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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy asks Aly if she needs some water or a sedative or something. Aly glares at her and tells her not to patronize her. What kind of woman is Steffy, parading around in her underwear in front of a man she knows is taken. Steffy says she does not have to explain herself, she and Liam were working. Aly chastises Liam for betraying Ivy when she has been so loving and trusting and been nothing but good to him. Wyatt walks in while Ivy is talking to Carter about the papers and tells Wyatt she is officially ending her marriage. Zende tells Nicole that he really likes his family not for the money and power but they are really good people. She says she only knows Rick well and pretty much the entire world knows her sister is a transgender. She hopes Zende doesn’t have anything against that. She tells him she barely knew her sister at home but she is very proud of her now.

Maya tells Caroline that she really blew her away by expressing herself. Caroline says she could not judge Maya as she herself has two moms. She knows the courage and strength of character it takes. Maya says coming from Caroline that means so much. Caroline also apologizes for what her Uncle Bill did to out Maya. She handled that with grace and dignity and she has been an example for everyone. Rick walks in and is happy that they are getting along so well. Maya says no matter what else happens, she will always remember this moment and how much it means to her.

Ivy tells Carter that she wants to finalize this as soon as possible. She tells Wyatt the only reason they married was to keep her from being deported. He says sure, but this did not have to happen. She says she knows and trust her, she is not just handing Liam back over to Steffy. He realizes it is turning her world upside down though. She says the hard part is she believed Liam when he said that he was over Steffy. Wyatt says he believes Liam thought that too. He reminds her that she is beautiful and smart and very unique and Liam knows she is a good person so he won’t give up on her so easily. Aly snarls at Steffy and asks why she came back anyway, no one needed her here. Steffy counters with that is not true. Her dad would not be CEO if not for her. And Aly would still be making crab dip and massaging Maya’s feet so a little gratitude wouldn’t be out of order. Then she suggests they drop all of this and change the subject. Carter brings the papers in and Aly jumps all over Liam and asks him not to sign the papers. He can not simply give up on Ivy. He loves her so do not throw her away. Caroline asks Rick if they can address the elephant in the room. There is a new reigning couple now and the staff is much happier. Can Maya and Rick be okay with that. Both agree they can. He says he thought he might never get a chance to set foot in this building again. So while he is not CEO he is happy to be at FC again and it’s all because of this beautiful woman. Maya gloats there is no FC without Rick. Zende tells Nicole that he knew abut Maya as he tries to keep up with things around here. Bill Spencer was wrong and should have given her a chance to disclose herself. Nicole admits it was mainly her fault. She trusted the wrong person, Wyatt, by telling him. She looks at Zende and says something tells her this is going to be a great summer. Ivy tells Wyatt that Steffy needs her own man so she will stop sniffing around hers. Wyatt says he is willing and able and standing right here. He likes Steffy, even kissed her and she kissed him back. So if he and Ivy play their cards right maybe Steffy and Liam won’t be a couple after all. Liam tells Aly that she needs to dial it back. This is between him and Ivy. Aly tells Steffy that she knows she is used to getting any man but she blew it this time. And she will not stand by and watch her take Liam away from Ivy. Steffy tells her not to even think about it. She knows she has issues but she will not let her talk to her this way. Aly snarls that yes she has issues, Steffy’s mom killed her mom. She mowed her down with a car. Steffy can’t believe she is bringing that up now after all these years. She reminds her it was an accident. Aly says Taylor was a lush and a slut just like Steffy, using their sexuality to get whatever they want and now dismantling good people like Ivy and Liam. Aly even suggests that Steffy go back to Paris. Steffy says they are family and they need to get along. Aly glares at her again and says Ivy is her family too but she did not cut her any slack by taking her man. Her family tree has poisonous branches…members who use people…even hurt and kill them and she will not let that happen again on her watch. Steffy turns her back and tells Aly to redirect her focus, maybe on her shoe line. Darla appears before Aly and tells her that she has to be the one. She could not save Darla from Steffy’s drunk mom but she can save the family from Steffy now. Get rid of her! Steffy catches her and asks what is up with her. Aly says she was just talking to her mom, she’s a saint. She may not be here on this earth but she is always with her. She knows Steffy thinks that is weird but it’s true. Steffy tells her just stay away from her and all will be fine. Darla appears again and tells Aly to get rid of Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer managed not to see the files Eve found about Laura.  Ben told Clyde that Abby had sex with Chad.  Ben also told Clyde that Abby was still moving in with him.  Chad let Stefano know that he broke up with Abby because of him.  Eve ran into Theresa and gave her back Anne's keys.  JJ and Bev were in the park and kissed.  Paige ended up seeing them together.  Paige warned Bev that JJ will cheat on her too.  Clyde didn't understand how Ben could take Abby back after what she did.  Ben told Clyde that Stefano was pushing Chad to be with Abby.  Clyde was bothered by this information.  Stefano told Chad that he wanted him to be happy with Abby.  Chad let Stefano think that he didn't love Abby, but Stefano didn't believe him.

