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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya tells Rick that it is a lot to ask for but she has hopes that her dad will accept her. If it doesn’t happen she will be okay but if it does then things would be a great deal better. Nicole asks Julius if he really means it that he will accept Maya. He asks her not to drag her mother into this. She asks again if it is true because she does not buy it. Julius says it is hard but he is hoping they can come back together as a family again. In her room, Aly throws the collage hatred board down and says it is disgusting. She can not stand by and accept this tolerance. They have to be stopped or they will ruin everything. ……acting like Steffy and Maya are role models. Dark Darla tells her she has to go back. She knows what has to be done for the family. Aly agrees that she is the only one who can help. Steffy tells Ridge and Caroline that she really did not want Aly to leave, but just wake her up how disruptive she is at the meetings. Julius says he wants what is best for this family and that is all he has always wanted. He did not know what kind of people Maya would bring around her. She was in jail and he assumed it would always be the same so he had to see for himself. Nicole got to know Maya so her mother and father deserve that same opportunity. He’d like to go see Rick on his own, the man Maya is with. Nicole is suspicious.

When Aly returns she does not approve of Sonja, a transgender model they will be using tomorrow. Vivienne tells Nicole they had to let Julius go and let him handle it his way. Rick opens the door and meets Julius and invites him in. He tells Julius that Maya had to go back for the fashion show tomorrow. He is glad Julius wants to know more about her. Julius says yes he wants to know more about Rick too, what kind of man wants to make a future with someone like Maya. Vivienne admits Julius can be blunt and some people may not be able to accept him. It’s been very difficult all these years, the embarrassment and ridicule. That is why Nicole is so sure that is not going to change now. Vivienne thinks perhaps spending some time with Maya may help, at lease she hopes so. He is trying to see the good in Maya and what she can bring to their lives. Julius thinks it says a lot that Rick put Maya’s portrait up before he knew she was transgender but he also did not take it down. Maya thought he would reject her when he found out she was transgender and that is not going to happen. He is surprised but answers Julius’s question is he straight and did he always date regular girls. Rick says he sees no difference. Julius says he is trying and he sees the life Maya is leading here and he does want to be a part of that if Rick is sincere. Aly has heard enough and bolts from the meeting as it ends. Ridge tells everyone to go home and get some rest and California Freedom will have it’s time tomorrow. Aly tells herself she has to stop this. Dark Darla tells her it is almost time – make them pay! Aly glances down at the Forrester parking space, Steffy’s spot, and then sees her own mother lose her life to a car. Darla says tomorrow is her day, one that finally has arrived. Julius is glad to hear Rick say he sees a future with Maya. He wants to be part of that too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer started to drink her shake, but noticed that it had a weird taste to it.  Eve was watching Jennifer from a distance.  Serena overheard Eric and Nicole talking about their secret.  Hope noticed the ring Daniel had for Nicole and thought he was moving too fast.  Eve was upset that Jennifer noticed the taste of her shake.  Eric ran into Eve and they talked until Jennifer interrupted them and talked to him herself.  Paige warned JJ to stay out of her life.  She intended to hang out with Kyle or anyone else she chose.  Nicole and Serena ended up arguing.  Serena warned Nicole not to mess with her.  Aiden walked up to Nicole and Serena while they were arguing.  Nicole introduced him to Serena and told her that she was suing Xander.  Eric invited Eve to come to his place to check out his photos.

JJ tried to warn Paige about Kyle but she refused to listen to him.  Paige ended up slapping him.  Aiden warned Nicole to keep her mouth shut when it concerned her lawsuit.  Aiden walked away and Serena came back to talk to Nicole.  Serena wasnít worried about the lawsuit.  Nicole said she had another way to get Serena.  Aiden planned a romantic evening for Hope to celebrate their anniversary.  Nicole threatened to go public with the knowledge that Serena used an innocent man (Eric) to smuggle blood diamonds in the country.  She was convinced that Eric would never forgive Serena.  Eve found an old pic of Serena and Eric told her about how Serena betrayed him.  JJ went home and talked to Jennifer.  She advised JJ to let Paige go.  Aiden and Hope went down memory lane as they continued to celebrate their anniversary.  Eve talked to Eric about Jennifer.  She thought about how she drugged Jenniferís shake.  Eve wanted to change her mind about going after Jennifer.  JJ didnít think Paige knew what she was doing with Kyle.  JJ called Kyle and said he could help him with his business.  Serena thought about Nicole and Ericís conversation.  Serena considered telling Daniel what she overheard.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis is happy that Julian got out of the mob, but she’s concerned that he’ll get sucked back in or wind up dead. He assures her that all that is left to do is sit back and wait for Sonny to take over the territory. Sonny and Carly tell Michael that they are engaged to get married again act for the fifth time. Carly says she wants Michael to be a part of the wedding. Michael says he doesn’t think he’ll be able to attend the wedding.

