Thursday 7/2/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/2/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam presents Ivy with annulment papers. Wyatt agrees this is not a good time and he leaves. Ivy asks who should sign first. She says that Liam was kind enough to marry her so the least she can do is not drag this out. Liam signs first and then Ivy. Steffy tells Aly that she is really trying here. Aly says she can not say any more. The things that happened that night Darla was killed changed her life forever. She had that bond with her mother but no more. Steffy still has that with her mother. She is not a nut job and this is all on her now. Ridge pops in and reminds Steffy about the meeting. Aly asks if she can come. Without being rude, he says sure. Brooke and Pam tell Rick that they are glad he is back. He says he knows it is a package deal, one Ridge would not have made otherwise. Zende and Nicole come in and he meets Maya, all good things he has heard about her. Pam tells them Ridge wants all of them at the meeting so do not forget. Zende tells Nicole that his grandfather was married to Brooke….and both brothers. It is one big dysfunctional family but it works. Both look at each other and agree they are looking for Mr. and Mrs. Right.

Ivy makes the first announcement and says she is no longer Ivy Spencer and back to Ivy Forrester as she just signed the annulment papers. Ridge welcomes his lead model back to work and Rick as well..... props to tackling the International office from here. He is sure he can do it. Steffy introduces a new hope for woman with liberty – California Freedom, a new campaign, a new spirit….the life they were meant to have every day. Aly can not contain herself any more and opens her mouth that the trashy lingerie and swimwear is wrong and especially with Steffy modeling it. She would expect that out of her but not from a father wanting to parade his daughter out like that. Pam tries to calm her down but Aly yells that it is not okay. This is not what her sister would want for this company and it cheapens them all. She tells Steffy that the only thing she was working on in the lingerie was her body. Maya tries also to ask her not to be so judgmental and Aly goes off on her that it is rich that Maya is now lecturing her….her of all people. Aly tells Steffy that is it her fault that her mother is gone and she is not worthy to even speak her name. Steffy tells her that everyone is gone so let her help her. Aly shouts again that she does not want HER help, so do not look at her like she is crazy. Caroline tells Ridge that if anyone can get through to Aly it is Steffy so at least she has to try. Aly tells Steffy that she knows a bully when she sees one. She has been around them all her life. And now she is doing that to Ivy over Liam. Steffy keeps repeating that Darla’s death was an accident. Aly says she was persuaded to forgive Taylor but they were just words. She cries that she will NEVER forgive her. Steffy says their fathers are brothers and they have to get along. She is sorry that night keeps haunting her but it will ruin her, the anger will if she lets it. Do not give in to it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne was surprised that Justin wanted a divorce. Justin explained that she's sleeping with Lucas so he wasn't going to watch them together.  Adrienne reminded him about his affair. Justin said he was discreet, but she's not doing that.  Kate wanted Lucas to help Will's marriage.  Will told Marlena about his argument with Sonny.  Will mentioned the "mistake" he made in California. Kate offered to give Paul to Countess Wilhelmina. Lucas questioned why Kate wanted him to work with Paul.  Once Kate explained everything, Lucas didn't want to help her.  Justin and Adrienne continued to argue about his affair.  will discussed his one night stand with Marlena.  Paul talked to Sonny about how he couldn't marry him even if he wasn't with Will.  Clyde went to see Stefano and wanted to discuss their mutual business. Stefano felt he had nothing to worry about with him.  Clyde reminded Stefano about what he did to Victor.  Stefano wanted Clyde thrown out.

Kate tried to explain why Lucas should help Will. Kate threw Adrienne up in his face and Lucas refused to help her again.  Paul and Sonny continued to talk about what happened between him and Will. Sonny didn't want to hear anymore and went home.  Marlena thought Will was developing a pattern as far as cheating.  Justin talked to Hope about divorcing Adrienne.  Lucas was surprised by Adrienne's reaction to Justin divorcing her.  Paul told Kate that he was taking the job which upset her.  Sonny went home to talk to Will. Sonny admitted that he could have done things differently with Will. Lucas wanted to know if Adrienne wanted to stay with Justin.  She said she didn't know what she wanted.  Clyde planted a bug in Stefano's mansion.  Sonny blamed himself for a lot of his problems with Will.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante returns home after his trip to British Columbia where he confirmed that Dillon and Lulu were booked into a room together. Valerie tells him that he has to have a real conversation with Lulu to find out what was really going on. He tells Valerie that Lulu has a side of her that lives for the shot of adrenaline. Dillon and Lulu distract a lumberyard guard. Holly, Laura, and Luke overtake the other guard. Luke goes into the warehouse and finds Ethan inside, standing on a landmine. Luke disarms the mine so Ethan can step off. Holly, Laura, Dillon, & Lulu go into the warehouse, escorted by several guards who corral them all together. The boss arrives.

