Friday 7/17/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 7/17/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All is coming together backstage at the Fashion Shoot. Carter tells Rick that they are above capacity as no one declined the invitation. Rick says that is great but not his problem since he runs International now. Brooke joins and tells him how proud she is of him although she knows he would still like to be CEO. He says yes but that does not matter now. No one can take this day away from him and it will be greater especially after today. He tells Maya that she is beautiful and knows she is anxious because her parents are in the audience. She says yes she just wants to get out there and stand proud. This is the first time she has been before the public since she has been outed by the press and she just wants to get her power back. Julius and Vivienne walk around the presentation room and she seems impressed. Nicole introduces them to Zende and the other interns. Julius is surprised to learn that Zende is a Forrester. While Ridge and Caroline and Steffy and Liam seem very happy, Aly has a look of disgust on her face. Bill and Katie sip champagne and he even tells Jarrett to do his job and get him a good story tonight. Deacon surprises Quinn with a kiss. She is delighted until she sees him talking later with Brooke ever how innocently it is. Rick tells the DJ Othello that he wants things to be perfect. Vivienne feels underdressed but Julius says she looks fine. He comments that the gift bags out front must have cost half a million dollars. Ivy seems slightly miffed that Steffy and Liam are cuddled together talking intimately. Wyatt takes her away and says there is nothing important to see out there. Liam drags Steffy out to the Sky Lounge and tells her this is their future. They are going to be running Forrester Creations together. He thanks her for being so patient with him. He finally sees the obvious. He is right where he wants to be. They kiss passionately. Aly gives them the stink eye. Ridge thanks everyone backstage for their hard work and to Caroline his co-designer who has proven herself more and more times that she is more talented than he. Ivy thanks Liam and he wishes her well too. He says he knows now is not the time but they really should talk after the show.

Ridge stands on stage and welcomes the audience. They are here to introduce California Freedom, about empowerment and acceptance. He calls out Steffy and Maya. Vivienne looks proud but Julius looks annoyed. He tells Vivienne this is so wrong, their son waltzing down the aisle dressed as a woman. Steffy announces they once had Hope For The Future but it is no longer needed. Maya adds that they are not looking for sameness or the same old thing. Steffy does not want guilt, society is full of free believers and California embodies that diversity and beauty. The models come out, two being transgender. The audience seems to like it but again Aly is sullen. In her head she listens to dark Darla who says this is not about freedom, but sex. This is pornography not romance. Aly has to put an end to this once and for all.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby realized that her pregnancy test wasn't in the garbage can.  Ben wanted to know what was wrong and thought he had an idea.  Stefano told Chad that Abby is the key to their family thriving again.  Clyde was eavesdropping since he put a bug in the mansion.  Stefano told Chad that Abby's going to get a big inheritance from a woman in Ireland.  Abby searched for her test until Ben came in the room with her.  Will talked about Paul to Marlena.  Will seemed agitated when Marlena told him that Paul wasn't into Derrick.  Kate wanted to know if Paul was going to break up Will and Sonny's marriage.  Justin and Adrienne talked about how they caused each other pain because of their affairs.  Ben wanted to know what Abby was going to say when Hope called her.  Hope warned Abby that Ben didn't see the pregnancy test.  Stefano told Chad about Abby's time in Ireland and how she's going to inherit the property. Chad didn't like Stefano's plan.

