Tuesday 6/30/15 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/30/15 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole shows Zende around. He hasn’t been in the building for a long time so it’s all pretty new to him and he’s impressed with the Roof Top Lounge and all. He teases her but finally says he was adopted and he's a Forrester. She is sorry to hear the back story with his parents dying of AIDS. But Tony and Kristen visited his orphanage and adopted him. Aly wishes Ivy had told her so she could have been at the wedding. Ivy tells her no big deal as the marriage is going to be annulled. Aly can not believe Liam would marry her if he had feelings for Steffy. Ivy tells Aly that Liam stepped up and kept her from being deported. Then she found out she could not be deported after all. She wanted to be married to Liam someday but not like this. She is not giving up and she will not just hand him over to Steffy. Caroline stops in to see Maya and both welcome each other back in the office. Then they get honest about being back and how it feels seeing each other. She reminds Caroline that she was kissing Ridge and covering it up. Maya says her childhood was a lie and she is a woman and this is the truth. Rick has always known her as a woman, the real “me”. Steffy jokes with Liam about his marriage. Carter married them and now he is drawing up the annulment papers, he should get some sort of discount. Liam asks that she not joke about this. So then she starts that Ivy needs to dye her hair blonde so he could tell them apart and her vie for his attention. She repeats again that she is not going to fight Ivy for him but as long as there is an annulment that is another story. Aly tells Ivy that she is too nice but she is not. Deep down Liam is a good man and there is no way he will pick slutty Steffy over her. Steffy models some lingerie for Liam who thinks she looks hot and it will sell out immediately. Aly walks in and sees the closeness and barks at Steffy to take her hands off of Liam. She tells Liam that he should see what Steffy is doing in trying to take him away from Ivy. She harasses Steffy for parading around in her underwear although Steffy reminds her they are working and this is her lingerie line.

Maya tells Caroline that Rick knows about her past and he chose her anyway, so let that be the answer. Caroline says now he does but she kept the truth from him for a long time. Maya says she left the job and the man she loved because at that time she thought it was for the best so Caroline can call her any names she wants to….take her best shot and go ahead and hurt her if she can. She tells Caroline to tell her how horrible she is. Caroline won’t but she says she does know how painful that was at that time in her life. She was judged by both her and Rick and now it brings up very bitter feelings for her. She does not agree how Maya handled things. But she is happy now and she only wants Rick to be happy too and if he found that in her, then even though she thinks Maya is a hypocrite she does respect her that she has become the woman she wanted to be. She opines that Maya is one kick-ass woman and they hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer wasn't thrilled with JJ for moving on so fast with Bev.  JJ was tired of worrying about Paige.  He wanted to have fun.  After they talked, Jennifer agreed that JJ should have fun.  Eve had a session with Marlena.  Eve tried to pump Marlena about Laura.  Marlena wouldn't take the bait.  Brady gave Theresa the ground rules about their custody agreement.  He also let Theresa know that he wasn't going to support her.  Ben and Abby ran into Chad and Ben let him that he and Abby were moving in together.

Ben and Abby told their parents that they were moving in together.  Jennifer noticed that Abby wasn't happy about it.  Chad went home and saw Stefano.  Chad wanted to know why Stefano was suddenly in town.  Theresa complained to Anne that Brady wouldn't let her quit her job.  Marlena wanted to give Eve referrals since they have a conflict of interest.  Eve wanted to only deal with Marlena.  Eve's phone rang and she thought it was Paige and wanted to talk to her.  Eve found Theresa and asked her to get Anne's master key because she wanted to set Jennifer up.  Theresa was worried about being in trouble for about five minutes before she caved and gave her the key.  Abby claimed she was happy about moving in with Ben.  She just didn't want to leave with everything that was going on with JJ.  Jennifer was happy for Abby and knew the time was coming that she would want to move in with Ben.  Theresa got the key for Eve.  JJ was at the park with Bev when Kyle showed up.  Kyle wanted to get JJ's old connections.  Someone was watching JJ and Kyle talk to each other.  Anne tried to advise Theresa to let go of going after Brady, but she wouldn't listen.  Stefano said he wanted to spend time with his last surviving son, but Chad didn't believe him.  Eve went back to Marlena's office and tried to play on her sympathy by talking about how Paige hates her.  Marlena had to conveniently go to a meeting and Eve stayed behind to search through her office.  Eve found Laura's file effortlessly.  The guy who watched JJ called someone about JJ.  Ben told Clyde about Abby sleeping with Chad.  Eve was about to put Laura's file in her bad when Jennifer barged in and bumped into her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante is impressed that Michael did what was best for the family. Dante tells Sonny about Lulu taking off to Canada with Dillon. He reveals that he kissed Valerie but that Valerie shut him down. Dante asks Sonny to take care of Rocco while he goes to Canada to confront Lulu. Luke tells Lulu and Dillon that Holly arrived and that Ethan is missing, too. Holly and Laura have a woman to woman talk about Luke. Holly reveals that she didn’t know that Luke was married with a child when she and Luke shared the weekend together that produced Ethan. Laura harbors no ill will and hopes both of their sons get home safely. Laura tells Holly about Luke’s psychiatric episode and the revelation that he killed his parents. A photograph of Lucky and Ethan tied to chairs is delivered to Luke and Laura’s hotel room. Dante shows his badge to gain access to Lulu and Dillon’s room, but they aren’t there.