Franco tells Kiki that she should be concerned about Denise and Morgan. He reveals that he and Denise are not really a couple and that he thinks Denise went along with the ruse to get under Morgan’s skin. Kiki dismisses the idea. Denise tells Morgan that Michael gave Avery back to Sonny and that Sonny won’t let her see Avery because Morgan told Sonny about their attraction.

Spencer informs Nikolas that he sent Rosalie home because it is a national holiday. He wants to know why Nikolas stole ELQ from the Quartermaines. Nikolas says he didn’t steal it, and that he acquired it because they need the money it will produce. Spencer tells Nikolas that it isn’t necessary for him to do that on his account because he has come to understand that anyone can fall on hard times and it doesn’t make them bad people. He tells Nikolas to call Michael and give him the company back before he becomes a bad person. Nikolas says he can’t do that because business doesn’t work that way. Jake invites Sam to help him get information about Nikolas that they can use to coerce him to give back ELQ. He says Nikolas has a lot of secrets, reminding her that Nikolas secretly had her husband’s wedding ring. Sam agrees to help Jake.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Gabriel sits by Jack’s hospital bed and talks to him about what he knows and what he told Marisa about him. Gabriel tells Jack that Victor will pay for what he did to him. Phyllis and Ashley watch Gabriel with Jack thinking about him being Gabriel’s father. Ashley tells Phyllis that Jack ordered a DNA test to see if Gabriel is his son. Nick visits Victor to question him about what had gone on between him and Jack and if he shot him. Noah puts up 4th of July decorations when Marisa comes downstairs. He asks her if she called her boyfriend. At the GCPD, Kevin and Paul go over the footage of Jack walking by immediately after the shooting. Paul promises to investigate further. Paul cannot get over that Kevin is already back at work. Mariah walks in and asks Kevin what's going on. Paul gets the results of the ballistics report and finds out that Victor’s gun which he had taken from the safe in his office wasn’t the murder weapon. Kevin fills Mariah in on what he found out from the footage from the Coffeehouse. He thinks that there may be a connection between Courtney’s and Austin’s murder and Jack being shot. Mariah doesn’t believe him at first but soon changes her mind. Nick reminds Victor of all that happened since the Father’s Day dinner. He walked away from the business and now he's walking away from him. Sage joins Ashley and Phyllis and explains to them about Gabriel and his father. Gabriel comes out to join them. Ashley notices how Gabriel and Sage take up for one another. Ashley gets a text from Victor. Gabriel tells her that he also received a text from Victor. Sage reminds Gabriel that he has a new father now and he should have told her. Sage reminds Gabriel that Ashley and Phyllis will check the DNA results. Phyllis talks to a comatose Jack that she loves him and will always stand by him. She urges him to wake up and not leave her. Marco explains to Noah that he is a very dangerous man. Ashley and Chelsea meet with Victor. Chelsea is about to leave when Gabriel comes in. Victor tells Ashley, Gabriel, and Chelsea that he is stepping aside from Newman and he is handing over the reins to Gabriel. Ashley is more than a little surprised.

Sage and Nick join Noah. Nick finds out that Noah has hired Marisa to work at the club. Nick is against the idea at first but then is glad about it and welcomes her to the Underground. Kevin tries to convince Mariah about his theory of the murders. Paul joins Phyllis and tells her the results of the ballistics report that Victor’s gun wasn’t the one used to shoot Jack. Ashley refuses to go along with Victor’s plan and accuses Gabriel of having something on Victor that would make him turn over the reins to him. Ashley asks Victor if Gabriel was there and saw Victor shoot Jack. Kevin and Mariah have a talk with Noah about what is going on with Jack and Victor. Gabriel and Chelsea discuss Victor possibly shooting Jack. Chelsea notices the hatred in Gabriel and compares him to Adam. She urges him not to become like Adam. Phyllis catches Victor with Jack. Victor notices Jack waking up. Phyllis rushes to his side and asks Jack who shot him. Jack points to Victor. Chelsea goes upstairs to check on Connor when Marisa knocks on the door. Marisa tells Gabriel that she told him she would be in touch and calls him Adam.

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