Will told Marlena how Paul said that he and Sonny didn't have any gay friends.  Marlena advised Will to start going out with more gay people.  Paul didn't appreciate Kate telling him about Will and Sonny's marriage.  Paul ended up storming off.  Adrienne thought about old times with Justin.  Justin questioned if they were making a mistake getting a divorce.  Stefano wanted Chad to marry Abby.  Chad confessed that he still loved Abby and didn't want to go through with the plan.  Clyde was still listening to them and was disturbed when Stefano mentioned that Abby was only with Ben because of the way he treated her.  Ben showed up at and met with Clyde.  Ben told Clyde that Abby seemed distracted by something.  Hope showed up at Ben and Abby's place and they talked about the pregnancy test.  Justin and Adrienne continued to talk about what went wrong in their marriage.  Hope asked Abby if she's pregnant.  When Will saw Paul and Sonny together, Will went to follow Paul.  Ben told Clyde about Chad.  Stefano saw Rafe on his property and they got into a brief argument.  While Hope and Abby were talking, Clyde showed up at Ben's place to see Abby.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Julian and Alexis spend the afternoon role-playing in a room at the Metro Court. Kiki calls Morgan from outside Julian’s penthouse and leaves a message that Michael is going to ask Sonny to let Denise visit Avery. Morgan and Denise are inside Julian’s penthouse making out. Michael calls Kiki and tells Kiki that he already talked to Sonny and that he won’t change his mind. After Kiki leaves, Franco bangs on the penthouse door until Ava answers. She tells him to keep it down because Julian and Alexis are in the bedroom. He delivers the message from Kiki that Sonny denied her request for access to Avery. He tells her he was unsuccessful at obtaining that incriminating recording from his father. She tells him to try again or else she won’t participate in his ruse to get Nina back.

Michael tells Sabrina about his parents’ upcoming marriage. Sabrina tells Michael that she got financing for the AJ Quartermaine Memorial Clinic from General Hospital. Sonny feels badly that he had to turn down Michael’s request, but he doesn’t want Denise anywhere near Avery. He hopes Denise doesn’t enlist the help of her brother Julian because Sonny doesn’t want to get into it with Julian. An entire shipment is hijacked at the warehouse and Sonny’s soldier, Vito, gets shot. Sonny asks Max if it was the Jeromes. Max doesn’t know. Sonny calls Ric and leaves a message asking if he wants to be is consigliere and find out if the warehouse hijackers were the Jeromes or a new player in town. Julian turns on the television and sees the news report about shots fired at the Corinthos warehouse and the speculation that the Jerome crime family was behind it. Alexis isn’t happy. Franco goes to the Metro Court to see Nina and instead sees Julian and Alexis kissing in the hallway in front of their room. He wonders why Ava lied to him. Ava feels badly that Kiki went out of her way to help her and she repaid her by sleeping with her boyfriend. Kiki waits at the Metro Court bar for Morgan to show up for their date.

Ric opens the hotel room door to usher Madeline out before Nina comes home and sees her. Nina is on the other side of the door, about to open it. Nina asks Ric if he is Madeleine’s lawyer. Ric claims he just met Madeleine when she arrived unannounced today. Rick plays the recording of a crying baby to distract Nina. Nina’s reaction upsets Madeline.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby handles a tough negotiation with the leader of the Newman-Abbott warehouse workers. Afterwards, she agrees to catch a ride home with the man who was making passes at her all night. Ashley goes to Chelsea's house where she places an anonymous tip to the police that there is a gun in Chelsea's house that could be related to Jack's shooting. Paul runs tests on the gun and discovers that it has Jack's fingerprints on it. Adam and Chelsea argue because he hid the gun at her apartment to frame Victor for Jack's shooting so that he could get control of Newman-Abbott and get his revenge on Victor. Stitch tells Phyllis and Ashley that he thinks Jack has locked in syndrome and can hear everything everyone says when they talk to him. He thinks he will find a way to communicate with her again. Jack uses the hand-squeezing system to tell Phyllis that he did not take his gun to the park that night. Phyllis has Stitch and Ashley in the room as witnesses that Jack does respond to her questions about the shooting.

Avery is supposed to have a press conference about the case for the Innocence Foundation but instead she tells the reporter that she took the law into her own hands and almost shot Joe, because she thought he was her rapist. Avery also tells the reporter she is resigning from the foundation and suspending her law practice. Avery tells Joe she is leaving town, because she needs a fresh start and advises him to also leave. Joe, Michael, and Deacon advise Cane to forgive Lily for the sake of their children, but Cane wants a divorce and sole custody. Sage worries that Marisa will find out that Nick or Adam are the two possible fathers of her child. Adam assures her that he will take care of the Marisa situation. Sage goes to the hospital and asks for a paternity test. When Nikki sees her at the hospital, Sage tells her she is seeing her doctor because she has heartburn.

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