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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Julius demands that Nicole come home with them. They have already lost one child, he will not lose Nicole too. He wants her as far away from Maya as possible. Nicole declares that she is an adult now and he has no say so over her. Her home is now L.A. and he and Vivienne are welcome to stay here too but she is not going back to her former cold home. Maya is now her sister's name and she can not stand for him to call her sister by contempt. He says he only has one daughter now and that is Nicole. They can not go to church or even walk down their own street without neighbors gossiping. She tells him no one is going to approach him as he would shut them down right away. All he wants to talk about is the weather or how the Cubs are playing. He and Nicole argue back and forth but he will not budge. He is not impressed by the Forrester name. He came out here for one reason only and that is to save the one child they have left. Rick and Maya talk and he says her mother sought her out so that has to count for something. She says she is stronger now but there is one little part of her that still wants her mother’s approval and love. She hoped her mother would go home and tell her father what she had become and what a good life she had now. She knows Maya will always be second to Myron. It's like she does not exist but she wants them to see it. Rick should know how that feels wanting the parent’s approval. Nicole tells Julius that she likes her sister and she is not walking out on her now. He can not believe she wants to call that freak her sister. He let Maya go then so people would stop talking. He even blames Maya for things spiraling out of control and he even lost his job. What an embarrassment! Nicole can not believe they are not finally acceptable of Maya being comfortable in her own skin. Nicole says just know this their shame and embarrassment is not losing just one child but now both of them. Rick tells Maya that she ought to call Nicole but she says no she can not come between Nicole and her parents. She knows how that feels.

Julius grouses but pays the bill. Then he wants to go home. Vivienne says not just yet. She wants him to at least see his other daughter and where she lives. The maid lets them in the house and they look around in wonderment. Nicole stops in at the office and Rick tells her that Maya went home. She says she is staying in L. A. and it is so sad how ignorant and intolerant her parents are. Her dad refuses to accept her and she doubts he ever will. Julius tells Vivienne these folks sure find ways to waste their money. Vivienne says it looks like Maya was right. She sure has created a new life here. Vivienne says they will stay a while, after all both of their daughters are here. They have not had a son in years and it is time to acknowledge that. That is all she is asking. Maya walks in and is shocked to see her mom and dad. She asks what they are doing here and why he has come. He hugs her and says he had to see his little girl.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne talked to Sonny about getting a divorce from Justin.  Sonny thought they should try to work things out, but he wanted to be there for her and Justin.  Abby got sick while Chad was at Ben and Abbyís apartment. Abby thought it was impossible for her to be pregnant, but she thought about being with both of them. Theresa wanted to scheme to keep Hailey away from Brady. Theresa loves Brady and wants him for herself. Abby had to go for a walk and went to pick up a pregnancy test.  She ran into Will and tried to walk away.  Will grabbed her arm and her bag hit the ground.  Her pregnancy test fell out of the bag.  Abby made Will promise not to say anything about it to anyone.  Brady talked to Eric about Serena and then they talked about Theresa. Brady didnít like how Xander could get away with what he did.

Sonny wondered if Adrienne was going to be in a relationship with Lucas.  Adrienne let him know that they donít have a commitment.  Theresa saw the nanny cam and wanted to use it to set Hailey up. Will asked Abby if she was going to tell Ben about the baby. Brady walked in on Theresa and Anne scheming against Hailey. Chad met with Sonny at TBD and wondered if she should hire JJ.  Sonny thought Chad didnít want him there because of his feelings for Abby.  Will let Abby know that Arianna was the best thing that happened to her.  Adrienne showed up at Willís place and ran into Lucas.  Theresa lied to Brady about being close to finding a new place.  Chad lied about having feelings for Abby.  He assured Sonny that they donít have feelings for each other.  Abby took the test and Will asked her if she was pregnant.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Monica returns from her cruise with David Walters. Dillon tells her about the adventure with Luke. Carly takes Rocco home to Lulu and tells her that she knows she left town with Dillon. Lulu says she wasn’t having an affair with Dillon; she was saving her brother’s life. Carly tells Lulu that in his anger about Lulu taking off with Dillon, Dante kissed Valerie. Dante tells Valerie that Lulu came home and that she wasn’t having an affair; she was dealing with a matter concerning her family. He says he was the one who cheated and it can never happen again. He asks her to keep it a secret. She says she won’t tell anyone. When Dante goes home, Lulu tells him that she knows all about him and Valerie.

Carly tells Lulu that Josslyn has been in remission 5 years and that she owes it all to Elizabeth’s son. Elizabeth tells Jake that Josslyn is cancer-free and should live a long and healthy life, thanks to her baby, Jake. On Cassadine Island, Little Jake introduces himself to Luke. Laura wonders if he really is Jake. Lucky is sure of it and tells Jake that he is his father. Lucky asks Laura if Nikolas knew that Jake has been living on the island being raised by a housekeeper all these years. Laura is certain that Nikolas wouldn’t keep that kind of thing secret. While Laura and Jake get acquainted, Luke and Lucky have a heart to heart. Luke tells Lucky that he discovered that he accidentally killed his mother when he was 15 and then purposely killed his father. Lucky says it isn’t fair that Luke was cursed with the father he had and Lucky was blessed with Luke. Luke, Laura, Lucky, and Jake return to Port Charles. Elizabeth answers her door and is surprised to see Lucky standing there.

Nikolas asks Sam why she went to Wyndemere. She tells him that she wanted to convince him to give up ELQ. She tells him that Valerie told her that Hayden Barnes stayed at Wyndemere in the spring and asks him what is going on between Hayden and him. He tells her that he let Hayden stay for one night when Carly kicked her out of the Metro Court. Sam says Nikolas didn’t have to let her stay any longer than that because she got shot the next day. She finds it curious that Hayden was incapacitated before she could say who Jake really is. Elizabeth tells Jake that she loves him. He says he loves her too.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor wants Nikki to come see him in jail, but she sends Neil instead to tell Victor that Nikki doesn't want to see him and he should stay away from her for the sake of her sobriety. Neil tells Victor that he will protect Nikki from him and let her know that he is a cheat, a thief, and a liar. Victor beats Neil up and later Paul and Michael tell him he has just made his innocence more difficult to prove. Victor tells Michael to do what he must to get him out of jail, because Nikki needs him. Nikki visits Victor later to tell him he must let her go, but he insists that he can lose everything in his life, but he can't lose her. Cane is angry at Michael because he tried to push him and Lauren together which he thinks led to Lily cheating on him with Joe. Cane encourages Michael to think about what kind of a man he has become and change before he becomes someone he doesn't recognize. Lauren later tells Michael she is leaving town to visit Fen. He tells her that Cane was right; he is a different person, and he has realized that he can't survive without her.

Avery and Dylan testify at the deposition for Joe's lawsuit. Avery realizes that the police won't do anything to put Joe in jail. Sharon has a talk with Avery and tells Dylan to stay away from Avery, because she is unbalanced and she fears that he could be in danger. Dylan promises he will be careful and tells her to keep his gun safe, but then he realizes his gun is missing. Avery arrives at Joe's hotel room and tells him it's time to end this before it goes any further. Lily apologizes to Cane and asks for his forgiveness. She also wants to go to counseling to save their marriage. Cane tells her he doesn't want to work on their marriage and tells her to move out of the house.

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