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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam has Bill and Katie to stop by. He really needs more of a woman’s advice but Bill says he knows the score. Steffy always has been, always will be the woman for Liam, so his love life should be okay now. Liam says no offense but he does not think he has to have Bill tell him once again how perfect Steffy is. Katie tells him that he has two women now that he is stringing along and he has to make a choice. Bill says again that Ivy was only a substitute til Steffy came back, there is no choice now. Maya says she is happy to have her parents in her life. They say they will be in touch. When they leave Vivienne asks Julius why he said those things to Maya, so unlike him. He does not answer right away. In fact he says just leave it alone. She says she knows he does not accept Maya so why would he do that. He says he is going to try but he does not know if he can accept what she has become. There is no more to talk about. He adds that his parents raised him with solid values and he hoped that for his own children. He had a job and good people in his life but when Maya became Maya all of that changed….a child he gave everything to. This is how he gets repaid.

Nicole goes home and is surprised when she is not the one to tell Maya that their dad is in town. Maya says her parents were here and just left. Nicole rants that he had no right to turn on his child and should not have come. Maya defends him. She says it used to be that way but her dad called her his girl today and she thinks his view has now changed. Bill tells Katie that Steffy’s first choice has always been Mr. Wishy-Washy. And now with Hope out of the way his feelings for Steffy is stronger. Katie says she thinks another Spencer man has a good ring – Ivy and Wyatt. They could make fantastic babies so maybe fate will intervene. She has a champion in Wyatt and maybe they do not realize it yet but Ivy now has a choice. Liam is aghast. Even Steffy agrees that the other’s choice are okay with Maya being lead model for the fashion show. Only Aly has that look on her face and she wishes things were as they were. But she says whatever she has to do now for her family’s company she is in…..whatever it takes. Even Rick is in a good mood and admits his ego used to be in the way but he’s on board with all of this. Aly almost hurls but makes a quick exit to get away from the others. Maya says she can not believe it that her dad who could not accept her now is holding her in his arms and wants to spend time with her and see her in a different light. He is trying to accept her. Nicole leaves and calls her mom and is told they are at the coffee shop. Nicole tells them not to leave; she is on her way. Ivy says she has not seen Forrester pull together like this in a very long time. They are all surprised they are seeing a new side of Aly too. Aly goes home and starts cringing as she looks at the hatred collage. Dark Darla tells her only she can stop them. Julius tells Nicole to sit down and not make a scene. He says he made Maya no promises. He only said he would try. Nicole says somewhere between him leaving home and coming here he had a change of heart and she is finding that hard to believe. She says she does not want to think the worse but this is a sudden turnaround. Is he lying or does he mean what he said to Maya. Rick listens as Maya tells Rick the good news about her dad’s new view.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ saw Paige and Kyle talking about having some fun. Paige was willing to have fun with him.  Serena overheard Eric talking to Nicole about what happened between them.  Abby asked Kayla for a paternity test.  Kayla figured out that Chad was potentially the father of Abbyís baby.  Abby explained what happened with Chad.  Kayla let Abby know that she couldnít help her because she wasnít far enough along.  Hope and Jennifer wanted to see Abby so they went to the apartment.  Ben knocked the garbage can (with the pregnancy test in it) over.  Serena tried to warn Eric about Nicole, but he didnít hear it.

Paige knew JJ was listening to her conversation with Kyle.  Hope ended up being the one who picked up the garbage that fell over in the can so Ben didnít see the pregnancy test.  Nicole ran into Abe and warned him that the police should get Xander.  Nicole advised Abe that he could get to Xander through Serena. Kayla told Abby that she would think about giving her the paternity test.  Abby was satisfied with that answer for now.  JJ warned Paige that Kyle would hurt her and that heís a drug addict.  Paige wasnít interested in JJís warnings.  Paige was upset that JJ was interfering in her life.  Kayla thought Abby was in love with Chad, but she denied it.  Paige and JJ continued to argue over him trying to help her.  Abby told Will that she was pregnant.  Will was suspicious of a second test she had to take.  Will figured out that Ben might not be the father.  Xander and Serena met and she let him know that sheís leaving town.  She wanted him to admit to what he did.  Eric arrived at Danielís place and found Nicole.  He realized that Nicole was moving in with Daniel. JJ warned Paige not to get involved with someone who wasnít good enough for her.  Paige threw up in his face what he did to her. She refused to listen to JJís warning.  Once Paige left, JJ called Agent Watts and agreed to help him take down Kyle.  Hope and Jennifer were at the town square and it turned out that Hope had the pregnancy test in her pocketbook.  Will let Abby know that Chadís worried about her.  She didnít believe that.  Will put two and two together and realized that Chad could be the father of Abbyís baby.  Xander realized that Serena had a recorder on her and didnít fall for her tricks.  Nicole tried to downplay what happened in the crawl space and Eric made a confession.  He admitted that he was still in love with her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny tells Carly that according to Dillon Quartermaine, Lulu didn’t cheat on Dante. Carly says Lulu should know better than to lie to her husband and take off with her ex for any reason. Lulu gets angry when Dante calls Valerie to tell her that Lulu knows they kissed. She says it’s bad enough that he will see her every day at work. He asks her what he is supposed to do. Quit his job? She says really wants Valerie to quit the PD and leave town. Dante tells her that she is going to have to get used to the fact that her cousin is going to be a part of her life. She asks why. Her phone chimes with a text from Dillon. Dante says the same reason that he has to deal with Dillon being a part of their lives.

