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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Julius calls Maya his little girl and says she has a very comfortable home. He says something Nicole said against them and he wanted to straighten this out. The child is always in your mind’s eye, whether they are safe or not. He remembers every harsh word. She says she does too. Julius hopes she is not trying to call him out or shame him. Who is going to carry on his name now? She says she has never been able to read his mind so maybe he needs to tell her why he is here. Nicole tells Rick that her parents may have nightmares but no more dreams. They do not have the kind of money to traipse all over the country looking for her or Maya. He wonders if Maya even knows that her dad is in town. Rick praises Zende and says he needs a promotion as he is the only person who knocks on his door. Nicole tells Zende that her mom and dad are in town and would like her to return home but she is going nowhere. The only influence Maya has on her is making her a better person. Zende tells her that his birth parents are dead and most don’t get second chances. So he would never think of disappointing them. She feels he believes that she should go home.

Julius wants to hear about this Rick who has given them a home. Maya says she has a way to go but yes she is happy and with Rick. Julius explains to her that he hears her name at church ad even the library where some have shown him magazines with Maya’s pictures. Some have made fun of him and he told them his son was dead. He does not know why the Lord did this but he feels he is being tested. But he does not wish her dead. Maya tells her mother she does not have to chose her words so carefully, she can speak freely. Julius says hard work is to be respected but it doesn’t always come. Maya says in the past she could only be told so many times that she was a freak before you start looking for another life. She is okay now how she turned out, but if they want something more she can not have them in her life without their acceptance. Julius says she doesn’t want much – just trade his beliefs for hers. She says she knows she did not grow up gracefully and she does not want to dwell now on right and wrong. She loves them and she knows they love her too. She does not want them to march in a transgender parade or anything like that but she would ask them to let her lead her life the way she is now. He tells her she is young yet and thinks people can change. They will go. Maya sits down in defeat. He makes her stand up and looks her in the eyes and says he will try. He will try to get to know the woman she has become and he will always be her father. He will try to find a way to fit in. He can promise her that and he asks for some sugar for this old man. She hugs him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole and Serena got into it over Xander.  Nicole threatened to go public with what Serena did.  Daniel talked to Eric about Nicole, but Eric became agitated with him.  Abby was upset that her pregnancy test was positive.  Will tried to comfort her, but she was still upset. Will suggested that Abby go to Kayla to confirm whether she was pregnant or not.  Abby threw the test in the garbage on her way out of the apartment.  Paige talked to Daphne about how she wants Eve and JJ to pay for what they did to her.  Roman found JJ and wanted to talk to him about helping Agent Watts.  Serena reminded Nicole that she warned her to leave Xander alone.  Nicole seemed to forget about that. Nicole let Serena know when she realized that she was working with Xander.  She knew when she saw Serena and Xander talking to each other out in the open.  Abby went to Kayla about getting a pregnancy test.

Paige told Daphne about meeting Kyle and they saw him in the park.  Roman understood that JJ didnít want to help the DEA. He did warn JJ to stay out of trouble.  After Roman walked away, Sonny approached JJ and they talked about Paige.  Sonny advised JJ to work things out with Paige. Nicole talked to Serena about everything she heard Serena tell Xander.  Serena realized that Nicole still loved Eric because of everything she did to expose them.  Victor ran into Daniel and Eric and tried to apologize for Xander.  Daniel asked Victor if he knew of anything that could get Xander arrested. Kayla told Abby that she was pregnant.  Victor denied knowing anything about Xanderís illegal dealings.  Nicole and Serena continued to argue over Xander and Eric.  Paige and Kyle talked briefly. Nicole and Serena had a catfight until Eric walked in and broke it up.  Abby interrupted Kayla when she kept going on about Ben.  Abby told Kayla that she is scared and had every right to be.  JJ saw Kyle and Paige together.  Eric mentioned that something happened between him and Nicole while they were trapped together.  Serena ended up overhearing them.  Abby asked Kayla for a paternity test.  Chad walked in Kaylaís office after she asked about the test.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu tells Dante that she knows all about him and Valerie. He emphatically apologizes and asks her if she can forgive him. She says it depends on whether it was just one kiss. He lets her believe that is the case. She concedes that it wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t been lying to Dante, but she hates it and she hates Valerie for it. Jordan tells Valerie that she is uncomfortable with an inappropriate relationship going on in the department. Valerie assures her that she has nothing to worry about because Dante ended it and asked her to keep quiet about it. Jordan tells her that she needs to keep the drama out of the office.

Patrick tells Sam that Hayden’s vitals spiked and then went back down. Sam hopes Hayden wakes up from her coma so that she can tell them who Jake really is. She tells him that Valerie told her that Hayden and Nikolas have a past. Laura tells Nikolas that she and Luke lied about getting back together so that they could rescue Lucky. She tells him that they found Elizabeth’s son, Jake, alive on Cassadine Island. She says it is a shame that Jason isn’t here to see it. Nikolas says, “Wrong.” Jake Doe goes to the Quartermaine mansion to see Michael. While he waits, Monica tells him all about Jason. She tells him that Jason was the heart of the family until one day he got into his brother’s car and was never Jason Quartermaine again.

Lucky takes little Jake home to Elizabeth. Lucky tells Luke that he, too has darkness inside of him and that he is afraid he will pass it along to his kids. Luke tells Lucky that has to be honest with himself and face the demon. Luke goes to the Quartermaine mansion to talk to Tracy. Lucky goes to Wyndemere. Jake goes home to Elizabeth and sees the little boy in the living room.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack tries to use the hand-squeezing system that he and Phyllis developed to communicate and he is able to write the number 2 on a notepad to try to tell her that there is someone that looks like him who Victor shot, but Phyllis doesn't understand the message. She wonders why Marisa is visiting Jack, but Noah apologizes to Phyllis because he says Marisa cut her hand and was getting stitches, and she just walked into the wrong room. Noah asks Marisa if she cut her hand on purpose, just so she could visit Jack in the hospital. Marisa insists she would never do that, and she just got lost and walked into the wrong room. Paul tells Dylan and Sharon that two policeman stopped an attack in progress and the man was wearing a ski mask. Dylan tells Paul that Avery took his gun, and he is afraid she is going to hurt Joe.

Avery goes to Joe's hotel room and makes him sit in a chair. She holds him at gunpoint until he admits that he raped her.  Dylan arrives and calms Avery. He tells her that there is another suspect in her rape. Paul arrives and tells Avery that they found her cell phone and her purse in the car of another suspect tonight. Avery puts down the gun and holds on to Dylan.  Michael asks Sage questions about Gabe and why he went off the grid for a year. She says that Gabe took a year off to take care of his ailing grandmother. Sage calls Gabe to tell him that Michael is asking questions. When Michael arrives at Gabe's office, he tells him the same story he heard from Sage. After Chelsea and Gabe make love in his office, she goes out of the room to get dressed. Adam talks to a picture of Victor and tells him that the son he never wanted is the one who is now head of his company. Gabe lifts a glass and toasts to himself, Adam Newman. Chelsea drops her glass as she walks into the room and hears Gabe say that he is Adam.

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