to go after her. Dante apologizes for leading her on. Lulu goes to the station to confront Valerie

Dillon tries to convince Tracy that Luke had no choice but to mislead her. Tracy is surprised when Paul comes into the parlor with a tray of pancakes that he made. She realizes that Luke never once made breakfast for her. Dillon wonders if Tracy and Paul are back together. Paul says he is in town to reconnect with Dillon, not with Tracy. Dillon hopes that means there is still a chance for Luke and Tracy. Paul thinks Tracy did the right thing when she rejected Luke. Tracy goes to the Haunted Star to see Luke. Laura asks Nikolas if she can live at Wyndemere. He insists that she does. Elizabeth takes little Jake to Wyndemere. Laura overhears Nikolas telling Elizabeth that he told Lucky that Jake is really Jason.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy asks Neil to help the Newmans and the Abbotts bring down Gabriel, but he says no and tells Billy that when the dust settles he will consider taking back his job.  Avery begins telling her friends and family that she is leaving town and isn't sure if she will ever come back to Genoa City.  Victor gets out on bail because they found a gun with Jack's fingerprints  at Chelsea's place.  Nikki asks Victor to forgive her for doubting his version of what happened at the park but later remembers she saw Victor with Jack's fingerprints months ago which leads her to believe Victor has been planning to kill Jack.  Nikki goes to the police station to tell Paul about the fingerprints, even though she knows it makes Victor look guilty of Jack's shooting. 

The warehouse guy that Abby got in the car with to go home claims that Abby was getting frisky with him, which is why she ran the car into a tree.  Abby tells Stitch and Ashley that she had five drinks, but she wasn't frisky with the guy.  Ashley apologizes to Stitch for making him think Abby would  think so little of their relationship that she would make advances on another man.  Stitch tells Ashley it is okay because he feels guilty and cares about Abby very much yet he can't get her mother off his mind. Billy tells Abby she wasn't supposed to get a deal with the warehouse employees and the deal she made will cost the company a lot of money. Paul wants Gabriel's fingerprints to see if they match a partial print found on the gun that didn't belong to Jack.  Chelsea tells Adam that she loves him, but they can't be together because she can't deal with the pressure that someone will discover his true identity.  Victor arrives at the office and orders Gabriel to get out of his chair.

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