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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole thinks back when she first came to L.A. and looked Maya up…..and her attitude toward her sister. And she used information about her that was uncalled for. She is sorry about that now but Maya refuses to blame her. Nicole sees now why Maya had no choice but to leave her parent’s household, and Nicole vows not to go back either. She thinks her mother knows that. And it is amazing how she can seem to love Maya and touch her yet walk away. Vivienne sits at an outside restaurant and a Julius walks up and kisses her on the cheek. He says he came as quickly as he could. Nicole will not spend one more day under Maya’s influence. He does not want her corrupted. Katie understands how annoying it must be for Ivy to see Steffy and Liam spending so much time alone behind closed doors saying it is work. She hopes Ivy will be realistic about this as when Steffy wants something she will not give up. She will fight and if Ivy does move on, then Wyatt is not a bad place to land. Ivy agrees that Wyatt may come off as cocky and sarcastic but underneath he has a real warmth. It is like he knows what she is thinking without her having to say it and that is a great quality in a man. She knows too that Steffy is a massive bump in the road but she is not ready to just hand Liam over to Steffy. Katie understands but says Wyatt is another option and Ivy would not be settling as he is quite the catch.

Wyatt does interrupt Liam and Steffy and gets in a dig how exceptional Ivy is and if Liam is stringing her along. Steffy seems interested in that answer too. Liam asks if Wyatt is suddenly Ivy’s protector. He claims he has been 100% honest with Ivy from the time that Steffy came back. That was a wakeup call that he might lose her and he was not ready for that. Wyatt respects that but says it is not fair for him to make goo goo eyes at Steffy when Ivy is just down the hall waiting her turn. She is better than second best. Nicole can not believe Vivienne came all the way here to drag her back home. Maya agrees and says when she first saw her mother she was hoping she had come to see her and show some motherly instinct. She is just glad Nicole is there now and she can count on her sister. Vivienne calls and tells Nicole that she is still in town and wants to see her right away. Nicole says she will meet her. Maya tells Rick that her mother did not go home and her guess is she is going to try one more time to get her to come home. But she really does not want Nicole’s relationship with her parents to suffer because of Maya. Nicole is shocked when she sees her father with her mother. He gets right to the point that she can go get her bags as he is taking her home. She replies no, she likes it here in L.A. and is old enough to make her own decisions. She says FC is a really great fashion place and she has even met a young man there she likes a lot. She wants to learn and even learn more about her sister in the process. Julius calls Maya a freak and says that is all Nicole needs to know. Vivienne looks offended. Maya tells Rick that she thought she would be over it by now but it was very uplifting to see her mother again and the truth is she never stopped hoping for a reconciliation. It is probably not likely but it would mean so much. Nicole tells her dad that Maya is not a freak and he never gave himself a chance to know her. He says that child is lost to both him and her mother. He will not lose Nicole too so she is coming home with them. She will have to accept that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne talked to Lucas about telling her boys about her divorce.  Lucas wanted to know if she made a decision between Justin and him.  Derrick apologized to Sonny for telling him about Paul and Will.  Derrick was happy that Sonny and Will worked things out even though they got married young.  Theresa gave Hailey a hard time because she was jealous of her time with Brady.  Brady ripped into Theresa for the way she treated Hailey.  Brady reminded Theresa that they weren’t going to be together.  Adrienne let Lucas know that Justin made the decision for her when he filed for divorce. 

Will thought it was great that Paul was getting along with Derrick.  Paul thought that Will was up to something by bringing Sonny to the lake.  Abby was uncomfortable seeing Chad with Zoe. When Zoe left, Ben and Chad had an awkward conversation about Abby as well as Theo.  Theresa and Hailey had another brief run in, but Hailey walked away.  Adrienne didn’t want Lucas to feel that he had to make a commitment to her. Lucas wanted her regardless of how long he had her.  Paul warned Will that he’s going to push Sonny away with his actions.  Theresa went to Anne to let her know about Hailey.  Theresa was afraid that her plan to get Brady wouldn’t work.  Abby started to feel sick while they were all at the picnic.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jordan is on a mission to find a reason to arrest Sonny Corinthos to get him away from TJ. Sonny warns Dillon not to interfere in Dante and Lulu’s marriage and orders him to go straighten things out with Dante. Sonny and TJ eat the lunch that Dillon had ordered. TJ asks Sonny if he should move out now that Avery and Carly are living there. Sonny says his house is TJ’s home for now, but that he thinks TJ should consider making up with his mother. Valerie tells Jordan that Dante is not at work yet because he is dealing with his wife having an affair. She admits to Jordan that she and Dante slept together and that she hopes that she and Dante end up together. Jordan tells her that it would be unwise to assume that a single encounter will break a marriage. Lulu asks Dante to forgive her. He says he is the one who needs forgiveness. Dillon goes to the loft and assures Dante that he isn’t after Lulu.

