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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

[Today's episode was pre-empted by breaking news]

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander threatened Serena until Daniel showed up.  They came up with a story for Daniel until Xander walked away.  Daniel wanted to know what Serena was doing with Xander.  She said that she tried to set him up, but it didnít work.  Hope let Victor and Brady know that the police plan on getting Xander as well as anyone who helped him.  Theresa plotted with Anne to make Hayley look incompetent.  They set up the nanny cam to make it look like Hayleyís not doing her job.  Eric told Nicole that he loved her.  She wanted to be friends with him.  Jennifer saw Paige at the town square and wanted to apologize for everything.  Paige told her that she didnít hate her.  Eve saw them together and was upset by it.  Rory heard JJ talk about Kyle on the phone and thought he was dealing again.  Rory told JJ that he sells more than weed.  Rory warned JJ that Kyle can be dangerous. Paige was willing to talk to Jennifer until she had to go.  Eve went up to Paige and questioned how she could forgive Jennifer and not her.  Daniel wanted Serena to help by testifying against Xander.  Serena didnít see a point in that because he would get away.  Daniel mentioned Nicole and Serena went ballistic.  Nicole continued to let Eric know that she wanted to be friends with him because she wanted a life with Daniel.

Brady and Victor arrived at Danielís place while Eric and Nicole were talking.  Brady wanted to invite Nicole and Eric to a party for Tate.  Victor was surprised to find Nicole living in Danielís apartment.  Nicole and Eric left the apartment.  Serena refused to help Nicole and didnít understand how Daniel and Eric could sweep everything she does under the rug.  Rory wanted to know why JJ was asking so many questions about Kyle.  JJ said he didnít want him around Paige.  Paige yelled at Eve and walked away.  Eve was more determined to get revenge on Jennifer.  Hope interrupted Daniel and Serena to talk to him about Xander.  Brady and Victor went home and Theresa told him that Hayley didnít take care of Tate.  Victor knew she was lying and could prove it.  Victor told Brady about the nanny cam that he had in the room.  Theresa knew about it so she wasnít worried about the camera.  JJ met with Kyle and offered to give him his contacts but he wanted something in return.  Eve put drugs in Jenniferís drink.  Victor realized that Theresa was right and she expected an apology.  Brady agreed to fire Hayley.  Theresa wanted to help with the hiring so she had to stay there a little longer.  JJ didnít want Kyle to hang out with Paige.  Kyle wanted to know why and Paige heard them and wanted to know why too.  Jennifer was about to drink her shake and Eve watched her.  Xander was sure he wouldnít get caught.  Eric and Nicole went to the park and talked about what happened in the crawl space again.  Serena heard them talking in the park.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Denise is surprised that Julian printed a story about Sonny being back in charge of the mob and noting that he had left in his wake Duke, Carlos, Ava, and Julian himself. Julian says he included himself because he wants everyone to know that he is out of that life. He tells her that if she wants that business, she can take it. Denise tells Julian that Sonny won’t let her see Avery. He says he can ask Alexis to petition for visitation. Kiki asks Michael for his help in getting Sonny to let Denise see Avery. Michael agrees to talk to Sonny. Sonny confirms to Carly that he is running his organization again. Carly is concerned that there will be trouble. Sonny assures her that he can handle it. He tells her that he doesn’t believe Julian is really out of the business. Sonny and Carly get engaged.

Jordan tells Scott that her son TJ is in Sonny’s orbit and she has to get him away from there. Scott shows Jordan where he keeps the recording that proves Sonny and Ava Jerome are both murderers. Denise asks Franco to acquire the recording on which she admits to killing Connie Falconeri. Franco goes to see Scott.

Silas tells Morgan to stop making a fool of Kiki. He says he knows for a fact that Morgan has been cheating on Kiki with Denise because Denise told him. Morgan swears it is over. Silas tells him if he and Denise so much as brush hands again, he is going to tell Kiki about their relationship. Morgan finds Denise to confront her about telling Silas. Kiki tells Michael that she really didn’t kidnap Avery. Michael tells kicking that he really didn’t kidnap Avery either. They think it was Nina Clay. Ric plays mind games with Nina. He plays a recording of a baby crying and pretends not to hear it while Nina frantically tries to figure out where it is coming from. Next he shows her a blanket that is just like Avery’s and says it is Avery’s blanket. He says he found it in her dresser drawer. She asks him if he is accusing her of kidnapping Avery.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam visits Jack in his hospital room to let him know that he told Chelsea everything, but she left without saying where she was going. Adam realizes that although he thought that he had everything, he doesnít have anything at all. Billy walks in and tells him that he thought that he would find him here. Sage is at the Underground when Chelsea walks in to confront her about knowing that Gabriel was really Adam Newman. In the CEO office at Newman-Abbott, Phyllis and Ashley have a chat about Victor's motive to shooting Jack. Nick enters and resents that Phyllis thinks that Victor did it deliberately. Victoria visits Victor in jail. They discuss bringing down Gabriel, so the Newmans will once again be in control. Victor tells Victoria not to forget their plans to help to make Gabriel think that he is in complete control then sudden destruction. Phyllis lets Nick know that they got new information about Victor shooting Jack. Ashley leaves the two alone to talk while she goes to visit Victor. Chelsea asks Sage why she helped Adam to pose as Gabriel. Sage recalls the first time she saw Adam and helped him pose as Gabriel to keep Constance from knowing that Gabriel was really dead. Sage goes on to explain to Chelsea that the thought of her and Connor was the only thing that helped Adam come back to them. Billy asks Adam why he keeps coming here to talk to Jack when he's in a coma. Nick finds out that Jack responded to Phyllis’ voice but then lapsed back into a coma. Phyllis tells Nick that Jack wasn’t the intended victim. She has a pretty good idea who it was. Ashley visits Victor to ask him if he needs anything. Ashley also lets him know that Jack suffered a setback.

Billy tries to come to terms with Chelsea and Gabriel being together. Billy lets Gabriel know that he doesn’t want to lose Jack. Chelsea tells Sage that she hasn’t told anyone that Adam is alive. Sage begs her not to tell anyone or she will lose Nick forever. Sage asks Chelsea not to ruin her life. Chelsea tells her that she is sorry but she cannot make her any promises. Phyllis tells Nick that it must have been Gabriel that Victor was planning to kill but things must have gone wrong. Phyllis blames Gabriel for setting off this chain of events which led to Jack's shooting. Ashley lets Victor know that Abby is the new CEO of Newman. Victor asks Ashley how she is doing. Gabriel leaves Billy alone with Jack. Billy talks to Jack and hopes that he will wake up and find out who Gabriel really is. Out in the corridor, Gabriel makes a call to someone at Newman and sets up a meeting for later to make an announcement. Ashley tells Victor that Jack responded to Phyllis. Victor is surprised.

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