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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt and Ivy work together in dressing a model with her jewelry. Wyatt even wants Ivy to wear one not just sell it. She likes the stone. Katie walks in and wonders if she is interrupting anything. She comments that she sees how Wyatt is acting and how Ivy is smiling around him. Ivy says yes Wyatt makes her laugh and that is good since Liam is spending nearly all his time with Steffy. Katie says at some point Liam is going to have to make a choice yet they both know Steffy is not going to leave Liam out of her sight. And if Liam is going to date Steffy then Ivy should date others too. There might be someone right here in the building good for her. Ivy says she does appreciate Wyatt. He’s good to her and somewhere she has to draw the line with Liam. She does not know what she would do without Wyatt but he is interested in Steffy too. Steffy thinks about the massage the day before and Liam says it was good and as President she should be able to do whatever she wants. She explains she did not get much done as at the meeting Aly went off the rails again. They both thought that behavior was past but clearly it is not and they worry abut her. Aly walks around her bedroom and goes to the closet and kneels down to the I Hate Steffy board where she has Xed out many pictures of her and Maya. Dark Darla tells her that they are evil and not to listen to them. She is the only one who can stop them and that is her mission. At the Sky Lounge Maya talks to Nick how her mother came to town, the same mother who gave birth to her and she is sure her father sent her to town to take Nicole away. Nicole was the one who spilled the information but she really meant no harm and Maya will not hold that against her and thinks she deserves a second chance.

Nicole is putting some papers on Rick’s desk when Wyatt walks in and Nicole ignores him even when he tries to be nice and talk to her. He congratulates her for being an intern now and he wanted to talk to her at the party. She asks if it is a secret as he used her. He admits it was unfair but Rick was so terrible they had to do something to get rid of him. He did not know Bill would use that information to out Maya. Wyatt says he was not pretending, he really did like Nicole. Zende walks in and she perks up. Wyatt is friendly with him too but leaves to find Rick. Nicole finds it amusing that Zende might be jealous and she teases him when he asks if she would go out with him sometimes. She plays coy and asks if he is asking. Maya interrupts and Nicole tells her she likes Zende but Wyatt apologized. Maya wonders if Nicole is still into him. Nicole says she probably could never trust Wyatt again. Maya is glad Nicole stayed in town and did not go back with their mother. She felt rejected all over again. Aly walks into Steffy’s office with Steffy and Liam all cozy and looking over designs. Aly says she knows they are busy but she wants her to know that she knows what to do now and will do anything for FC. They will see a new side to her. Both are glad and Steffy says she does not want Aly to feel left out. Aly says they can not change the future but they can change the future. Steffy and Liam are impressed with the new and improved Aly. But the new and improved Aly is in her closet looking at the Steffy collage and thinking back to when Darla was hit by the car and died.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Will went to Paul's room to beg him to step aside so he and Sonny could have a chance to save their marriage.  Abby told Ben about going to a picnic with Theo.  Ben seemed happy to go until Abby mentioned that Chad was going too.  Ben was a little agitated since he just had a dream about her calling out Chad's name in bed.  Chad invited Zoe to go on a picnic with him and Theo.  Ben downplayed his anger and made it seem like he was joking around with Abby.  Kate saw Rafe and Hope together with Ciara and was surprised that they were still friends since they don't work together anymore.  They didn't let Kate's comments bother them.  Stefano met with Victor at the Kiriakis mansion to talk about Clyde.  Stefano thought Clyde wasn't much of a threat, but Victor let him know that he was wrong to feel that way.  Will knew that Paul was the one who told Sonny that he got married too soon.  Paul denied saying anything like that to Sonny.  Paul explained that he was in the same boat as Will.  Will vehemently denied being anything like Paul.  Ciara wanted Rafe to help her umpire since Aiden wasn't going to make it to the picnic.  Rafe was willing to go to the picnic once he heard that Aiden couldn't make it.  Will reminded Paul that he wasn't afraid to come out because he married Sonny and they have a family.  Will was about to leave when Derek showed up.  Will didn't hide his excitement at the idea of Paul and Derek going to the picnic together.  Clyde showed up at Ben's place and they talked about Abby and Chad.

