Tuesday 7/7/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/7/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Maya tells Rick that not everyone loves her as he does. If her mother can not love her unconditionally then there is nothing she can do. She says she feels at home and safe with him. They make fun of King Ridge and Princess Caroline who have called them to a meeting. Liam and Steffy tease each other and are politely arguing when Ivy walks in and asks if she can discuss some jewelry lines. She wanted to talk to them at the party but they took off. Steffy says she is due at a meeting so Liam can discuss whatever she needs. She is surprised when Aly is at the meeting. She asks to sit in and Caroline reminds her what a disaster the last meeting she had two days ago. Aly snarks that she is a Forrester and has every right to be there. Ridge says he called them all as he wanted them to be on the same page. Aly even has issue that Rick and Maya are invited. They no longer belong there. Liam accepts a dinner invitation from Ivy. She says it does not have to be like it was before Steffy came back, it can just be a dinner and they continue to get to know each other. Steffy asks Aly why is she here. California Freedom is for everyone despite the tirade Aly has in begrudging them for their decisions. Aly says she thought things would be better with Uncle Ridge in charge but now it is going to be the Steffy and Maya show. Ridge says he is running the company now so they all need to get back to work. Aly cries that their own grandmother would not approve of this and neither would Darla. She wanted to help and have her shoe line, but they won’t let her. She will not let them ruin this company. Aly remarks that Maya disrespected her. She says she belongs here and she is family. Steffy tells her maybe it is time for her to go back to Paris. Ridge says he let her stay because she promised she would not be so extreme. Caroline tells her that she needs to find a way to accept this. Aly cries that she is only trying to do what is best for the company. This is her home and she does not want to leave. She says she knows what she has to do.

Ivy tells Liam that she had a part in this too. She asked him to marry her and she probably should not have done that. She says it has been too long that they have just been themselves, hanging out at the house or the beach and she misses that. All of these feelings are really complicated. She wants to set dates. Put it on the calendar and not let anything change that. She does not want to spend her time worrying about anything or anyone else. She believes in them and thinks if he gives it a chance so can he. Alone, Steffy tells Ridge that Aly has not changed yet. It’s going to take her a while to catch up with the 21st Century. And she assures her father that her future is with Liam. She sees her life filled with amazing opportunities. Aly rushes to her room and talks to her mother as she looks at pix of her family that she has drawn moustaches on, marked X’s across their faces. Darla tells her it is time for her to do something and Aly agrees. She starts Xing out more pix of Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric wanted Serena to trick Xander into confessing what he did.  Serena warned Eric that she would end up dead.  JJ was taken to the police station for drinking and fighting.  Roman wanted to talk to JJ about something.  Xander was at the Kiriakis mansion so Maggie wanted answers. Hope arrived when Maggie wanted  answers to her questions.  Serena wondered if Eric wanted her to die, but he didn't.  Serena wanted to work together, but he didn't want to work with her.  Eric stormed out of Serena's place.  Paige flirted with an older man so Daphne called Eve to Paige.  Roman introduced JJ to the DEA Agent that wanted to work with him. 

Marlena went to visit Eric. She warned Eric not to go after Xander because he's a psychopath.  Xander and Serena ran into each other and he taunted her about Eric.  Eve approached Paige's date and warned him to stay away from her.  He didn't want to hear what Eve had to say.  He intended to take Paige with him to Atlantic City.  Agent Watts wanted JJ to go undercover and pretend to see drugs again.  Hope asked Victor why Xander was at the mansion.  Victor told her that Xander claimed he was innocent and he mentioned disowning him.  Eric and Marlena continued to talk about Serena.  Eve was willing to do anything to keep Donald away from Paige.  Donald wanted $10,000 to stay away from Eve or he wanted her ring.  Agent Watts wanted JJ to return to the party scene because Kyle approached him about going back to it.  JJ didn't want to be a narc.  Hope wanted more info about Xander, but Victor wouldn't help her.  JJ said he wanted to have fun because he had some rough months.  Roman and Agent Watts tried to convince JJ to work undercover.  It turned out that Paige and Donald tricked Eve into hocking her ring so they could get the money.  JJ refused to help Roman.  Paige told Eve to stay out of her life.  Serena called Eric and agreed to help put Xander away for good.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Nathan takes Maxie to the airport for her trip to Portland to visit Georgie and they run into Dillon and Lulu who have just returned from British Columbia. Lulu admits to Maxie that she lied to Dante about being in Italy. Lulu tells the whole story. Nathan wonders how Dillon got involved and why Lulu trusted him instead of Dante. They tell them that Luke for forbade it because Dante is a cop. Maxie is glad that Lulu told her the truth because Maxie was about to jump to the conclusion that Lulu and Dillon were having an affair. Lulu says she is glad Dante didn’t jump to that conclusion. Dante wakes up with Valerie. Valerie tells them that since Lulu ran off with Dillon, she’s not sorry about what happened. Dante tells her that he is still a married man and he should not have broken his vows just because Lulu did. He says that was unfair to Valerie. Valerie reveals that she cares about him. He says he likes her and that they wouldn’t have ended up in bed together if it meant nothing. He kisses her and then apologizes for it. He says he doesn’t want to lose her as a friend. Since Valerie is pressed for time to get to work, Dante invites to shower at his place while he goes out. Lulu goes home and assumes that it is Dante in the shower.