Chad told Stefano that it's over with Abby.  Clyde didn't understand why Stefano was pushing for Chad and Abby to be together.  Paige called JJ out for moving on with Bev.  JJ yelled at Paige to listen to him.  After Clyde left Ben's apartment, he met Kate at TBD.  He wanted to know why she didn't tell him that Stefano was back in Salem.  JJ let Paige know that he never cheated while they were together.  Paige wasn't impressed with that because she knew her mother's "shadow" was still hanging over them.  Adrienne met Justin at the pub and offered her divorced papers.  Kate asked Clyde if he was jealous of Stefano.  Clyde wasn't worried about him.  Paige told JJ that she hates him and Eve.  Eve read Laura's file and a light bulb formed over her head.  Theresa wanted Brady to think that something was wrong with Tate.  Kate met with someone and had an offer they couldn't refuse.  Clyde went to see Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Laura shows Luke, Lulu, and Dillon a picture of Ethan and Lucky tied to chairs. Luke notices that Ethan’s hands are making their secret symbols to indicate three jacks. Lucky is pointing to himself in the picture. Since Lucky is their son, they put together the symbols for three-jacks-son and look up the address 3 Jackson Rd. They find a heavily guarded lumberyard at that address. Lulu and Dillon pretend that Lulu is in labor and that their car broke down. One of the guards leaves his post to take them to the hospital. Luke and Laura distract the other guard so that Holly can get close enough to put a gun to his neck and force him to drop his weapons. Luke kicks in the door.

Jake wants to help Michael get ELQ back. When he talks about honor and loyalty, Michael says he reminds him of Jason. Jake tells Michael that Spinelli also said he reminded him of Jason. Jake tells Michael that they need to uncover Nikolas dark secrets so that they can use his own blackmail tactics against him. Sam tells Nikolas that she doesn’t like he person that he has become and wants to know why he changed. He says life changes people. She tells him that her son is just as much Quartermaine as he is Cassadine and that if Jason were still alive, he would go after Nikolas. Nikolas says he guesses he is lucky that Jason isn’t alive. Sam can’t believe Nikolas said that.

Franco tells Liesl about his fake relationship with Denise. He says he doesn’t know why Denise went along with the charade, but he thinks it has something to do with Morgan Corinthos. Kiki doesn’t understand why Morgan is so preoccupied with Franco and Denise’s relationship. Morgan says he doesn’t want to see Franco hurt Denise the way he hurt Carly. Kiki concedes that Franco’s reaction may have been a little over the top, but says she would be just as angry if she caught Morgan cheating on her. Morgan demonstrates his devotion. Kiki runs into Franco at Kelly’s. He tells her that he isn’t such a good idea for her to go out with Morgan. Denise goes to Sonny’s house and asks to see Avery. Sonny tells her to stay away from Morgan and doesn’t let her see Avery. Denise goes to Silas and Kiki’s apartment. Morgan answers the door in a towel.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis sits by a comatose Jack’s hospital bed and asks him where his wedding ring is. Noah comes in to work and finds a strange woman crouched by one of the booths. He tells her that they aren’t open yet, but she gives no reply. At Crimson Lights, Billy and Victoria discuss being with Victor when Jack was shot. In the hospital corridor, Nikki tells Paul that she received a call from Jack to meet him in the park, but Victor went instead. Phyllis comes out of Jack’s room and, upon hearing this news, tells Paul that she knew Victor was involved in Jack’s shooting and she wants him arrested. Billy accuses Victoria of lying to protect Victor, but then Billy opens up and reveals to Victoria their plan in setting Victor up for embezzlement, but they changed their mind and dropped the charges. Billy tells Victoria to go to the police and tell them the truth before something bad happens which would endanger their children. Gabriel visits Chelsea at her penthouse to let her know about Jack’s condition. Gabriel also tells Chelsea that the Abbotts abandoned their plan to set Victor up for embezzlement. Victor and his lawyer meet with Paul to answer some questions about his whereabouts when Jack was shot. Victor tells Paul that met Jack in the park but only discussed business. Noah keeps Marisa supplied with coffee and tries to find out more about her. Noah senses something strange about Marisa and asks if she is in trouble. Gabriel tells Chelsea that he doesn’t see Victor as a murderer. Paul asks him if he owns a gun, but Victor is evasive. Marisa tells Noah that she is not in trouble but then goes on to tell him that she and her boyfriend were having trouble. When Noah offers to let her stay upstairs, Marisa cannot believe that he would be this kind to a complete stranger.

Billy and Victoria meet Phyllis and Nikki at the hospital. Nikki tells Victoria that she revealed to the police that she told Paul that Victor met with Jack. Phyllis and Billy go in to visit Jack, leaving Victoria and Nikki alone. Victoria asks Nikki why she would do this and what's wrong with her. Nikki lashes out at Victoria for helping Victor. Victoria still sides with Victor and tells Nikki that she was with him when all this happened to Jack. Nikki tells Victoria to go to the police before things get out of hand. Paul calls Victoria to meet him at Victor’s office. As they by Jack’s bed, Phyllis tells Billy about the last few minutes she spent with Jack and how she saw a change in him. She also tells him about Jack’s missing wedding band. The doctor comes in and asks Phyllis if Jack has a living will. Phyllis feels insulted by this question and refuses to give up on Jack. Chelsea arrives at the hospital to check on Jack and sees Billy who fills her in on Jack’s condition. Billy and Chelsea go in to see Jack, but Phyllis tells Chelsea that if she is here to side with Victor, then she can just leave. Chelsea lets her know how Jack helped her. Phyllis hugs Chelsea. Noah encourages Marisa to call her boyfriend, but she insists she will never see him again. Victor and Gabriel meet in the park to discuss business. Victor asks him if he's changed his mind about wanting full control of Newman-Abbott. Paul searches Victor’s office and finds the gun in the safe. Marisa calls Gabriel and tells him that she can be his ally or his worst enemy.

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