Kiki excitedly tells Silas that Michael is going to talk to Sonny about letting Denise see Avery. Silas doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Kiki to become so close to Denise so quickly. Morgan goes to Julian’s penthouse to confront Denise about telling Silas that they got together. They find themselves over each other. Michael asks Sonny about setting up a time for Denise to see Avery. Sonny says he doesn’t like Denise and he doesn’t want her near his kids. Carly agrees. Julian wonders to Alexis why Denise doesn’t get her own apartment. He says that with any luck she’ll move in with her new boyfriend Franco. Franco and Scott of discuss their problems with the redheads in their lives. Franco tells Scott that he has lost Nina to Ric and that now he’s moved on with Denise DeMuccio, Ava’s long lost twin sister. Scott tells Franco that he still has the incriminating recording of Sonny confessing to killing AJ and Ava admitting to killing Connie locked in his desk drawer. When Scott leaves the room, Franco tries to break into the desk drawer, unsuccessfully.

Nina worries that she might be sent back to Shady Brook because she thought she heard a baby crying and because Ric has a blanket with Avery’s initials on it that he says he found in Nina’s drawer. Nina tells Silas that she is afraid she’s losing her mind. He assures her that she’s not losing her mind and that she did not kidnap baby Avery. Ric tells Madeline that their plan is working. Ric asks Madeline what happened to Nina when she was young that made her unstable in the first place. Madeline evades the question.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In Chelsea’s condo, Gabriel sits on the sofa with Connor on his lap and tells the child that he will miss him, but he won’t be seeing him for awhile. When Gabriel tells Chelsea good bye, she has tears in her eyes. In the CEO office at Newman, Billy and Victoria await Gabriel for the meeting. Abby tells them that she is attending a meeting of the warehouse workers. Billy says he's been working on this deal for weeks. Abby insists that she is taking the meeting. In a booth at the Underground, Sage tells Nick that she never thought that she would have him or a family, and she is so afraid that she will lose him. Nick assures her that they will have it all. In the corridor at the hospital, Ashley tells Phyllis about a meeting that she is going to at Newman. Ben joins her and twirls her around the room in happiness, because he's been reinstated at the hospital. Ashley is sad that she will be losing him at Jabot. At Crimson Lights, Noah brings Summer an iced cupcake in order to lift her spirits. Summer cannot believe that her and Austin’s wedding anniversary has just come and gone without so much as a thought. Noah lets her know that he is glad that she has Kyle in her life to lean on. Marisa tells Victor that they have a friend in common: Marco. At the Athletic Club dining room, Phyllis thanks Nikki for joining her and informs her about what's been going on with Jack. Phyllis shows her the paper on which Jack wrote the number 2. Phyllis asks for Nikki’s help in getting Victor to tell her what he knows about the number 2. Nikki hesitates but then agrees to do it. Abby asks Victoria, Billy, and Kyle for their support in what she is trying to do. Nick urges Sage to go home and rest while he goes to the meeting at Newman. Nick assures her they are solid as he kisses her. Gabriel tells Chelsea that he will tell everyone who he is and let the chips fall where they may. Chelsea holds Connor as she cries. Marisa and Victor discuss Jack but he will not divulge any information as to his involvement with Marco. Nick and Ashley join the others for the meeting with Gabriel. Ashley tells Abby that they need someone with more experience than she has in dealing with problems of a big corporation. She also tells her that Ben has something to share with her. Gabriel joins the group and starts to tell them that there will be changes made.

Nikki visits Victor to get some answers that will help Phyllis, but he refuses to tell her anything. Sage writes Nick a note, puts it in an envelope, and leaves it on the bar amongst the bottles of booze. When Marisa enters, Sage tells her that she can take over and she's taking off. Marisa looks at the letter addressed to Nick. Everyone urges Gabriel to get down to why he called this business meeting. Gabriel begins to tell them that as of today Gabriel Bingham is no more. Chelsea comes in and interrupts. After a few words from Chelsea, Gabriel cancels the meeting. After they all leave, Gabriel asks Chelsea why she stopped him from telling them the truth. Chelsea tells him that a lot of people will be hurt if he tells the truth and she don’t want that. Chelsea also tells him that her husband is dead and to her he is Gabriel Bingham. Noah notices the note to Nick and opens it only to find that it contains just receipts. Victor tells Nikki that there was no gun and she should search for it, since Gabriel must have taken it. Abby hears from Ben at the Athletic Club that he's been reinstated at the hospital, but she is hurt that Ashley knew it first. Ben wants to celebrate, but Abby tells him that she has a meeting. Ben promises to stay there and watch out for her during the meeting. Nick and Victoria tell Billy that it was wise that they didn’t let Chelsea in on their plans. Nick notices that Sage is gone and wonders where she is. Marisa catches up to Sage in the park and gives her the note she left for Nick. Marisa says that Nick doesn’t know the meeting was cancelled. Nikki lets Ashley and Phyllis know that Victor told her that she should search for the gun.

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