Victor told Stefano that he made a mistake by underestimating Clyde.  Stefano figured out that Clyde went after Sonny.  Clyde didn't understand why Ben wanted to go to the summer picnic with Chad.  Ben explained the situation with Theo.  He told Clyde that Theo was autistic and wanted them to be together.  Chad and Abby ran into each other and she wanted to talk to him about his feelings for her when Zoe showed up.  Kate found Justin in her office and they talked about his impending divorce.  Kate didn't think it was a good idea for him to get a divorce, but he didn't listen to her.  He knew he had to leave because Adrienne continues to have an affair with Lucas. Will wanted Sonny to go to the summer picnic with him and Arianna, but he had to work.  Sonny also mentioned that they were still dealing with things.  Will assured Sonny that he was going to see the therapist that Marlena recommended.  Sonny finally agreed to go with them. Will wanted Sonny to see Paul and Derek at the lake together.  Clyde wanted Ben to find a way to get Chad out of the way permanently.  Abby was jealous when she found out that Zoe was going to the picnic too.  Will and Sonny arrived at the lake.  Will made sure that they were in a spot so they could run into Paul and Derek.  Will got  what he wanted because he saw Paul and Derek together.  Victor and Stefano agreed to wait to go after Clyde.  Abby overheard Zoe tell Chad that he only invited her to the picnic to make Abby jealous.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis tries to reach Nikolas to talk to him about his underhanded tactics in gaining control of ELQ, but he ignores her calls. Nikolas overhears Patrick telling Elizabeth that there has been a change in Hayden Barnes’ condition. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Hayden’s vitals have returned to normal, but that she hasn’t awakened yet. Sam cracks into Nikolas’ safe and finds Hayden Barnes’ driver’s license. Valerie tells Sam that Hayden used to live at Wyndemere. Alexis advises TJ to be careful not to be lured into Sonny’s business.

Dante invites Valerie to use the shower in the loft while he goes to work. Lulu returns home and assumes that it is Dante in the shower. Luckily, it is. Valerie had declined the offer and went home to Wyndemere. Dante confronts Lulu about having an affair with Dillon and tells her that their marriage is over. She tells him about Lucky’s kidnapping and rescue. He tells her that he doesn’t care and that the only thing that matters is that it is more important to her that she is Luke Spencer’s daughter than it is to be Dante’s wife and Rocco’s mother. She assures him that she loves him and asks him to forgive her. He says he is the one who needs forgiveness.

Tracy runs into Dillon’s father, Paul Hornsby, at the airport. Paul claims to be in town because he wants to get to know his son. Tracy informs him that Dillon is out of town scouting for a location for his film. Dillon goes home, excited to tell Tracy the reason behind Luke and Laura’s deception, but Tracy isn’t there so he calls her and leaves a voicemail. He tells Sabrina about Luke and Laura’s ruse and then goes to the airport to intercept Tracy. Tracy retrieves Dillon’s voice mail and goes home before Dillon arrives at the airport and is told that the flight has already left.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon sits on a park bench when Nick and Faith join her. Faith hurries to give Sharon a hug. Sharon asks Nick why the suit. Nick tells her that he is going back to work at Newman. Sharon is concerned over Nick getting involved with Victor again. Nick assures her that he is not being sucked back in at Newman; he is only there to protect the family interests. Victoria visits Victor in jail and tells him that Abby is the new CEO of Newman-Abbott. Victor doesn’t seem to be too concerned over this because Abby is his child too. Victoria tells Victor that Gabriel is running the company. Victor assures her that Gabriel will trip himself up if given enough time. At Newman-Abbott, Gabriel has a meeting with both Abby and Chelsea. It doesn’t take long before they begin to exchange slurs toward each other. Avery and Christine have a chat at Crimson Lights about her being raped by Joe. Avery asks for Christine’s help in having Joe put away for this. Christine tells her that she is not thinking clearly. Christine reveals to Avery that she was also raped by an acquaintance. Joe and his lawyer are at the police department and tell Paul and Dylan that they are being sued. Dylan insists to Joe that he will never hurt Avery again. Sharon warns Nick about going back to Newman. Sharon fears that Nick is sacrificing himself for Victor’s sake. Nick tells Sharon that Gabriel blackmailed Victor to gain control of Newman-Abbott. Christine tries to help Avery deal with the rape. Nick interrupts Gabriel’s meeting with Abby and Chelsea. Abby hires Nick to work at Newman against Gabriel’s wishes. Chelsea and Gabriel exchange looks.

Sharon spends time with Faith, who asks her if Victor really shot Jack. Sharon tries to explain that Victor shot Jack in self defense. Faith asks to see Victor. Victor asks the police officer about Jack. Sharon visits Victor to let him know that she is going to allow Faith to visit him, but she hopes she won’t live to regret it. Victor assures her that she won’t. Chris and Paul have a meeting about Avery's rape by Joe. Paul doesn’t believe that Joe was the rapist. Avery reveals to Dylan that she had a talk with Christine about the rape. Dylan tells Avery that Joe filed a civil suit against him and Paul. Nick and Victoria devise a plan to make Gabriel think that they are arguing amongst themselves. Victoria goes along with because they both see Gabriel watching them. Joe and his lawyer discuss strategy on how to bring down Paul and Dylan. Joe lets him know that he wants revenge.

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