Carly talks to Elizabeth about little Jake while Josslyn is in her appointment with Dr. Clay to make sure she is still in remission. Elizabeth says it comforts her to know that a part of her son is living inside Josslyn's body. Elizabeth goes with Carly to get Josslyn's test results. Silas gives them the good news that the tests were clear and that Josslyn has reached the 5 year milestone in remission.

Tracy takes Paul Hornsby to the Quartermaine estate. Alice is not pleased to meet Dillon’s deadbeat dad. Paul tells Tracy that he genuinely feels sorry about Luke dumping her for Laura and reveals that Jenny Eckert recently dumped him too. Luke and Laura go to Cassadine Island to find answers about Lucky’s son, Jake. Lucky and Laura search the island for Jake while Luke goes inside the castle where Helena is waiting for him. Helena says this probably the last time they will see each other. She tells Luke about Jake and then Jake comes into the room. Helena kisses Luke and thanks him for all the years of passion.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Underground, Noah and Summer have a chat about Austin and her life with him. Marisa walks out from the back and listens to their conversation when they start talking about the murders of Austin and Courtney could be related to the shooting of Jack. Phyllis talks to a comatose Jack and tries to get him to respond to her to. He squeezes her hand when she asks him something. Ashley and Ben stand outside of Jack’s door and wonder how he is doing. Ben says that he will be able to start practicing medicine again. Noah tells Summer to stop blaming herself for Austin’s death. The doctor tells Phyllis that this is just an involuntary movement on Jack’s part. At the Athletic Club bar, Kyle blasts Abby for taking over as CEO while Jack is still in a coma. Kyle accuses Abby of doing this to help herself. In his office at Newman-Abbott, Nick and Gabriel have a chat about Nick coming back to work at Newman and that Gabriel will just have to get used to it. Victoria lets Billy in on their plan to regain control of Newman-Abbott by giving Gabriel the idea that the Newmans are at odds with each other so he will become too overconfident and mess up. Billy is happy with this plan to bring Gabriel down. Ashley asks Ben if he told Abby yet that he wouldn’t be working at the lab anymore. Ashley lets him know that Abby will miss him. Victoria and Billy join Nick and Gabriel in his office. Gabriel leaves to check on Jack. Victoria goes over and shuts the door so they can talk privately. Victoria tells Nick that she let Billy in on their plan. Abby and Chelsea walk in. Abby asks them if they're having a meeting without the CEO. Marisa and Noah have a chat about what happened to Courtney and Austin. The doctor tells Phyllis that Jack is unresponsive but asks her to talk to him to stir something in him so he will regain consciousness. Phyllis begins to talk to Jack, and he once again squeezes her hand.

Summer and Kyle spend some time together but Summer is afraid that their families will come between them. Summer asks him if he will allow that. Chelsea tells the others about Abby's accomplishment in getting the contract signed, but Victoria and Billy makes light of it and tell her that she hadn’t researched it enough and really hasn’t accomplished anything. Noah asks Marisa if she knows Marco. Marisa doesn’t know how to answer. Gabriel asks Phyllis for some time alone with Jack. Gabriel starts talking to Jack about what happened in the park but Jack feels that Gabriel knew all about it and that he may have had a part in bringing Marco to town so he could gain control of Newman-Abbott. Marisa denies knowing Marco personally but only knows the name. Noah asks her to call her boyfriend about Marco but she refuses. Ben and Ashley rejoin Phyllis and want to know why Gabriel is in with Jack. Ashley lets Phyllis know that she doesn’t trust Gabriel at all. Billy throws Abby’s past as a stripper at her, but Nick defends Abby and asks the others to give her a chance. Kyle assures Summer that no one will come between them, because he loves her. Abby calls Ben from the Underground and asks where he is when he and Ashley walk in. Abby tells them her good news that she closed a deal. Ben also tells Abby that he will be going back to medicine. Abby and Ben hug. Ashley leaves them alone but looks back over her shoulder at Abby and Ben hugging. Phyllis has a talk with Jack to which he responds to her by squeezing her hand. Phyllis finds out that Victor shot Jack, but it was not self defense.

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