Tracy decides to go to Los Angeles to find out what Nikolas blackmailed Brook Lynn with. Sabrina tells Dillon that he just missed Tracy. Tracy runs into a familiar face at the airport.

Sam feels guilty about not telling Patrick that she is working with Jake to get ELQ back from Nikolas, but she can’t risk him telling Elizabeth and she doesn’t want him to figure out that she is doing it because of Jason. Brad and Lucas joke with Patrick about getting engaged to Sam. Patrick defends himself by saying he just got divorced within a year and Sam is still grieving Jason. Lucas tells Patrick that he wishes he knew why Brad is dragging his feet about introducing his family. Felix offers to listen if Brad wants to talk about whatever is bothering him. Brad says he has been lying to Lucas about his past. Lucas can tell that something is suspicious when he sees Felix and Brad talking. Patrick tells Elizabeth that there has been a change in Hayden Barnes’ condition. Nikolas overhears. Sam and Jake go to Wyndemere to break into the safe.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick comes into the Underground and finds Sage behind the bar. As Gabriel sits by Jack’s bedside talking to him, Kyle interrupts. Phyllis visits Summer to see how she is doing. At the Coffeehouse, Avery is upset over the news that Paul has no proof that Joe was the one who raped her. When Nikki comes to, Neil helps her lie down on the sofa. Neil shows her the bottle of vodka. Sharon sees Dylan and Avery hugging and interrupts them. Sharon tells Avery that she was also raped in the past. At the Athletic Club, Cane joins Lily and they kiss. Cane shows her tickets for a trip he planned for them. Lily tells him that after he hears what she has to say, he probably will not want to go on vacation with her. Lily admits that she has been unfaithful and starts to explain that she kissed Joe. Cane thinks that is all there is to it and forgives her, but then she tells him that she slept with Joe. Dylan asks Sharon why she didn’t tell him about the rape sooner. Sharon explains that it was a situation much like Avery and Joe’s. Sharon offers Avery her help in dealing with the rape. Nick and Sage discuss the shooting and how Victor is being accused. They wonder where the murder weapon is and if Gabriel could have taken it. Kyle accuses Gabriel of “badgering” Jack while he's comatose. Kyle reminds Gabriel that he has already won by gaining control of Newman-Abbott. The doctor warns Nikki that it is very dangerous for her to drink with MS. The doctor insists on keeping her overnight. Nikki urges Neil not to tell anyone about this.

Sharon lets Avery know that she and Dylan are expecting a child. Cane and Lily discuss how she could have slept with Joe. Lily begs for his forgiveness. Sage asks Nick about Victor. Nick gets a call from Neil. Kyle warns Gabriel that things will change when Jack wakes up. Phyllis walks in and interrupts them. She accuses Gabriel of wishing that Jack would never wake up so he could gain complete control of Newman-Abbott. She hopes that Jack cannot hear him and Kyle arguing. Jack hears her and thinks to himself, “You tell them, Red.” Kyle visits Summer and they kiss. Kyle and Summer discuss how the name can relate to who a person is. Summer thinks that her last name should be McGillicutty. They both laugh at their choice of last names. Nick visits Nikki. Nikki encourages Nick to take his family and leave town to get away from all this madness that is going on around them. Sharon tells Dylan that she had a talk with Joe in the park, and he believes that Avery is trying to set Joe up for this rape.

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