Luke goes to the Quartermaine mansion to explain everything to Tracy. He finds her and Dillon’s father, Paul Hornsby, I’m bed together. Paul tells Dillon that Luke found him and Tracy in bed together. Luke tells Tracy the whole story and says the only person he wants to be with is her. She tells him that he blew it and she no longer has a place in her life for him.

Lucky goes to Wyndemere and tells Nikolas and Laura that he took Elizabeth’s son to her. Nikolas assures Lucky that he had no idea that Helena had Jake on Cassadine Island. Lucky tells Nikolas that he is just as broken as he was when he left Port Charles before. He says he thinks the boys are better off with Elizabeth and that stranger that she is dating. Nikolas tells Lucky that the stranger is Jason with plastic surgery and a shattered memory. He reveals that the only other people that know are Helena and Elizabeth. Nikolas says everyone has already made peace with Jason’s death and moved on with their lives. He says Jason can be the man that Elizabeth always wanted him to be as long as he doesn’t know he is Jason. Lucky wonders what will happen if one day Jason wakes up and remembers everything and realizes that his life has been based on a lie. He says he can’t do that to him. Nikolas says whatever decision Lucky makes will be the right one. Jake meets Little Jake. While holding Little Jake’s toy motorcycle, Jake Doe has a vague memory of holding a toy motorcycle before. Lucky goes to Elizabeth’s house, but when he hears Elizabeth, Jake and Jason inside, he decides not to knock. Carly tells Sonny that thanks to Jason and Elizabeth’s selfless decision, Josselyn has been cancer free for 5 years. Sonny and Carly talk about how much they miss Jason.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In talking to a pic of Victor, Adam reveals that he is Adam Newman. He hears a glass drop to the floor behind him and looks around to see Chelsea standing there. Chelsea asks him what he said, but he tries to deny it. Chelsea repeats to him word for word what he said. She wants him to tell her the truth or she is walking out the door. Adam begins to confess to her that he is Adam Newman and how things came about that he took Gabriel Bingham’s identity. Chelsea touches his cheek and calls him Adam. Adam goes on to explain to her how Sage helped him to take Gabriel’s identity after Gabriel was killed saving him from the burning car. Adam remembers Chelsea saying that she wanted her husband back. Chelsea is furious that she looked Billy straight in the eye and made Jack believe that he was his son. Chelsea is furious that Adam told Jack who he was but didn’t tell her. Adam tells her that Jack was the only one he could trust. Chelsea guesses that Adam blackmailed Victor into putting him in charge of Newman. Chelsea asked Adam to consider turning himself in. At the hospital, Phyllis struggles to make sense of the number two but vows to find out. At the jail, Victor finds out that Jack was coherent enough to write something down. Phyllis vows to find out the truth and she will never give up hope. At the police station, Victor swears to Christine that he told the truth. Christine tries to get Victor to confess to a lesser charge, so he would spend less time in jail. Victor declines Christine’s offer. Phyllis visits Victor to get some answers about Jack writing down the Number 2. Victor lets Phyllis know that the Jack she had known no longer exists. Phyllis was surprised by Victor’s sincerity. She vows to find out what was meant by the Number 2.

In the hotel room at the Athletic Club, Paul reveals to Avery that it wasn't Joe who raped her. Dylan is surprised when Paul tells him that he will arrest Avery. Dylan worries that Avery’s career will be permanently damaged. Avery apologizes to Joe for holding the gun on him and accusing him of rape. Sharon joins Dylan at the Coffeehouse, and they discuss Avery and the mess that she got herself into. Sharon picks up a chair to help Dylan to get things straightened up, but he stops her. Joe calls Paul and tells him that he will not press charges against Avery.

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