Michael wakes up in Sabrina’s bed and remembers that Avery is with Sonny. Denise goes to the Quartermaine estate hoping to visit with Avery. Michael informs her that Avery lives with Sonny now. Denise goes to Sonny’s house

Jake asks Elizabeth if she knew that Nikolas had been trying to take over ELQ. Nikolas offers Jake a large raise if he keeps his job at ELQ. Jake wonders why Nikolas is so desperate to keep him close. He refuses Nikolas’s offer and tells Nikolas that he can’t wait to see him fall. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that if Jake really wanted to take him down, he would have taken the job so that he could sabotage him from the inside. Elizabeth observes that Jason is protective of Michael without even knowing why. Jake goes to the Quartermaine estate and tells Michael that as far as he is concerned, he still works for Michael and that he wants to wrest ELQ out of Nikolas’s hands.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ashley and the family stand vigil at the hospital waiting for Jack to come out of his coma. Ashley assures them that Jack will wake up. Billy and Gabriel argue over the fact that Gabriel could prosper from Jack being in a coma. Marisa holds a gun on Marco to keep him from leaving town. Marisa blames Marco for Jack being shot. In Victor’s office at Newman-Abbott, Phyllis asks Victoria why she is covering up for Victor shooting Jack. At the Coffeehouse, Sharon is on the laptop, looking up information on how drugs will affect pregnancy. Noah comes in to join her to see how she is. Dylan also comes in and tells Sharon about Jack being shot. In Jack’s room at the hospital, Paul leaves his card with the nurse in case Jack wakes up so he can question him about the shooting. In the corridor, Nikki makes a call to Neil to tell him about Jack. Kevin joins Sharon, Dylan, Noah, and Marisa at the Coffeehouse to discuss Jack being shot. After Phyllis storms out, Victoria reminds Victor that she lied to Phyllis to protect him. Nikki walks into Jack’s hospital room and begins to talk to him. She begins to cry that she cannot lose her best friend. Gabriel watches Nikki with Jack but doesn’t let his presence be known. Gabriel interrupts Victor and Victoria in Victor’s office at Newman. Phyllis catches Nikki coming out of Jack’s room. They begin to have words about Victor’s involvement. Neil also joins them. Marco talks Marisa into putting the gun down.

Phyllis asks Nikki what she knows about Jack being shot. Paul is also there and tells Phyllis that he will question everyone as to their whereabouts. Gabriel and Victor discuss as to what went on in the park and about Gabriel wanting control of Newman. Victor swears that it was self defense. Sharon and Mariah remember Cassie always helping her, because that is what families do, they care about each other. Sharon and Mariah hug. The officer on the computer at the Coffeehouse, looks for evidence as to who could have shot jack. Sharon joins them and tells the officer that she heard a loud bang, but didn’t know it was a gunshot. Dylan checks on Sharon to see if she is all right. Kevin takes over the computer and sees Jack walk by right after the shooting. Marco makes plans to leave town and urges Marisa to join him. Marco warns Marisa about the people in this town, hiding behind their big mansions as to the lives they lead. Victor joins the Abbott family at the hospital. Ashley and Gabriel tell Victor that they uncovered a computer glitch which made it look as though Victor embezzled money and that they wanted to drop all charges against him. Nikki and Neil have a heart to heart talk about Victor and Jack. Phyllis sits by Jack’s bed and urges him to wake up. Marco and Marisa leave town. Kevin and Noah discuss how they could have seen Jack walk by right after he was supposedly shot. The nurse brings Jack’s personal effects but going through the bag, Phyllis asks Jack where his wedding band is. Nikki reveals to Paul that Jack called her to meet him in the park, but Victor went instead.

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