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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All the Forresters are gathered by the pool and Maya is front and center in her sexy changes of swimsuit as Oliver shoots. Caroline is off her walker and has her boots off and attends while Steffy changes and runs and kisses Liam. Ivy watches in disapproval. Carter watches over a sulking Aly who says she can not handle this and runs off. Pam and Charlie are dressed in colonial dress and wonder why Aly isn’t in her Dolly Madison outfit. Oliver suggests that Liam and Steffy pose on the diving board as the new President and VP. Liam has to be persuaded but he gives in. Aly pushes Oliver away when he tries to kiss her lightly. She says Steffy is filthy ad disgusting and she sees how he has been ogling her. Steffy is nothing but sex, sex, sex. She goes and finds Ivy and pulls her away from helping in the kitchen. She chastises her for playing nice with Steffy….after all she is a tramp and she is trying to get her man. She says everyone has their breaking point and she is reaching hers. Rick kisses Maya and tells her that she belongs here. Outside a street fender is selling maps to homes of the stars. Ivy tells Aly to get a grip. Aly says she can not help it. She can not stand Maya either and she and Rick are back. That plus Steffy flaunting her sexuality is too much.

Eric gives an Independence speech about choosing how we want to live our lives. Aly speaks up and says she does not agree that freedom means taking your clothes off. Eric stops her and says there is no need for this. She is entitled to her opinion but they are not here today to judge people. He just wants to celebrate Independence Day. Nicole tells Zende that she is proud of her sister. He says she can be proud too of never giving up. A lady comes to the door and Rick answers. She spies both Nicole and Maya over his shoulder and both of them recognize their mother and come to her. Disapprovingly she says she has been looking for them. Their father sent her. She wants Nicole to come with her. She does not want Maya to brainwash Nicole. While Aly glares and says she is not hungry, Ivy, Wyatt, Liam and Steffy agree they will be working closely together for the next few months and need to get along in harmony. Aly runs off and her mom speaks to her that she doesn’t like to see her this way. Then she turns into this hated mother who says Steffy’s mother killed her…..eye for an eye retribution… it!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric wanted to talk to Nicole about how they almost had sex. Nicole let Eric know that he means something to her, but she's in love with Daniel. Sonny blamed himself for a lot of the problems he had with Will. Sonny has been out for years, but Will is still adjusting to being gay. Aiden wanted Hope to stop investigating Clyde. Hope wanted answers, but he couldn't give her any. Hope was willing to drop it for now. Sonny realized that he pushed Will to get married.  Will didn't want Sonny to keep blaming himself for what happened between them. Xander went to Serena's place to tell her not to testify against him.  Eric just wanted Nicole to be happy.  Eric asked Nicole if she was going to tell Daniel what happened. Nicole wanted to keep it between them. Eric didn't want to lie to Daniel. Nicole panicked when Daniel and Brady arrived in her room.

Aiden wanted Hope's help with another client. Will refused to accept the fact that Sonny blamed himself for their problems. Sonny shocked Will when he admitted that he wanted to sleep with Paul when he found out that Will cheated in California.  Xander warned Serena that he would hurt Eric if she talked to the police about him. Eric wanted to get out of Nicole's room and get some air. Daniel realized how much Nicole cared for Eric. Will was upset that Sonny wanted to have sex with Paul. Sonny explained what he meant by wanting to be with Paul. Daniel wanted Nicole to go home with him for good.  Victor called Xander and warned him not to say anything about him. Hope and Aiden were about to talk about Clyde again when someone approached them. Sonny thought Will should see a separate therapist. He also told Will that they couldn't go on the way they were lately. Xander showed up at the hospital and Nicole spotted him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke and Laura are stunned to see Frank Smith when they thought Luke killed him 20 years ago. Frank says it is vengeance time and asks Luke which one of his loved ones should die first. Luke tells Frank to shoot him. Frank says that it is the wrong answer and shoots Ethan in the arm. Frank kicks out everyone except Luke and Laura and decides that Luke will suffer the most if Laura dies first.

Maxie and Nathan drop by the loft to take Dante, Lulu, and Rocco to the park for the Independence Day fireworks. Maxie is not pleased to see Valerie there. Dante tells Maxie that Lulu is with her grandmother. Dante tells Valerie that he told Maxie the same lie that Lulu told him because he doesn’t want to deal with Maxie trying to defend Lulu. Carly presses Sonny to tell her what is going on between Dante and Lulu that warranted Rocco spending the night at Sonny’s. Dante tells her that Lulu cheated on Dante with Dillon Quartermaine and that Dante responded by kissing Valerie. Carly insists that there must another reason for Lulu and Dillon to be together because there is no way that they are having an affair. Sonny says it is between Dante and Lulu. He reveals that they have their own problems with Morgan and Denise getting together.

Denise tells Franco that Avery is back with Sonny and that Sonny won’t let her see Avery. Franco is annoyed that after all the work he did to destroy Michael and Sonny’s relationship, Michael has made peace anyway. Franco asks her what the deal is between her and Kiki’s boyfriend. She denies that there is anything between them. Franco tells Denise that he told Kiki the truth about their fake relationship. Kiki tells Morgan that Franco was putting on a show with Denise to make Nina jealous. She says Franco thinks Denise went along with the ruse because she is hot for Morgan or vice versa, but that Kiki knows Denise was just trying to avoid being set up with Silas. Kiki is concerned that Michael won’t let Denise see Avery if he thinks she is dating Franco. Morgan reveals that Michael returned Avery to Sonny and that Sonny won’t let her see Avery. Morgan calls Denise and tells her that Sonny won’t let her see Avery. Franco holds Denise while she cries. She mentions that she is Avery’s mother. TJ gives Molly the earrings that he got arrested trying to buy her for her graduation. Nathan handcuffs himself to Maxie.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack awakens from his coma and points to Victor as the person who shot him when Phyllis asks him who shot him in the park. While Phyllis runs to get a doctor, Victor tells Jack that Gabriel is CEO of Newman-Abbott just like he wanted, so it is better that he not tell anyone but happened in the park. Jack tries to say something, but when the doctor arrives, he has gone back into a coma. Marisa tells Adam she will tell everyone that he is Adam Newman unless he tells the truth to the police about who shot Jack in the park. Marisa also tells Adam that Marco is at the bottom of the river where nobody will find him; but if he doesn't agree to help her, she will tell the police that he helped Marco and knew about the plan to have Victor shoot Jack so that Marco could disappear. Adam agrees to Marisa's conditions and heads to the police station to tell Paul that Victor shot Jack. Phyllis calls Paul and tells him Jack pointed to Victor as the shooter before he went back into a coma. Paul arrests Victor since Adam backs up Jack's identification of Victor as the person who shot him.

Victor tells the police, Abby, and Victoria that he shot Jack in self-defense, but Paul tells Victor that Jack didn't have a gun. Victor is arrested for attempted murder, and Paul goes to the hospital to tell Phyllis the news. Jack's hospital monitors go off when he hears the news. Phyllis asks him to wake up and tell Paul what happened at the park. Noah, Marisa, Adam, Chelsea, Connor, Cane, Lily , the twins, Deacon, and Hilary all watch the fireworks at the park. Lily tells Devon and Hilary she understands that people make mistakes. She doesn't like the pain that Devon and Hilary caused Neil, but sometimes you don't intend to hurt the people you love. Ashley tells Stitch she doesn't think that he and Abby should be together and then apologizes for being so mean and blames it on her aneurysm. She says she has these mood swings and isn't herself since she had the operation. Ashley and Stitch watch the fireworks from the balcony of the Newman-Abbott offices.

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